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    Janty SALE - 10% Off All Janty Products
    Janty product has finally been added to the store, and there are new Products, and new Lower Pricing on almost all Janty products!! With Janty's industry-leading 6 month Warranty, Janty product is hard to keep in stock, and never goes on sale - enjoy the Janty Sale while it lasts!

    Must use Coupon Code - JANTY1 at checkout for discount

    Now in Stock:
    Janty NEO Manual Airflow Sets
    We are confident; the Janty NEO Classic is the first e-cigarette to provide easy access, easy maintenance, and provide a full-bodied taste, and excellent throat hit - all in the same package
    Janty NEO Manual Airflow Set - $82.95
    SALE Price - $74.66

    New Janty eGo-C
    The Janty eGo-C features a changeable atomizer system. If your atomizer burns out or stops working, you don't need to replace the whole atomizer - just replace the atomizer head. Use a fresh atomizer for each of your e-liquid choices or just replace it to keep it fresh.
    Janty eGo-C 650 Black Set - $79.95
    SALE Price - $71.96
    Janty eGo-C XL 900 Black Set - $82.99
    SALE Price - $74.69

    Janty eGo JETS
    New, Lower Pricing! The Janty eGo looks like a classic and elegant pen, appealing to users who prefer a device that won't be confused for a cigarette. Its powerful 650 mAh battery provides at least 6 hours of heavy vaping. If you are a moderate vaper, it can very well last you the entire day before it needs recharging.
    Janty eGo JETS - Standard Set - $51.95
    SALE Price - $46.76
    Janty eGo JETS XL Black Set - $58.95
    SALE Price - $53.06

    Take advantage of the Janty 10% Off Sale, Sale ends November 22, 2012.

    Janty Canada
    Janty USA
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