Kanger T4 808D-1 Clearomizer for use on a Mistic "808" battery?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Penn23, May 25, 2013.

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  1. Penn23

    Penn23 Full Member

    Would a Kanger T4 808D-1 Clearomizer work on a Mistic battery. I understand the Mistic brand uses similar threading to 808D1 cartomizers, and that others have had success using these cartomizers. However, I haven't read anything about the use of a 808D-1 Clearomizer.

    Kanger 808D-1T4 Clearomizer

    These are the one's I'm considering buying.
  2. Penn23

    Penn23 Full Member

    Bump. I can't post this question in the clearomizer sub-forum since I haven't reached five posts, but I don't want it to fall to the bottom of the new member group!
  3. Penn23

    Penn23 Full Member

    I think I'm gonna go ahead and re-ask this one in the clearomizer sub-forum once I get verified to, but thanks for the views!
  4. IMFire3605

    IMFire3605 Super Member ECF Veteran

    I have the 510 variant of these. Nice little micro-clearomizers. I have no experience with the Mystic you are refering to, but if you have used other 808 style attachments on it, I wouldn't see why they would not work.
  5. yerdreamsrequiem

    yerdreamsrequiem Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I have used a mistic. Aside from the flavor, these cigalikes aren't all that bad. The juice and the batteries an last insanely long time for what they are.

    That being said, the 808 threading the Mistics are a variant of the typical 808 threads. This some 808's work, leaving a gap in between the battery and device, and others just don't thread. It would behoove you to just grit your teeth and get a cheap 510 threaded device, instead of gambling with the Mistics.

    I hope I helped.
  6. Penn23

    Penn23 Full Member

    Thanks! I was starting to think no one was coming to the rescue! Good advice. I think what I may do is go ahead and order the clearomizers and some ejuice (as that'll only cost $15, and I already have quite a few mistic batteries), see if they work on the misitcs. And, if they don't, pick up one of these Kangertech Esmart Black electronic cigarette since they use the same clearomizers. Anyone have luck with this batteries before?

    I'd eventually like to make the jump to an ego twist but I figure that using some clearomizers and better ejuice will be a step up from the pre-filled carts mistic sells at walmart.
  7. yerdreamsrequiem

    yerdreamsrequiem Senior Member ECF Veteran

    The clearomizers will almost certainly be different, as will the ejuice. Whether you like cartomizers, atomizers, clearomizers, kanger protanks, etc... all comes down to preference, and the same can be said for the juice. You are going to have a difficult time asking for advice with the 808 thread, let alone a custom 808 thread.

    And if you are interested in the eGo Twist, might I recommend an alternative?

    ego variable voltage

    The LCD to allow you to see the voltage in the dark, as well as the ability to lock the voltage (so you don't accidentally raise/lower the voltage), and the wider voltage range, really makes it worth stepping it up just a bit. There is a chart further down the page explaining some of the differences between the two.
  8. Penn23

    Penn23 Full Member

    Hmm interesting. It's not a bad price point. However, I think I'd really like to pick a "kit" that includes everything I'd need to get started with a "real" PV. Also, I don't think I've seen this model on the actual ego website. I understand that many batteries are reproduced as cheap knock offs and can be dangerous. Excuse my ignorance, as I am probably wrong, but could this be a knock off just using the ego name? How can you tell?
  9. yerdreamsrequiem

    yerdreamsrequiem Senior Member ECF Veteran

    There is nothing to excuse. It is a fair point, being concerned about the quality of the device. And it isn't an official ego, made by Joytech. What made me pull the trigger on the device itself was the lifetime warranty on it, provided by apollo. Their chat staff isn't on right now, what with it being a holiday weekend and all, but they will tell you they offer a lifetime warranty on the product, free from any and all defects, even the one's that you KNOW are coming (like the ego eventually not holding a charge, since all rechargable batteries inevitably die). They promised that as long as I kept my order number saved somewhere, I could give it to them, and they would replace the product - no questions asked. That is what alleviated my concerns.

    I got the 1200mah battery, which is an absolute beast compared to that Kanger, and have been happily puffing away since.
  10. Penn23

    Penn23 Full Member

    Awesome info, thanks for the help!
  11. Johnnie Price

    Johnnie Price Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    There are a fair number of 808 users around here.

    The 808 model isn't very popular on here, but there are a few unique things available for it. The only automatic VV PV I know of is an 808, as well as the only regulated 5V automatic/manual PV.
: apollo
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