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Discussion in 'Canada Forum' started by kelm, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. kelm

    kelm Senior Member

    I just want to say thanks for the awesome service to the gang at Jugheads. Place my order Sunday night and recieved it today. They thru in a a little something extra. Very much appreciated.
  2. albertbert

    albertbert Super Member

    They are awesome.

    What did you get, what are your thoughts on the juices? I opened a sample bottle of dynominty that i got like a month ago recently, its good. It's got a nice minty taste like some gums. Probably won't replace my mentholator adv, but its pretty good.
  3. TrueNorthist

    TrueNorthist Flying on Empty Verified Member

    Supporting member
    I guess I didn't buy enough stuff from them... I ordered Monday and it hasn't even shipped yet. :confused: Mind you, the service was quite pleasant. I will have to wait to say what I think of the product -- assuming I get it this week. Doesn't look like it will.
  4. kelm

    kelm Senior Member

    I got jokesmoke v2,chocolotto shake,dk ry4,snikkerbar and rich chocolate truffle that I ordered. They thru in a 6ml bottle of swedish pastery. I have only tried the joke smoke v2. So far I like the nice smooth taste of it.
  5. MadValleyVapingMama

    MadValleyVapingMama Account closed on request

    I'm vaping Rich Chocolate Truffle as we "chat" I love it :p
  6. mekks

    mekks Senior Member

    Jokesmoke has quickly become my fav, but as I look around at all the other flavors I have yet to use ..hmm I can forsee a problem here.
  7. albertbert

    albertbert Super Member

    That sucks northist, any chance they mightve forgot to send you the tracking info? Maybe its on its way already.
  8. TrueNorthist

    TrueNorthist Flying on Empty Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Nope. I'm not going to worry about it though. Live and learn.
  9. albertbert

    albertbert Super Member

    For some reason i thought you said you ordered friday. I don't think its reasonable to expect same day shipping. Next day, or 2 days is fine with me.
  10. F_Munson

    F_Munson Full Member

    I got a free sample of 'Swedish Pastry' as well, it worked because I ordered 50 ml today. Moderate panic as I poured the last drops into a carto this afternoon.

  11. drac

    drac Super Member Verified Member

    I am ordering from them later on tonight. Jokesmoke and Jokesmoke 2, really adventurous. I tend to stick to something till I get sick of it.
  12. F_Munson

    F_Munson Full Member

    Another nod to Juggy's efficiency. I ordered yesterday at 12:57 NST and my order was received by Canada Post at 16:52. That's as good as it gets IMO!
  13. KillFace

    KillFace Super Member Verified Member

    Jokesmoke, Jokesmoke 2.0, and "Our RY4" are my current ADVs. I just love how smooth they are.

    2.0 for dripping and mixing with strong flavours to smooth them out.

    Jokesmoke signature for straight carto vaping

    RY4 on it's own or mixed with a little strawberry cheesecake and/or Awesome Waffles.

    Also, 1 drop awesome waffles, 2 drops strawberry cheesecake, 2 drops Jokesmoke 2.0 all in a bridgeless LR dripper is my favorite after meal dessert.
  14. CanadaLady

    CanadaLady Senior Member Verified Member

    OK, you got me interested in this Swedish pastry? LOL... I am a Swede, I need to know!
  15. triplxratd

    triplxratd Senior Member

    Juggy and his juice definitely rock! Jokesmoke is my candy...
  16. TrueNorthist

    TrueNorthist Flying on Empty Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Even though I have a new rule about staying out of fanboi threads -- which I already broke when I shot my mouth off in here yesterday -- to be fair I absolutely must add that Jughead's did something to put wings on my shipment and it looks like it will arrive here tomorrow! The package actually passed another order from a different supplier, probably in mid air, and has already ploughed into Richmond BC at near light speed. It is all but certain to be out in the morning for delivery out here on the fringes of the civilized world. That is a nice touch that I will not soon forget. Awesome customer service! It is very nice to get treated like a valued customer.

    I sincerely apologize for any aspersions I may have cast upon Jughead's by whining earlier in this thread. They are clearly a supplier that truly cares and wants to keep folks coming back again and again.

    My hat is off to you guys! :headbang:
  17. F_Munson

    F_Munson Full Member

    I had a feeling it would work out. I purchase online for work and hobby related gear all the time, Jugheads is the best service I've ever received. They must be bribing folks at Canada Post to get a package to 'The Rock' as quickly as they do.
  18. Cobber

    Cobber Super Member

    Juggy is the best ... unbelievable experience ordering through him... Great customer care and his personal touches are amazing.

    As for the juice I ordered a crap load of samples. I have yet to find one that I don't like ... its harder to find one that I would not consider a ADV.

    Some worth mentioning and the Choco mint cookie, it's pretty much the same as the good girl guide cookie that only come around once a year. Amazing vapor. Prefect TH. You get the chocolate on the inhale and a hint of it later again after the mint. The mint comes on the exhale, but it's not over powered like a menthol or over sweet like spearmint. Just a touch of creamy cookie in the chocolate.

    Jokesmoke 2.0: when I first got it in the mail I tried it and got no taste at all. Just tons of vapor ... TONS of vapor. It was the kind of vapor that hangs around too (I love that). After a week I tried it again and it was much sweeter. Just a hint of tobacco, but I think that was all in my mind. It was the background sweet that I loved, and the vapor. GOBS of vapor.
  19. northofamerica

    northofamerica Super Member Verified Member

    I have ordered 3 times in the past month and every order shipped in record time. If not the same day as my order, or the day after. Best in class so far on the shipping front. Helps im only one province over too tho.

    I also think since Juggy uses personal Xpresspost and not business class xpresspost AKA Expedited Parcels, they seem to move quicker. Not sure why personal mail moves faster than business mail bit I have been monitoring Canada post for a few weeks. My vapemail addiction is growing in intensity and my patience with cp is deteriorating. Anyways Shipping and times frmo Jugheads isnt an issue..

    My 3 orders has got me a pile o juice to try.
    ATM enjoying :
    N'orleans banana foster -- also Strawberry cheesecake, and a mix of both in a vision extreme. Strawberry cheezecake bananna fosters is my new fave. Steep these 2 flavors with the caps off a few days and give em a couple shakes whn you think about them during that time. They seem to get better and better and better. If i didn't transport them I would never have caps on them.

    Swedish pastry -- This has become a favourite (i want a desert type) cape for me. I love it but I gotta put it away for a couple days after a big session.

    Peachy keen -- HOLY Fn yum! Peachy keen is right.

    Blueberry thrill -- which is crazy blueberry. Cant clean that out of your atomizer very easy since its so blueberry potent. Nice addition to your swedish pastry!!!! Mmmm

    Other stuff I tried in the past 2 weeks.

    Jokesmoke 2.0 -- was yumtastic. first thing I ran out of. got some Jokesmoke pg/vg on the way!!!!!!

    Jugz Coffee with creme and sugar.-- Awesome. did 5 straight days of that stuff last week.

    7 Burp! -- lemon lime out the ying yang. hoooooly. It's so good but i'm scared I may kill all the taste I have gained the past few weeks from quitting analogs. I do drip it into a 306 atty and its great for that.

    chocolate mint cookie. -- not the biggest mint fan, but this stuff is awesome! I like to drip this stuff and clear my nostrils out in the cold winter air :p

    I have more steeping to do before I will try some of the other flavours I got! Good luck to everyone on the Feb Draw! :D
  20. vise

    vise Super Member Verified Member

    I really shouldn't say this, but I think he's got connections high up in CP. I placed an "emergency" order for my ADV because I was out, and I got my order in less than 24 hours (dropped at post office at 4:30 PM, and in my mailbox at 10 AM the next day)! Maybe he had one of his minions hand deliver it or something, but I've NEVER gotten that fast of service with CP being the middle man!
    Not sure how he does it, but Jugz constantly goes over and above the call of a supplier every time!
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