It's Contest time again, Wednesday 9/25/13 9:00PM - 9:05PM EST!

Discussion in 'Electronic Ash' started by WNY, Sep 24, 2013.

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  1. WNY

    WNY Super Member

    We are doing another contest Wednesday evening (9/25/13), starting at between 9:00PM and 9:05PM eastern time. We are giving away a 60ml bottle of 36mg unflavored e-liquid (VG based), a a 5-Pack of CE4 Clearomizers (EGO thread), a 30ml bottle of Boge Menthol e-liquid, and a KR808D bulk starter kit (2 auto batts, 1 5-pack tobacco cartomizers, 1 AC/USB Charger). We will use the same contest format we have used before, where I will open a new official contest thread. This time, winning posts as numbered by ECF will be posts #2, #10, #20, and #30 in the official thread which will be titled "Contest starts now! (official thread)". I hope you all participate if possible and I wish you all luck! We will be running a new scheduled contest in the near future. See rules below. Good luck!

    Prize list:

    Post #2 - 60ml bottle of 36mg unflavored e-liquid (VG based)
    Post #10 - 5-pack of CE4 Clearomizers (EGO thread)
    Post #20 - 30ML bottle Boge Menthol e-liquid (choice of 18, 26 or 36mg strength)
    Post #30 - KR808D bulk starter kit (2 auto batts, 1 5-pack tobacco cartomizers, 1 AC Charger)


    This contest is open to all ECF members. The contest rules are simple:

    1.) Must be at least 18 years of age to enter.

    2.) Although you can post as often as you wish, a forum member can only win one prize (their first winning submission). Subsequent winning submissions will not be honored and will be rewarded to the next post.

    3.) Official results will be posted at the conclusion of the contest in a new thread called "Official Contest Results!". Winners must send a PM to user name WNY with shipping information for their prize. Please check the Official Results thread to confirm you won before sending a PM. Failure to provide this information within 48 hours of the official results being posted will result in forfeiture of prize.

    4.) Must be US resident. (no international shipping)

    5.) Prizes will be awarded exactly as indicated above, no substitutions.

    6.) Prizes will be awarded only to the winner and are not transferable

    7.) Winners of previous Electronic Ash contests are eligible to participate and win.

    8.) Have fun!

    The format of this contest will probably be familiar to many of you who have previously participated in one of our contests. On Wednesday evening 9/25/13 at between 9:00PM and 9:05PM EST, I will post a NEW thread opening the contest. In this NEW thread the prizes will be awarded to people who post in this thread, specifically, post #'s 2, #10, #20, and #30. The posts will be counted as numbered by ECF as viewed as ascending where the first post is numbered as #1. Posts must be posted in the thread announcing the start of the contest. This thread will be titled "Contest starts now! (official thread)". Each winner receives the above prize mentioned. REMEMBER. THIS CONTEST WILL BEGIN IN A BRAND NEW THREAD TITLED "CONTEST STARTS NOW (OFFICIAL THREAD).
  2. WNY

    WNY Super Member

    I hope to see many of you participate tonight!

  3. WNY

    WNY Super Member

    please note that contest will take place in a NEW thread nthat will start btween 9:00 and 9:05 EST. The thread will be titles "Contest starts now (Official Thread).
  4. tiggerrts

    tiggerrts ECF Guru

    Thanks so much for the great contest.
  5. WNY

    WNY Super Member

    You are very welcome!
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