Innokin iTaste DRV now available @ GP

Discussion in 'Good Prophets' started by dirt2suck, Jun 18, 2014.

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  1. dirt2suck

    dirt2suck Forum Supplier

    WE now have the variable voltage passthru for your car!

    Perfect for a truck driver or anyone that drives a lot!
    Free shipping!
    Innokin iTaste DRV VV Vehicle Vaping Kit


    iTaste DRV
    Coiled cord
    2 pcs iClear 16D 2.1ohm 2ml clearos
    Auto switch
    Manual switch

    510/eGo thread
    Increments: 4.2V、4.4V、4.6V、4.8V、5.0V、5.2V、5.4V、5.6V、5.8V、6.0V、6.2V、6.4V
    This will fit a 12v car/auto cigarette lighter socket, and use the auto batteries power.
    5amp max rating
    1.0ohm minimum ohm per coil/tank

    We have many new items, and putting up more as we speak!
    Stay tuned for many RDA/RBAs
    Check out the many new mech mods etc.
    New Items!
  2. dirt2suck

    dirt2suck Forum Supplier

    If you vape a lot in your car, the DVR is for you!

    Pick one up and get constant wattage without having to change batteries.!!
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