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Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Confusednoobie, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. Confusednoobie

    Confusednoobie Full Member

    Hi- anyone with any opinions on how the Johnson Creek flavors compare to other companies or is that somewhat hype?
  2. Cheesed

    Cheesed Full Member Verified Member

    I'd like to think it's largely based on preference, but I'll check them out now that you've mentioned them for a comparison to what I already vape.
  3. Mike36609

    Mike36609 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Overall I think JC is pretty good juice, and their shipping time has always been exceptional.

    I use only 100% VG or high VG, and I've tried about everything in JC's Red Oak line. All have been good and very vape-worthy with a few exceptions - Valencia, smelled great in the bottle, but I can't tell you how it vapes because I never got it to vape no matter what I tried, NEVER; Silverthorn, really tastes like pipe tobacco, just not my thing, but I can how others might love it; Vanda, tastes good, smells great, VERY, VERY, VERY THICK, thickest juice I have ever used, nothing else even compares in this regard.

    I love Tennessee Cured. Island is another favorite, might not be great for everybody as it is strong on the coconut. Ranier has the potential to be really good with a long steep time, hated it at first and set my bottle aside, but tried again two months or so later and couldn't put it down.

    I don't have any problems recommending JC to anybody, price is higher than some other places, but overall a good product.
  4. Confusednoobie

    Confusednoobie Full Member

    I hear good things- and they provide the flavors for BLU.
  5. flbutterfly1

    flbutterfly1 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    JC is all I use now. I have tried many vendors and none are "smoke juice". There is an underlying flavor in most of their juices some hate it some love it. I also use VG only and really enjoy their Wisconsin Frost and Solstice. To me all other vendors flavors do not recreate my smoking need. I now vape only 0mg and enjoy their menthols as a replacement for liquids with nic in them. Their juices are pricey but IMO really worth the cost. Just keep in mind that their flavors all have the underlying almost greasy smokey peanut taste to them some flavors more than others.
  6. Confusednoobie

    Confusednoobie Full Member

    Thanks- Any health side effect problems at all with VG? Especially with the more viscous flavors? I ask because before buying a GS kit, I tried a BLU disposable in Classic Tobacco (JC makes their flavors) and actually liked it and had no problems. Wished it had a little more vapor so I went with the GS kit. Also their kit gave more stuff for the money and they accept returns. But I got some serious side effects- maybe due to the PG. So it has to go back. Hoping VG will be less sensitizing for me. Treading really carefully going forward.
  7. dataoogie

    dataoogie Full Member

    Yeah I also heard that Johnson Creek make really good authentic tobacco e-liquid.
  8. Confusednoobie

    Confusednoobie Full Member

    Thank you- I too want no nicotine- I want flavor and vapor- but their trial bottles are 18mg so I will initially have to deal with that- get a couple of 15 ml in zero nicotine and mix with their sample bottles to try out. I ordered a starter kit and ended up choosing Tundra, hope it is close to the Wisconsin Frost. The peanut taste should be fine- they specifically mention on their web site to not use the VG if you have allergies to nuts- so maybe that is why- their secret ingredient.
  9. Kevin S

    Kevin S Full Member

    Taste is subjective but with that being said I keep a bottle of Marcado from their Red Oak line on the table next to me while I am at home and drip it into my 357. Only juice that atty has ever seen lol. If you like cinnamon then you will like Marcado IMO. I like the Vanda too but as posted above, it is really really thick.
  10. kbjoran

    kbjoran Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I'm vaping Vanda and Swiss Dark as I write this. I like their flavors but I also buy from other sources.
  11. cjboboy

    cjboboy Full Member

    The Rainier is pretty good
  12. kbjoran

    kbjoran Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hmmm, I tried their Black Cherry and was a bit let down. Have you been able to compare these two?
  13. MamaTried

    MamaTried Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    JC Domestic is the closest thing i have to an all-day vape. I couldn't stand it when I first tried it, but it kind of snuck up on me. Tennessee Cured is pretty good to.

    I'd try Vanda but you guys are scaring me about how thick it is - lol.
  14. kbjoran

    kbjoran Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I use Vanda in my Kanger Pro Tanks and my blank MegaClearomizers and have no problems at all. :)
  15. Mike36609

    Mike36609 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Hey Confusednoobie,

    When I first started vaping I was using what were mostly PG juices, within a short time I started having problems that my research indicated might be related to PG sensitivities, though I can't say as a fact that that was what was happening. My problems included an ever present metallic taste and bleeding sinuses. I switched to VG and my problems went away.

    Occasionally I try a new juice (VG) that aggravates my minor asthma problems, or causes minor upper respiratory congestion. Neither of these issues has been major and both occur less frequently now. I have never experienced any negative symptoms from JC juices, though that should not be viewed as guaranty of similar results for any other party.

    Regardless of what you vape, be sure to drink enough to stay hydrated, vaping, whether PG or VG, can cause you to become dehydrated.

    Good luck, and believe it or not, it does get less confusing over time. The keys are a good reliable PV, a backup PV, and a juice that you really like. I am not familiar with the kits you mentioned, but I believe JC makes a quality juice, same for Alien Visions E-Juice (when they are open), and Heather's Heavenly Vapes, among others.
  16. j0sh_m

    j0sh_m Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I love JC. I am vaping their Red oak line and I love the Domestic, Tennessee Cured, and Swiss Dark.
  17. j0sh_m

    j0sh_m Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Same here. Domestic and Tennessee Cured is my everyday vape. Haven't tried Vanda but I find Swiss Dark to be thickier than the two I mentioned.
  18. j0sh_m

    j0sh_m Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I find the Red Oak Line Domestic to be the closest flavor to Blu Classic Tobacco.
  19. 72xmulch

    72xmulch Full Member Verified Member

    i personally did not like any of the johnson creek flavors.. they all tasted too harsh and "burnt" to me.. i ended up giving away the sample packs i bought
  20. Confusednoobie

    Confusednoobie Full Member

    Thanks for the responses-I appreciate it- The flavors sound really tempting
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