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Discussion in 'Forum How-To's' started by rolygate, May 22, 2010.

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    1. Go to www .tinypic .com [remove the spaces in the URL and rebuild].

    2. Upload your photo - you don't need an account - the whole process takes max 20 seconds.

    Please make sure first that the photo is a jpg file of less than 700px width (any height is OK although we'd prefer <1000px), and less than 80kb filesize. Any image editing app will fix that for you, some of the best are free, find one to suit you on Gizmo's.

    3. Get all the fileshare details from the tinypic page after you upload. Specifically you want the one in the box with 'IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards'. It looks like this:

    [ IMG ]http: // i45.tinypic .com/i5cefn .jpg[ /IMG ]
    [spaces added to stop it linking]

    4. Put that piece of code in your post where you want the photo to be. The result is this:


    Job done!

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