Kanthal wire retail locations?

Discussion in 'Canada Forum' started by Overlord, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. Overlord

    Overlord Super Member

    Anyone know of a Canadian retail store that sells kanthal wire suitable for rebuilding coils?
  2. Shastazippy

    Shastazippy Senior Member Verified Member

    Eastsidevapes.com website does. And I think vaporus.com
  3. Overlord

    Overlord Super Member

    Looking for physical retail stores. Would prefer to not order online.
  4. Zurd

    Zurd Ultra Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    It's like 10$ for 200 feet on ebay and small enough to fit in a mailbox, why wouldn't you order online, faster and easier :)
  5. Overlord

    Overlord Super Member

    Just never been a fan of ordering stuff online. I know right, a hobby in vaping is almost 100% online :) but if I can get something locally, I would rather than ordering.
  6. Zurd

    Zurd Ultra Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    quite close to 100% yes :) Aside from internet, I really have no idea where you can get it tho
  7. northhar

    northhar Super Member

    I was also not a fan of online ordering.. Then I got into e-cigs.. and discovered the ease and variety of online ordering..
    I set up a Credit Card with Paypal.. I only use that card for online stuff with a 1000$ limit.. I have other CC cards that I never use online..

    I have since been able to order all my eletronics parts and recently my perscription eyeglasses for 20$ instead of 250$ and they are right on, had them checked at my last optomologist visit..

    The only problem I had was with the wife wanting to know how much I was spending.. Once I told her that e-cigs were now my hobby, that handled the questions.. But I been married over 40 years and not without learning a few things.. So I started ordering stuff for her and now she is a fan of online ordering.. She loves the surprises.. Thus the words Happy wife..Happy life ring true..:)
  8. Overlord

    Overlord Super Member

    Well my dream ... ah happy thoughts ... would be the day where a vaper could pop up to their local convenience store and grab a bottle of juice and a pack of cartos. Then when out at the local mall shopping with the wife, grab a new mod and vape while they're looking at makeup and stuffz. One can dream.

    Anyways, thats the main reason for my question. Mods can be made with local parts and now with RBA gaining popularity, they can be too. I get my PG and VG from my local pharmacy. Only thing left would be eliquid which is about the only thing left I'd have to order online.
  9. Hello World

    Hello World Super Member

    Juggies has Kanthal and e-liquid base and he's in Alberta.
    What gauge are you looking for?

    Not sure how you make mods with local parts? I guess you are not talking about g-atties, but Vivi Novas and what not.

    I got away from that dream, it ended up being too costly. Stock up for a few years, buy in bulk -- malls not necessary.
  10. fourtytwo

    fourtytwo Ultra Member Verified Member

    Kanthal is the brand name of a rather specialized product. You may have a bit of luck if you search for a company in your area that wraps heating coils for commercial or industrial uses.
    You may also try hobby shops if you are not 100% attached to the Kanthal name. Look for a shop that sells model train stuff and ask for heating wire for foam cutting. This is is nichrome. One brand that comes to mind is Woodland Scenics.
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