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How to find a Supplier's Forum

Discussion in 'Forum How-To's' started by rolygate, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. rolygate

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    Sep 24, 2009
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    How to find the exact supplier you are looking for

    You can easily find a Supplier's forum quickly - in fact, quicker than by scrolling down an alphabetical list in many cases. If using a computer with a modern browser, names can often be found within three seconds or so. Uncommon names can be found in less than half a second. Usually this would be faster than scrolling to the correct alphabetical listing.

    How to find some text anywhere on a page

    1: Using Firefox, Opera or similar

    1. Type /

    2. Start to type the name you want. The page jumps to the right text.

    2: Using any browser

    1. On the ECF front page, we are looking for references to, or a Supplier forum for, a business called Vaporkings or similar. There are several Suppliers with similar names to this, so it is a reasonable test.

    2. Hit Cntrl+F. This means to simultaneously press the Control key and the F keys, on your keyboard. This starts the Find function, which will locate the text you seek.

    3. Type into the Find text box, 'vapor' - and the page will leap* to the first instance of 'vapor' that it finds, highlighting the text. Add a 'k' then, to make 'vapork' and the page leaps to the VaporKings forum, with it highlighted. This process took approximately 1.5 seconds on my browser.
    * when using an Ajax-enabled browser

    4. Names like ZiMoshi can be found in less than 0.5 seconds; common names of the Ecigxxxx variety might take a few seconds.

    Please note that this method never fails to locate the Supplier in the same time it would take to scroll there even if the names were listed alphabetically - and often much faster, after a little practice.

    However it's true that not all browsers work properly. You might try Opera for example, because it is the fastest for normal browsing that has acceptable functionality with minimum negatives; or Firefox, for the massive toolset. Opera has an Ajax search completion feature that means you will find some words in less than half a second - about ten times faster than scrolling to an alphabetical list point. A few keyboard commands such as Cntrl+F, Cntrl+A, Cntrl+C and so on are very useful. These are used extensively to speed up posting and so on, as they are faster and more reliable than mouse actions, so time spent researching these is not wasted.

    Supplier locations
    Now we are adding locations to a Supplier's name, on their forum, you can also find a supplier in a preferred location very easily. For example if you are looking for a supplier in a US region such as the Midwest you could do:

    Cntrl+F <US, Midwest>
    [stuff between [<] and [>] is typed / actioned]

    ...and you'd get to the first US Midwest supplier in the list. Hit Next and you go to the next one down. Clever huh?

    The format is: 2 or 3-letter country code, region

    So far we have US, UK, CAN, IE
    [USA, Britain, Canada, Ireland]

    Sortable list
    There is now a sortable list at:

    This gives you an alphabetical list if you prefer. You can have A-Z, Z-A, or location as the preferred option.

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