If you could make your dream e-pipe???

Discussion in 'E-Pipe Models' started by Phantom309, Jan 9, 2014.

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  1. Phantom309

    Phantom309 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Hey everyone, I don't post here very often but I check in a few times a week here at the e-pipe thread. I have a question to field to the other e-pipe smokers.

    A brief run down about me, I run a site about e-pipes, and I'm currently talking to a fella who is a pretty big name in the pipe world. His interest has gotten peeked by e-pipes. He ordered three e-pipes and found that all three of were "lacking" not sure how yet as he hasn't responded to my e-mail asking the question.

    His end goal is to find a success story with an e-pipe and write an article for a tobacco pipe magazine. He want's me to build him an e-pipe so he can play around with it.

    I so want this guy to find his success story, it would be awesome if it were on my e-pipe, but the bigger picture is that his words could lighten the hate and discontent the traditional pipe smokers have for e-pipes.

    My question is what do you feel would be the ideal set up in terms of the guts of the pipe to give this gentleman a good e-pipe experience? as close to the real thing as possible?

    Thank you in advance I can't wait to here from you.
  2. milo hobo

    milo hobo Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    My dream pipe will be a vv/vw pipe that has a hidden protank. Right now I'm using an EPM, but would like vv/vw akin to my provari and will likely be tackling such as soon as I schedule some spare time. I have seen freight train mods, but they are both steep in price and they do not have a selection, but are instead made to order, both of which I'd rather just avoid. Maybe I could learn how to solder and buy a dna 12 or something.
  3. Phantom309

    Phantom309 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks for the response milo. That's kind of what I was thinking maybe adding a vv/vw to it. I really want to give this gentleman the best vaping experience so that he can spread the word of e-pipes to the analog pipe community, and he has the clout to do it. I'm so new to making an e-pipe that adding a dna 12 would be a monumental task for me.

    Instead I think I might focus on picking a good NET juice and pick a good clearo that has an easy draw on it, because on of the things that he complained about was the draw was to tight.
  4. milo hobo

    milo hobo Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Instead of using a DNA chip, you could instead opt for using "the Crown" or "the Kick". Slight modification to the design (taller bowl and metal lining on the inside) and an extra user replaceable part. Another possibility is looking into getting either the nhaler silencer or ego booster to make it variable voltage.

    I right now am using an EMP mod with a protank mini. It has a decent medium draw. Eventually, I want a Freight train mod myself, but again, the price tag is quite steep.
  5. Phantom309

    Phantom309 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Milo you rock! I'm making his pipe today will post pictures later this afternoon.
  6. Jenn Perry

    Jenn Perry Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I can't wait to see it. I would love all the options mentioned and also extended neck mouth pieces as well
  7. Phantom309

    Phantom309 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Thank you Jenn. I was going to make the e-pipe this past Saturday, but I decided against it. I think I'm going to order the guts of the pipe first...then make the pipe. I will post pictures though throughout the process though.
  8. milo hobo

    milo hobo Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Please do! I would love to be able to watch the process.
  9. Bigfoot1974

    Bigfoot1974 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I have to say that of all my pipes I most enjoy the EPM setup. I currently have 13 e-pipes, 6 EPMs, 2 Diablos, 1 Freight Train, 1 LoTechMod, 1 Kato Hammer, 1 Jazz and a Calabash made my Nick Fantastic here on the Forum which is made like an EPM. I'm not much in the VV/VW thing so having just a 3.7v with about a 1.6Ohm atty is my sweet spot and the EPM fits that perfectly. The choice of buttons and batteries make it fun to take out different pipes to fit the mood I'm in. Lately I am really only interested in freehands and love them all. I believe the shape of the pipe does more to determine the experience than whats inside of it. It seems that more often than not I grab the Calabash because its just such a classy style and fits the hand so naturally. Also the freehands which to me include the Calabash all have shanks which creates such a more natural pipe experience. I hope this helps your project.
  10. Phantom309

    Phantom309 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Thank so much for your input bigfoot. I've read a lot of your posts on pipe and you input is certainly appreciated. I definitely want to make as close to "traditional" experience as possible for him. I'm definitely going to turn a pipe with a shank and probably just use an 18350, just not sure want tank I want to set him up with.

    One of his complaints was tight draw on one of the e-pipes that he used, so I want something that will have an nice smooth draw. On the European I asked about they suggested setting him up with a good NET to enhance his experience.
  11. photogf4

    photogf4 Full Member

    I would like to see an e-pipe made of wood or acrylic with a solidly attached 510 connector matching a Protank - size atomizer, no variable stuff at all, as Bigfoot says. 18350 is fine but leave room for a kick or longer IMR, and a switch, maybe a finger - sensitive one that couldn't be fired any other way than a finger covering it, on the SIDE of the pipe either directly over the stem where the thumb rests traditionally, or just to either side or both. I LOVE mechanical pipes, and am praying someone will do this as everyone else makes stuff that gives probable cause to those that protect and serve. Doesn't need lights or anything fancy. Maybe the switch could be two inlaid concentric brass rings? You could put it on the stem of course, but for me the shorter it is the more portable. I also agree with Bigfoot in that I am 3.7 but with a 1.8 coil. You always know when to change the battery!
  12. MTChicken

    MTChicken Full Member

    ....a pipe that fires with fingerprint recognition like on the iPhone 5s!
  13. Jolly Roger

    Jolly Roger Full Member Verified Member

    A traditional poker in dark walnut with an 18650 battery feed and a craggy rusticated upper ring with a large tank and a chocolate mocha swirl stem or a traditional light grain calabash with a white outer ring and an olive swirl stem.
  14. dylanlg2

    dylanlg2 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    my dream pipe would be a authentic neochromed 93% sterling silver body only accommodates 18650, same for the contacts(minus the neochrome lol), telescopic, floating top pin, bottom button would be very seperated from battery compartment; magnetic with a smart switch serialized and some sick engraving on the button as well(perhaps different options of engravings), oh and its a HYBRID, the dripper would be helios-esque and have custom engravings and silver hex screws. custom glass drip tip, and a VAPOR BAND! ILL TAKE 10,000 ONCE YOUR DONE

    edit: joking about the 10k thing incase anyone was wondering.. i dont have that much money! lol
  15. Hideto

    Hideto Full Member Verified Member

    From what I've gathered from analog pipe smokers is anything that takes their historically-romantic, deep love of the look and feel of a traditional pipe and makes that impossible is like ripping the needle off the record. (For those who still remember records!) They don't want to feel like they're smoking RoboPipe. They want to feel like they could sit with grandpa or Gandalf and fit right in as they vape. A battery cover that has a gem-like lid like the original 601's did, giant, obvious buttons, heck, buttons AT ALL, turn them off. You want them drawn into the fantasy that they're smoking a real, "legitimate" pipe. They want a real wood bowl, a soft glow that phases in and out when you draw on it the way real burning tobacco would, a jewel top that simulates a proper pinch of tobacco both in colour and form (dark grey translucent plastic as opposed to ridiculous yellow, that is molded in the shape of a good pinch of tobacco jumbled up to the top of the bowl), a light draw as you mentioned, and customizable stems, meaning you can easily fit many different styles/shapes/lengths of stems without vapour leakage, stem falling/wiggling out, or other problems. They want to forget they're vaping and just smoke.

    That's just from what I've seen in the pipe scene. In truth, that's my dream, too.
  16. photogf4

    photogf4 Full Member

    Amen. Thank you. Could not have said it better. Found one that gets closer, but still has a jewel switch. At least it's on the side.
  17. Hideto

    Hideto Full Member Verified Member

    Just to add on, I'd like to see a "customizer's pipe" where the bowl is almost too thick for regular use and isn't lacquered, stained, or "finished", all so you can give the over-sized bowl to a wood carver familiar with pipe work, and get it custom-carved and stained to make your own truly unique pipe. Add to that my previous idea of any stem fitting and all the other stuff, and you'd have a dream pipe for those with the money for it. This "proto-pipe" might be more affordable than a finished pipe due to not being finished/stained/etc, but then having it custom-carved would up the price a good bit if you want a quality job done. Think of the market it could make for wood carvers. We'd be giving new commission money to folks and adding revenue to a niche market. I like the idea of being able to add life and money to a niche art and help it flourish. *gets mushy*
  18. Phantom309

    Phantom309 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Wow thank you everyone for your responses! I'm sorry for not responding, for some reason it didn't tell me that I had an replies to the thread. Wow you guys/gals have come up with some awesome ideas.

    The pipe by dylanlg2 sounds phenomenal to bad it's too expensive for me just to read that post let alone build the pipe.

    (Not a sales pitch) I've actually thought about making some pipe blanks and seeing if I could sell them on e-bay or maybe through my site in case somebody didn't have the tools required but want to wire there selves.

    @Jolly Roger, that pipe you described sounds beautiful! I actually have been thinking about making his pipe a poker. I haven't made it yet as the weather has been cold and on the nice days we've had my to do list has taken precedence. Thanks again everyone I'll check back soon.
  19. Olddawg

    Olddawg Full Member

    I also look forward to your progress!
    Please do post pictures, progress, how-to's and what/where you bought.

    I have several standard pipes here I've collected and enjoyed over the years.
    Adapting these has come to mind lately..

    My last purchase (only my second e-pipe) has the look (hopefully the feel) of my 'Camp-fire' pipe.
    The tank was my greatest concern! The pipe itself is personal style choice.

    I ended up buying a Kraken mainly due to size, rebuildable & has draw control.
    Feeling this may be what "I" need to find a smooth draw.
    My dis-appointment was not finding a tank with a wood cover.. To me, is important (I don't wish to see the fluid or flashy metal).
    Yet it's small enough... Well, it's coming soon and I'll let you know how I feel about it.

    Secondly, I have never found myself looking at the pipe as it burns.
    So, I don't look for a pipe that has LED's or any glowing thing to resemble the burning tobacco.
    I also don't find having my thumb on the top of the bowl (to switch it on) uncomfortable.
    I find it kinda a natural hold now.
    A side button (though I have not tried one) may be a little strange.. (righty/lefty..)

    I have no idea what a NET is, so please explain this..

    Good luck in your project!
  20. Olddawg

    Olddawg Full Member

    I'm going to ask on this thread because with a search I couldn't find it and may be a tank "I" should be looking at..
    Quote "the dripper would be helios-esque"

    What is this "helios-esque"?
    And where do I learn about it?
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