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Itaste vv3 review and rev 1 to rev 2 comparison.

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette APV Reviews' started by p.opus, Nov 29, 2013.

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  1. p.opus

    p.opus Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 24, 2010
    Coral Springs FL
    Until recently there have been three barriers of entry to the APV market for vapers.

    1. Size: APV's have not been the "stealthiest" of items. Many users prefer the standard eGo form factor and the prospect of using a device that looks and feels like a lightsaber or D-cell flashlight is not appealing to all. Box Mod's are also available, but again they are not the easiest thing to slip in a shirt pocket or dig around in your purse for.

    2. Price: While cheaper than smoking, not all vapers have 80 to 100 bucks to spend on an APV. Especially if they are simply testing the waters.

    3. Complexity: While variable voltage has been around for quite sometime, it usually required you to be a bit of an electrician/mathematician to operate. Even if you simply dial your voltage to taste, you usually had to adjust the battery each time you swapped out atomizers/clearomizers as head resistance is not always consistent. Variable Wattage is definitely a more set it and forget it technology but was limited to the more expensive APV's out there.

    Well the Innokin iTaste vv 3.0 tears down all the barriers of entry with one fell swoop. Finally a device that is perfect for both experienced and new vapers alike. It offers a very low price point, convenient and portable form factor, while performing all the features you would expect of a much more expensive APV.

    The battery comes in two flavors. The express kit which includes just the battery and a retractable usb cable. This option is best for experienced vapers who already own the tanks or clearomizers of their choice. The starter kit includes the battery, retractable usb cable, wall adapter and 5 Innokin iClear 16 top coil clearomizers.

    Here is a picture of the rev 2 itaste attached to a Kanger Mini Protank 2 for size comparison:
    Itaste black.jpg

    Here is a list of all the available features packed in this small powerhouse:
    800 mAh NiCad battery.
    eGo and 510 threaded.
    Adjustable Voltage 3.0 to 5.0 volts in .1 volt increments
    Adjustable Wattage 6.0 to 11.0 watts in .5 watt increments
    Built in Ohmmeter
    Built in Puff Counter
    Built in Battery level indicator.
    Micro USB passthrough allows vaping while charging.
    Comes in 4 colors: Black, Pearl White, Silver, Chameleon (Black with sparkles...)
    Fire button with built in color coded charge indicator (green/yellow/red)
    Short circuit protection.
    10 second auto shut off
    over charge protection.
    3 click on/off function.

    Overall this battery is a joy to use. It's square shape prevents the battery from rolling off the table. It provides a very satisfying and consistent vape experience throughout it's discharge cycle. The Micro USB passthrough function is very convenient allowing you to vape while charging the battery. It's diminutive size allows for ease of use and storage when "out and about". The three color LED immediately gives you the battery health during each vape. No more guessing when you need to charge. The unit will actually display the actual battery charge remaining as well. The puff counter will help you keep track of your usage, while the built in ohm meter will allow you to measure your coil resistance as well as warn you of possible connection problems between the battery and your atomizer.

    However all is not perfect with this battery. As one can expect 800 mAh is not very much so don't expect this battery to last you a full day of vaping. I get approximately 400 puffs from full charge until I get the "red" indicator. Of course the size of your puffs will affect this number. The Micro USB passthrough will mitigate this slightly as long as you don't mind being tethered to a cord for awhile. Of course getting a second battery will solve this issue.

    Also the unit does experience a bit of button rattle. The amount of rattle seems to differ from battery to battery. My white revision 1 unit has very little rattle to it whereas my black revision 2 sounds like a baby rattle when shaken. Regardless of the amount of rattle, the buttons seem to be firmly installed and I have yet to experience any issues outside the noise it makes.

    The micro USB connection on this battery is rather tight, you will need to take care removing the micro USB connector from the bottom of the battery, especially if you get a rev 1 battery. (see Rev 1 to Rev 2 comparison below)

    Also, I find the "black" version has more of a matte finish instead of the high gloss of the other colors. Ironically however, the black version feels more slippery in your hand than the high gloss finish. This is not a huge deal but it may make a difference in your color choice.

    The biggest knock on this battery however, is it's high voltage/wattage performance. Although the battery states it can get to 5 volts, This battery just is not able actually hit 5 volts. The 11 Watt power setting also appears to be wishful thinking. 10 watts is a much more realistic top range. If you are a sub ohm or extremely high wattage vaper, you will need to look elsewhere. Everyone else though will be thrilled.

    Comparisons between Rev 1 and Rev 2 of the battery. Currently there are two revisions to this battery. Rev 1 of the battery has a single rivet on the side opposite of the fire button. Apparently Rev 1 batteries were prone to having the tight Micro USB connection pull the bottom of the battery out the bottom. I have not witnessed this, but I take care to grasp the bottom of the battery while removing the USB charge cable. Innokin has addressed this in their Rev 2 model. They have added five (5) additional rivets to this model to more firmly attach the battery to it's plastic casing. One additional rivet on the same side as the existing rivet is used to strengthen the bottom of the battery to the case. Also two additional rivets were added near the top of the battery on either side. These additional 4 rivets on the sides appear to be a bit of overkill but I trust Innokin knows what it's doing.

    One thing I dislike about the rivets is that the fire button is no longer as easy to find in the dark. On the single rivet model, the fire button was very easy to find with your thumb. But on the 6 rivet model, I've often had to turn the battery in my hand searching for the button with my thumb. It is really not a big deal, and I'll gladly trade that for a more rugged build.

    Other than the additional rivets there is no difference between the rev 1 and rev 2 of the battery.

    In Conclusion:
    Overall this is one fantastic battery. I highly recommend it for beginning and advanced vapers. Advanced vapers will appreciate the express kit with it's lower price point while including the bare minimum necessary. Beginning vapers no longer have to spend a lot of time and money searching for a high quality/high performance kit. The starter kit will provide the beginning vaper everything they need (except e-juice) to immediately enjoy high quality vaping.
  2. DetraMental

    DetraMental Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Mar 31, 2013
    United States
    Very nice review! I have rev. 1 and had no idea there was a rev.2. Thank you for taking the time to write this up.
  3. LDVC Iron Lung

    LDVC Iron Lung Full Member

    Mar 22, 2013
    Redondo Beach, CA
    Great review, I sell these in our B&M. We got a bunch of the Rev.1's back for both the tops coming loose or the bottom detaching because of the tight fit of the micro USB. To date I have not received any of the Rev. 2's back and my customers love them. they are our biggest seller.:2c:
  4. p.opus

    p.opus Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 24, 2010
    Coral Springs FL
    Oops...Just noticed I said NiCad battery. Check that.. This unit does not use 80's rechargable battery tech. It is a LiIon battery like every other battery out there....
  5. erikbal

    erikbal Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 31, 2013
    Olean, NY
    Great review! I've got one of these on my Christmas list..

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  6. slicknick

    slicknick Full Member Verified Member

    Nov 20, 2013
    Great review! Great device, which is why I own two of them :)
  7. thewomenfolk

    thewomenfolk Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 6, 2009
    Colorado John 3:16
    Can these be used in the car?
  8. p.opus

    p.opus Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 24, 2010
    Coral Springs FL
    Absolutely. I use mine primarily for when I am in the car and at work. If you have a car lighter adapter with a usb port in it, you can use the included charging cable, or get a longer micro usb cable if you prefer. If you have a car adapter with an already existing micro usb cable in it that will work as well.
  9. LA-Vapite

    LA-Vapite Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 13, 2013
    Los Angeles
    This was my first Battery, and I still use it along with my egos
    VV and VW wors nice, but it can have issues sometimes with Kangars some times.
    It really take a licking and is often connected to my Car usb

    The Flat surface fits in my hand quite nicely

    Actually a good start for any Newbie.
    Usually the Battery alone can be found for 30-35. Don't need their USB and if you have tanks already, just get the battery!

    Similar to SVD and other Innokin products on how the buttons work
    Nice to see Ohms, remaining power as needed.
  10. DHubbs

    DHubbs Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 20, 2014
    Canton, Georgia, USA
    Yeahhh the battery life is the only problem I have :/ Id get a box mod if its the right price.. but still prefer ego style batteries
  11. p.opus

    p.opus Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 24, 2010
    Coral Springs FL
    The MVP2 is a fantastic mod and it can be found online between $45 and $70 bucks. $65 to $70 is suggested retail.

    I have dealt with this vendor and got free and fast shipping. Both of my MVP2's were purchased from this vendor. I bought one of the "energy" series and one of the "normal" units.

    Currently the Energy Series seems to be a bit cheaper.
    Itaste MVP 2 0 Energy Line iClear 16 Kit Brand New from Innokin Free Shipping | eBay

    Innokin Itaste MVP 2 0 iClear 30 Starter Kit 2600 mAh 100 Authentic | eBay

    I thought I was an "ego only" guy too, until I tried the MVP. I was able to find a comfortable grip rather easily, and I love being able to leave the house with one in my pocket and knowing that It will last me all day.

    I still have a vv3 in my pen cup at work just in case of a "worst case" scenario. But my all day vape is by rotating through two MVP 2's I get two full days from each one and can get away with charging each one once every 4 days by alternating between the two.
  12. Applejackson

    Applejackson Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 30, 2009
    Albany, NY
    I gave one of these vv3's a try as it was an inexpensive intro to variable wattage (had only tried the variable voltage for a long time) and it's reasonably sized as I don't do big mods anymore at all. It's a nice little device performance wise, but I found it to be VERY fragile. Almost seems like it's empty with how light it is and it dented a good 3/16" deep along most of one side while maintaining functionality. Feels like very thin aluminum. After a while the bottom pulled out but still worked as I didn't rip it out; just pulled out with the usb.(the denting helping to widen the end of the tube). Had there not been that one rivet on the top cap I believe it too would've done the same. Everything wiggles and loosens on it. EVERY button rattles and the switch is very bright, so be careful in the theater. I kept all the guts and maybe I'll use them for something else entirely. I doubt it will be an e-cig though.

    OH! I DID really like the variable wattage setting (even if this one didn't seem to go quite as high as I'd like) and I'll be looking for another device that's tougher, still a nice size, and I don't have to build. Basically, I got what I wanted out of it. A taste of VW.
  13. Ohms Lawbreaker

    Ohms Lawbreaker Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 18, 2014
    Right Behind You
    Cool review. Covered it all. Just add that my chameleon color is fine even for a guy, looks mostly black anyway. So far, for 25 bucks, I'm not getting any other kind of battery or bothering with any other mod for a while, electronic or mech. No rattling on mine at all.

    Forget batteries, I know little about the loose ones anyway and don't really care to get too deep, and forget chargers I don't have, and separate meters and fuses and kicks and magnets and switches and springs -- I just decided to get it all in one for convenience. Cotton wicked rebuilt Kanthal heads for protank mini 2 and I've got a great vape with power to spare, no sub-ohms or RDA are really necessary for me to get great flavor and high volume. Did a little but enough experimenting with RBA's and had sub-ohm vapes on friends' rigs, enough to know I'm happy where I'm at and just wanna relax and tinker less and vape more. Man these 2-ohm cotton coils just run great on such low power, I don't know what the rest of these watts are for. Good job, Penguin.

    But you're in the army? I thought "penguins is practically chickens," like Bugs Bunny says? ;)
  14. Art Mustel

    Art Mustel Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 24, 2009
    Nothing can beat the vv3 elegance, fast menu response and lightness. If you are a heavy vaper then get 2...or 3 for a day out. I'd rather would carry one or more in my shirt pocket than a single vamo or svd or similar mod, but if you are into sub-ohms, smoke curtains or self defense hammers, this is not the device for you.
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