Kanger Protank - Burning taste... I can't seem to get rid of it. Ideas?

Discussion in 'Clearomizers' started by roasted, May 30, 2013.

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  1. roasted

    roasted Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I was super anxious to receive my Vamo V2 in the mail today, along with the Kanger Protank. I filled it up with the menthol liquid I've been using in my 808's and began vaping away. At first, I kind of felt like it tasted a little different. Not a bad different, just... different. I admittedly tinkered with the voltage a little bit as well. At first I kept it low, around 3.0 to 3.2, unsure of what was the optimal. For one drag and one drag only I set it to 6 to see the difference. Immediately I didn't like it and backed it down to 3.0. More and more I began to taste a burning flavor that I didn't like. Considering the menthol juice, it tasted like mint charcoal or something... far from enjoyable. The same liquid is in my 808 and I absolutely love it.

    I did some reading online and it sounded like my one drag at 6v could have cooked something. I read up on how to do a dry burn, so I did that until I saw the coils turning red. They certainly burned off some gunk, as I could tell by the smoke coming out of the tip. But like I said, once they were burning a nice red I figured that was that. At first I felt as though the taste improved, but as I compared to the 808 I realized it wasn't anywhere near optimal yet. I decided to clean out the Protank, so I removed the liquid and ran it under hot water. I then let it soak in the hot water for quite some time. Once done, I rinsed it off again and dried it out. I reassembled everything and began to vape. Eh, still not there. I also used a Q-tip down inside the tip to see if I would pull out any dirt, but I did not. Part of me wondered if there was something in the tip that was flavoring the vape in a way I didn't like.

    At this point, I was lost on what else to do. But wait! The Protank came with a 2nd head for my convenience! I popped that sucker in, and while it is not quite as bad, it's still no where near what I'd expect. At this point, I'm honestly not in favor of the taste I'm receiving.

    Considering my camping trip coming up, I really, really want to use the Vamo. I have a pair of 650 batteries and a pair of 350 batteries. I want nothing more than to put the Vamo to use, but at this point, I'm just not finding the taste enjoyable. There is only one location locally to buy e-cigarette accessories. A pack of 5 cartomizers with 510 threads is a whopping 18 bucks. Some of you may be jaw-dropped, but I am honestly considering on picking up a pack as a fail-safe so I can at least rely on the cartomizers on my trip. Sucks, I know, but whatever.

    As a last resort, I also removed the "flavor wick" of the Protank head. I realized a large portion of the video reviews I saw on the Protank suggested doing this. Even forum posts here gave the same suggestions. I removed it, leaving the coiled wick in place, and still it didn't make a monumental difference.

    I'm curious if anybody else has any other ideas as to what I could do. I know the single draw I took at 6v was far from logical, but at the same token, how could that have affected the unused head that I swapped out after the fact? Considering I've cleaned it, removed the one wick, dryburned it, and swapped heads and am still getting an unsatisfactory vape, I'm beginning to wonder what else I can do. I'm new to this, so I acknowledge there might be tricks that I am unaware of, hence... me here posting this. :)
  2. maddmaxx

    maddmaxx Full Member

    Here is what happened to me and maybe it will help you out... I to got the "metallic" taste that I couldn't get rid off... washed it numerous times and nothing... so I boiled the tank for 5 min and dipped it in a solution of 50/50 water and vinegar overnight... the next morning I took it out to rinse and wash it for the last time... the top part or mouth piece came out, the glue was really "jelly" like at this time, I took some samples of the glue and set aside to dry and as any mad scientist would do I tasted it and it tasted very, very close to that metallic taste I was getting... so at this point I thought I was on to something, I re-glued the top with JB Kwik and let dry for about 16hrs and then washed it... its been 4 days and so far so good.. I have not tasted the "metallic" taste no more, I think some juices are having a ''reaction'' with the exposed glue that the factory is using... hope this helps.
  3. roasted

    roasted Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I appreciate the insight. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about ripping this gizmo apart. I just found out after posting this thread that there's a vapor shop within a 30 minute drive. Since I am getting off work early tomorrow I might devote the time to drive up along with the Vamo and Protank and see if they have any insight. If that's a dead end I may just see what alternatives they have available and go from there. So far local users are giving the place a serious thumbs up. Pricing is a bit meh from what I've heard but B&M stores gotta make a living, so as long as it's not outrageous to pick up an alternate tank that yields better results, or cartomizers for that matter, I may go that route. I just hate to do anything to it tonight if I have the option of somebody more experienced seeing it first hand in a matter of 15 hours.

    But hey, if anybody else has anymore insight, even if it's a "yeah me too and I bought xyz product and love it", I'd appreciate hearing it. :D
  4. Leithan

    Leithan Just a "Member" Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I always get the burnt taste with a new head, you can try pulling out the "flavor" wick that sits on top of the coil so I have been told. Before I install a head I soak both sides of the wick untill it wont take any more juice, then I install it. Uselly it takes a few drags but the burny taste goes away. Lots of Protank users will tell you that they need a little break in before they start tasting right. Any time I have dry burned a head I have killed it. I prime the crap out of it before I ever think of hitting the button
  5. maddmaxx

    maddmaxx Full Member

    trust me... that wasn't my plan either... it just came apart on me so I had no choice but to clean it and fix it but it seems to have fixed the problem, I have the same coil in there also and no bad taste so far...
  6. roasted

    roasted Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I already removed the flavor wick... But are you suggesting that I should basically saturate the head/wick/whatever in liquid and then install it and vape?
  7. Discord

    Discord Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I was getting that a lot on one of my protanks. I just changed out the head and it worked fine. I think some of the heads are duds or messed up.
  8. cymric

    cymric Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    umm... sometime after I had my first Vamo V2 everything suddenly tasted terrible. I discovered that I had somehow switched from RMS to AVG. How I did something so dumb, I do not know. I changed back to RMS and all was fine. You might consider checking all your settings on the Vamo.
  9. Leithan

    Leithan Just a "Member" Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Yeah saturate the wick before you install the head, don't give it a chance to dry burn. I have never removed the flavor wick myself, just seen it suggested by others. I have gotten the occasional bad head that no matter how I molested it, it still tasted bad. I don't even bother with new heads anymore, just rebuild the ones I got.
  10. roasted

    roasted Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Some quick Googling suggested that RMS = N02, whereas AVG = N01. I changed this earlier. When I held down the button for 10 seconds it came up as N01, which I assume meant it WAS in N02 and switched to N01 when I did that. I did notice earlier that my volt settings changed after my 350 battery died earlier. I switched it out with a fully charged battery. I'll vape on it for a bit here and see if things change. So far I am not noticing the burning taste, but I hate to call the shots so soon. We'll see how the next 15 minutes go...
  11. Snake973

    Snake973 Full Member

    You may have singed your wick of you didn't wait long enough after filling it to use the tank. We're I in your position, I would use a different head, and let it sit for half an hour after filling and before use and see if the problem persists.

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  12. AlterUrEgo

    AlterUrEgo Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I just got a protank from Provape and it had the 1.8 ohm head in it when I got it and it tasted like crap and burned out within a couple days. I then tried to repair the first head to no avail, I then got almost no vape and what vape I had was crappy. I then put the spare 2.4 ohm head and now it works like a charm and that was a couple days ago.
    I think there is something wrong with the 1.8 head they supply because with the burning out, tasting like crap it also leaked onto the top of my provari. A couple emails with the vendor and they are sending me another protank...thats customer service I will do repeat buisness with.
  13. roasted

    roasted Senior Member ECF Veteran

    While I didn't wait a half an hour, I did try another head. That one in particular was pretty saturated when I installed it... I didn't go out of my way to make sure it was saturated, but it was definitely no where near dry.
  14. roasted

    roasted Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mine is at 2.6... I doubt that would be the issue. Eh?
  15. Leithan

    Leithan Just a "Member" Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Snake973, could be right too, singed wicks will leave a crappy taste too. The wicks in Protanks seem to singe really easy, that's why I suggest never dry burning them. I have no patience and cant stand to wait, so I saturate the hell out of the wick before I install the head. Man I hate seeing folks have issues with their Protanks. I love the hell out of the silly little things.
  16. roasted

    roasted Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I've been seeing some posts about people making their own cotton wicks. Certainly sounds interesting, but the one caveat is the lessened life span that cotton evidently brings to the table.

    More and more I think I might just have to venture over to that new vape shop about a half hour away tomorrow. I'd really love for someone to take a look at my gizmo and give me some pointers and additional insight. I'm just not convinced I've developed the all-seeing-eye for this stuff yet.
  17. Leithan

    Leithan Just a "Member" Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    If you read any of the other threads about rebuilding Protank heads you will see some of my suggestions and tips on rebuilding heads with cotton...................I have a Protank thread reply compulsion that I can't quite seem to kick.........I get better life span from my rebuilds than I do with stock heads. I mostly use a mech so I don't worry about too low of resistance but you will have too with your vamo. you don't have much space to fit a coil so they have to be tiny. Having said that, I get great life from cotton wicks. if you have all ready pulled a head apart to pull a flavor wick out then your half way to a rebuild. Before you give up on the Protank give it a shot. I have vaped a week solid on one rebuilt head with a cotton wick, I only chaged the wick because I changed flavors, I'm sure that wick would of gone another 5 days atleast
  18. roasted

    roasted Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I understand. At this point with it being late and work tomorrow I figure I'll run to the shop after work and just see what they have to say. I'd like to have some other juice anyway and no chance of getting it shipped in before Friday morning when I'm leaving. If something bombs at the shop tomorrow and I get no where I'll see about rebuilding tomorrow evening.
  19. nuttyriv3r

    nuttyriv3r Senior Member Verified Member

    The coils and wicks in stock Protank heads really suck. Make sure you are on NO2 mode. Get a 5 pack of heads. You can use evod heads too I hear, but when you have time really look into rebuilding. It is so much better. Even if you use silica. Its like 15 bucks on ebay for enough wick and wire to rebuild months worth of heads and they taste and vape better. I went for 3 mm silica and 32 kanthal, and it's working great. Got some cotton wick, too, but haven't had the opportunity to boil and test it out yet. I got the burnt taste once. It was like melting plastic. Nasty. Seeped into the entire tank spoiling the fluid. Had to dump it out and clean it. Heads are kinda high maintenance for clean fresh vapes. Gotta rinse them a lot, and even with that life is lousy with stock coils. Read face melts protank rebuild thread. Makes it seem so easy, and it is. That wont help your camping trip though, so hopefully that shop has some replacement heads or wick,/wire. Also, Ive noticed Protank heads don't consistently seat flush on the Vamo, and I can screw itn on several different times and get a different ohm reading each time, which may cause variations on the quality of heat the coil is producing. I used the trick of cutting out a circle thin but sturdy plastic (used a lid to some sour cream) and punch a hole with a hole punch through the middle and the threads of Protank fits right through. It doesn't overtighten and sits flush more consistently.

    Anyway...long winded thoughts that may help. Good luck.
  20. AgentAnia

    AgentAnia Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I checked your ProTank vendor and they don't specifiy which head it's shipped with, but they do offer replacement heads with either 1.8 or 2.4 resistance. Mine (from a different vendor) came with 2.4's. You might want to give your vendor a call to see which they sent with yours.

    But hopefully your local vape shop will be able to help you. Hope everything works out before you have to leave!
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