Innokin Iclear 30s DONT GIVE UP :-)

Discussion in 'Clearomizers' started by Vamos201381, Feb 11, 2014.

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  1. Vamos201381

    Vamos201381 Full Member

    Hi All

    Just received my vtr 2 weeks ago the iclear 30s is a beast cracking flvour and vapour.

    So today 2 weeks of heavy High VG vaping i get this burnt taste i tried washing it and dry burning it but no better, i decide to remove the rubber grommet from top to have gander in and end up accidently pulling out the flavour wick...

    I bit worried i poppe the grommet on popped it back together and filled it up first vape from it BOOM more flavour than when it came out of the packet

    The vapour i flying out and its wicking like a dream... So the moral to my story if anybody is about to give up on a iclear30s thinking to chuck it dont remove the flavour wick and its good to go again ;-)

    one happy camper
  2. Topacka

    Topacka Super Member ECF Veteran

    I gave up on clearos a long time ago.

    Too much damage control, not enough vaping.
  3. Benzin

    Benzin Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I love my iClear30S's!
    I also got my first one when i got my VTR, and bought another one after that. IMHO it is a WORLD of diference from my infernal protanks i used before!.
    Out of all the clearos ibe used, i find the iClear30S to be the best one ibe ever tried. I never had any trouble with mine, but ibe never used high VG juice.

    The only reason ibe cut down the use of my iClear30S is because i "discovered" RBAs. And as good as the taste is on the iClears, it just cant match the taste i get from the RBAs. Now my iclears are reserved for when i go out.
  4. Vamos201381

    Vamos201381 Full Member

    I use RBA's as well the Rsst is my go too although i find the iclear great for work easy an hassle free.... actually have a kracken tank on order due next week but impressed with the iclear 30s much better than protanks evod etc
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