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Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by Andy t, Oct 21, 2013.

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  1. Andy t

    Andy t Full Member

    I have just received my iTaste vtr and the iTaste 134 as well.

    can anyone tell what are the best power settings on the two items to give me a good vapour and taste but also give me a long battery life before it will need recharging.

  2. Ref Minor

    Ref Minor Ultra Member Verified Member

    It's all down to personal taste and juice choice. You just need to have fun experimenting. I tend to vape at low voltage compared to others YMMV.
  3. Kosher Fried

    Kosher Fried Full Member Verified Member

    yup i constantly run 4xl smoktek DC cartos (looks cool in the mod, too)...says it's between 1.5-1.7ohm....i run 4.2-4.5v or 10.5-12 watts depending on juice...

    battery life with a 2250mah 18650 battery isn't much of an issue :)
: smoktek
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