Janty Neo Kit - delivered without batteries..

Discussion in 'JantyWorld' started by Jeremiah Thomas, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. Jeremiah Thomas

    Jeremiah Thomas Full Member

    Ok so I guess i'm on a bit of bad luck over here... my old faithful EGO - T went through the washing machine so I went to the local vape shop here in panama city and had the store build me out a single Ovale Elipse PV... Didn't want to drop 100$ on the full kit.

    Well I got stuck in the loop of their recent bad batch from the manufacturer with attys falling apart and in two weeks had to drive to the store 6 times to get replacements... They were free of charge because it was a factory defect known by Ovale, but the gas wasn't.

    After the 6th time i said I couldn't take it anymore and went to the web looking for a replacement kit.... I kept seeing Janty pop up all over the place, and the NEO Airflow with the auto batterys sounded great.

    I took the plunge and spent close to 100$'s on the kit... 3 business days later it arrived on my doorstep... Excited I opened the package... to my dismay there sat 4 puro's instead of 2... so in place of the 2 batteries where you can easily see were supposed to be in the package sat 2 additional puro's....

    Everything else was there, the charger USB cord, the USB to DC adapter, the airflow ring.. but no battery to use it.

    So here I sit with an ovale held together with electrical tape, and 100$'s worth of Janty product unable to be used.

    I read online that this has happened to others, so here I am... anyone on here have a best way to address this with the company?

  2. Sean S

    Sean S Full Member

    Hi Jeremiah,

    My apologies. I will PM you.

  3. Jeremiah Thomas

    Jeremiah Thomas Full Member

    Sean Sir, Its 4:30am in NY right now :) I was not expecting such a fast response. Amazing customer service my friend, thank you for the assistance.
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