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Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Vapocalyptic, Apr 26, 2014.

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  1. Vapocalyptic

    Vapocalyptic Moved On Verified Member

    So, I recently ordered this mod. Will these tanks be compatible, or will I get a "burnt" taste, or no way to get the tank and base to thread flush in order to fire?

    Aspire Nautilus (Running 1.8 ohm, I believe? Maybe 1.6..Whatever comes with it.)
    Mini Protank 2 (I purchase 2.5ohm coils, but they usually read at 2.7-2.8 on my MVP)

    I'm just curious because I'm eager to have my first mech mod, but not sure how they work considering I'm so used to my VV/VW device. I believe it has 18350, and 18360 batteries? I purchased the kit directly from vaporbeast.

    And well, yeah, that's it lol. Should I purchase a kick for it as well? Thanks everybody :)
  2. Vapocalyptic

    Vapocalyptic Moved On Verified Member

    I just don't want it exploding in my face or something lol. I know nothing about electric or ohms laws. I believe the kamry operates at 3.7v so I should be okay with coils up to 2.8 right?

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  3. Topdogie01

    Topdogie01 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    18360 batteries? i think you mean 18650 batteries?

    it should work about the same as your current device. its bottom button fired. it has a locking right to lock the firing button so it will not fire.

    turn your VV/VW device to 4.2 volts, thats how it will be like when a fresh battery is in it. then dial your voltage to 3.7. that is how it will be most of the time. then when the battery level drops (i charge mine when it gets to about 3.5v) you charge your battery and swap to a freshly charged one. you can change batteries sooner if you wish.

    please do the math (ohms law) for any coil you plan to use to make sure your battery can safely handle the amp draw. id reccoment getting a few high drain batteries to use with lower resistance coils and if you want to branch out into rebuilding your own coils.
  4. TimV30

    TimV30 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I have a k100. I love it. I use the nautilus on it with no problems. Tastes great. Only thing I noticed is that my coils seem to go out quicker when I use the nautilus on my k100. But other than that it is a great mod.
  5. AlterUrEgo

    AlterUrEgo Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I don't know bout the nautilus since I don't own one but the PT mini will work just fine on the K100. I sanded the top and bottom battery contact points of the k100 to get better performance out of it. To sand the top point you cut little 320 grit sandpaper squares and with the eraser end of a pencil you sand the plating off. I also used a kick in my k100 but its a bit of a pain to get the kick back out. Be sure to also sand the side of the tube where the kicks ground pin sits. The only thing I didn't like about the k100 is the small fire button and the unit becomes a bit top heavy and tips over easily and always makes a deafening thud.
  6. sawtoothscream

    sawtoothscream Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    not a fan of the protank on the mechs. but my carto tank did work great on my friends k100. alot better

    do ou plan on going into rebuildables? thats where mechs shine.
  7. Vapocalyptic

    Vapocalyptic Moved On Verified Member

    Thanks guys! Not sure I wanna sand anything just yet. When I reinvent the mold, I usually shatter it or render it useless shortly afterwords. I'm not to... Handy, I guess LOL.

    I am thinking about rebuilding but not sure where to start really. I'm so excited. How does everybody like the k100? Does it produce real good vapor?

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  8. Vapocalyptic

    Vapocalyptic Moved On Verified Member

    The k100 came with cartos. Don't I just fill them with juice or how does those work?

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  9. klynnn

    klynnn Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Batteries are the most important thing when using mech mods of any type. Baditude has quite a few blogs on this. Pls check them out.
  10. itskohler

    itskohler Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Regular ones or with a tank? Either way the priming is the same. Hold the carto at an angle, drip juice on the inside wall and lef it go down into the cotton, rotate, and repeat about 20 times.
  11. sawtoothscream

    sawtoothscream Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    The k100 is a hard hitter, but the atty does the work for the clouds. set your provari to 4.2 and that is how the k100 will vape on a fresh battery and it will get weaker as the battery drops.

    for me my protank devices stay on VV/VW devices, the mech is much better with rebuildables, for me.
  12. sawtoothscream

    sawtoothscream Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    also like said buy good batteries. Sony VTC4 or 5 are some of the best and what i would suggest to buy.
  13. BigOrmc

    BigOrmc Full Member

    K 100 was my first mech mod. My kit came with a fuse, 1-18350, 1-18650, a charger and a zip up case. I use it for my pro tank3 primarily. It just looks so good on there. After adding the aero base to my pt3 it really made my setup shine. Now for the cons. It looks dumb with any 22mm rda on top so I bought a sentinel m16 clone by hcigar for my rdas and it looks bad ***. Hope this helps.

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