iTaste SVD is a CHAMP! A true story of chinese triumph.

Discussion in 'APV Discussion' started by electrogeek13, Sep 29, 2013.

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  1. electrogeek13

    electrogeek13 Full Member Verified Member

    The SVD has handled everything i have thrown at it, including everything i've thrown IT AT! :p

    I have had this mod covered with sandy/oily substances from holding it in my dirty hands and riding shotgun unprotected in my pocket, quick scrub with a tooth brush and it was back to brand new every time. I've dropped it on carpeted floors and from low distances inside a few times, but today it really took a wallop :2cool:

    The SVD plummeted to the pavement from a height of about 5ft today and landed with a straight THUD! It bounced around a few times before finally resting next to a bunch of kanger T3S pieces. The T3S didn't fare so well but that's expected, it hit so hard the tank snapped off at the base, even the coil chimney and flavor wick were thrown helplessly onto the pavement. However as if by magic when i picked it up there was about 1.5ml of juice still left in the top half for salvaging! :2cool:

    However the SVD took this in stride. There were a few scratches from the mayhem but they are not even able to be photographed that's how insignificant they are. The center pin is perfectly fine(most likely due to the eGo threaded T3S which is why i use eGo tanks in the first place), the LCD screen is still perfect, and all of the buttons still function like new. I threw a spare T3S on it and vaped like nothing ever happened.

    Those who may question the quality of SVD's from fasttech may rest assured this is a quality mod!
  2. DaveRock29

    DaveRock29 Full Member

    Ohh im so glad its a good mod cause i really want to buy it!!
  3. DetraMental

    DetraMental Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    This is really good to know! Been eyeing this mod!
  4. electrogeek13

    electrogeek13 Full Member Verified Member

    I have owned it for about 40 days now and have not had a single problem. I looked a bit harder today after posting and found the scratches. There are basically 2 scuffs where it landed, no big deal.

    The only complaint i have about this mod is that the threads in the telescoping tube can get gritty and weird to turn, but that wouldn't happen if i didn't abuse the hell out of it lol. I can tell the whole mod is quality stainless though because no matter how many times i grit up the threads and scrub them out they never show signs of wear. They were a bit rough when i first took it out of the box but after a week or so they are smooth as butter, i can give the telescope tube a whirl and it will make several smooth rotations with its own momentum with clean threads now. None of the buttons or screws holding the screen on have come loose, actually NOTHING has gone wrong.

    I have a one and only complaint about this mod. The end cap for the battery is chromed brass and is starting to wear. The chrome is not shiny anymore, but as a result it actually matches the rest of the mod so i like it anyway. It is also starting to show signs of a hint of brass coming through, but again i set it down on concrete and work benches, and leave it in my pocket all day so i can't blame innokin for this one completely.
  5. bobbyh3342

    bobbyh3342 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Svd ... Boys!
  6. electrogeek13

    electrogeek13 Full Member Verified Member

    DO IT! :D fasttech has a great deal on it

    Ohh im so glad its a good mod cause i really want to buy it!!
  7. War Mouse

    War Mouse Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Beware of Slowtech. I paid for my SVD on September 16. As of this writing, (September 30), it is still in Hong Kong and going nowhere fast. Starting tomorrow EVERYTHING in China will be operating at reduced capacity to observe "National Day". It lasts for a week. IF I ever get my shipment from them, it will most likely have taken over a month. Looking back I would pay $10.00 extra dollars to buy it here in the States and have it delivered in 2 day. My 2 cents.
  8. Train2

    Train2 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    The shipping slowdown sucks.
    I got my SVD from them a while back in 7 days flat. And I agree - it's a well made device, given me no trouble and I'm happy as heck with it.

    Didn't have hands-on experience with anything else to compare to until this week, when I traded my old 510 batteries for a near-new VAMO V2.
    Actually, I like the VAMO too - but the threading is crap, and I'm glad that my original choice was the SVD (those were the two I had trouble choosing between).
  9. electrogeek13

    electrogeek13 Full Member Verified Member

    same conundrum here, went with the SVD because i saw a review on youtube where some guys vamo fell apart because he abused it similarly to the way i would. I'm also a hugh star wars fan, may the force of the SVDSaber be with you hehe.
  10. 1990FOXBODY

    1990FOXBODY Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I have dropped my SVD from "5 foot onto concrete" more than once. It has given me no problems. Use it just as often as my K101, which is my only other device at this time.
  11. CloudCuckooMan

    CloudCuckooMan Super Member ECF Veteran

    Mine stopped working after three weeks. Red light at reading 0.0ohms. Or randomly some other very low ohm reading. Replaced o-ring with the one from Home Depot, no luck. Tried various tanks, cartos, pro tank. Fiddled with everything I can. Innokin told me they'd replace it only if the vendor that I got it from sent it back. Problem is the vendor I got it from closed two days after I bought it. Well didn't close but changed locations and changed their name and now they are a "different company" and won't help anyone with products from their previous company. Anybody have any suggestions?
  12. daviedog

    daviedog Super Member ECF Veteran

    What was the name of the company?
  13. electrogeek13

    electrogeek13 Full Member Verified Member

    Sometimes my advice may not be the best, but if you have absolutely exhausted all courteous options....I find shady companies usually become quite cooperative when forced with BBB complaints. Assuming the company is US based.
  14. CloudCuckooMan

    CloudCuckooMan Super Member ECF Veteran

    It was called Puresmoker here in Nashville. Closed down and re-opened down the road as VolVapor. The guy at VolVapor told me himself that Puresmoker was his company as well so it's not a secret or anything, they just said it's separate companies and they can't help anyone with products from Puresmoker. So Puresmoker still has a tech support email and I told them the problem and also told them that Innokin responded to me and said they'd replace it for free as long as the vendor sends it back. It can't be me sending it back, has to be the vendor. The reponse I got was something akin to...that's like buying something from k-mart and then asking target to replace it for you. I don't wanna slam the place if this is some kind of legal issue but, technically I would think if they really wanted to they could send it to Innokin for me. I don't know. Not happy.
  15. Andrea S

    Andrea S Full Member Verified Member

    I fully agree, the SVD rocks! It's reliable, robust, cheap and equipped with all the functions you may need.
    The only thing I wasn't so so happy about was the unpolished look. But then I took my drill, a polishing tip, some abrasive paste for cars and made it all shiny :2cool:
  16. electrogeek13

    electrogeek13 Full Member Verified Member

    But did you do the light saber conversion as shown in my avatar? Really ups the available vaping voltage!
  17. electrogeek13

    electrogeek13 Full Member Verified Member

    I wanted to comment on one other thing that i have noticed about the SVD. The + and - buttons are also coated brass and have had their plating wear off to a brass color. Personally i don't care cuz this actually looks good in my opinion.

    Other than that SVD has been a great mod so far. Eventually one day i will most likely destroy it somehow and be sure to let you know what it cannot handle also! :p
  18. Harlen

    Harlen Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I like mine to but I keep it at home lol
    Use ego's when on the run .
  19. electrogeek13

    electrogeek13 Full Member Verified Member

    I was also going to do this but in my area vaping is not very popular. I actually find people tend to be enticed by my mod and ask alot of questions. I have already convinced about 5 people to start vaping, 2 of them are buying SVD's! or vamo's or something. My hope is that the sheer "coolness" of these things helps them forget about old smokey.

    I am starting a vaping revolution at my workplace. (12 step recovery center) Out of the 30ppl here 2 do not smoke, but i am slowly helping people order batteries/mods and encouraging getting off analogues.
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