Kickbassvapor "Hummingbird Nectar" E-liquid Juice review (NEW FAVORITE)

Discussion in 'E-Liquid Video Reviews' started by Christopherdav1d, Apr 30, 2011.

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  1. Christopherdav1d

    Christopherdav1d Super Member Verified Member

    This juice has actually knocked my absolutely favorite liquid out of the number one spot! Anyone who know's me know's that I vape "Rice Krispy treat" ALL DAY! Now, this is my new vape for all day! It taste Identical to when you were a kid, plucked a leaf from a honeysuckle bush and licked the nectar off. IDENTICAL! It doesn't have any kind of Perfume or floral taste which is something I was worried about with a liquid named "Hummingbird nectar." It is sweet and just delicious! This is an absolute must have IMO! This is without a doubt my new favorite juice of all time!
  2. atavanhalen

    atavanhalen Ultra Member Verified Member

    *** is my favorite from them and I do not like rice krispy treat so I am nervous to try this now. I will try it anyway though but I cant find this on the site, is that because they ran out or what?

    edit; I should say special k is actually my favorite but *** is a close second.
  3. bmwjen

    bmwjen Vaping Master Verified Member

    great review! i'm still stuck on mommas angel wings....
  4. emonty

    emonty Flavor Junky Verified Member

    can't find it on there site........ no more honey suckles to squeeze??
  5. jerky666

    jerky666 Senior Member

    boB has not added it to inventory yet, id expect it by end of week :)
  6. emonty

    emonty Flavor Junky Verified Member

    ok, thank you, will check again then
  7. aubergine

    aubergine Ultra Member

    I love almost ALL KBV flavors; just top shelf juice. Dying to try this and just ordered it - tho I agree, Rice Crispity is a subtle vape and my DEEP favorites are Caramel Cappucino, Angels Wings, OMG, Cin. Mint, Strawberry Pie, Caramel Cookie, Tootsy Rolly... oh good grief, I really love the whole absolutely transcendently excellent KBV experience... anybody want to buy a big cooler full of bottles of everybody else's everything else? Great review, BTW!
  8. Joanr

    Joanr Ultra Member

    The Hummingbird Nectar came as a sample and I was finished with the bottle in a half hour. Took me back to my home in So. Jersey with the honeysuckle bushes in the backyard that we used to pluck and suck. It was so amazing, gonna have to buy a big bottle of it. Now for some reason the Rice Krispy and the Momma's Angels Wings are not giving me anything yet. Maybe have to steep a lot longer. I'm in love with the Butter Rum Pecan Ice Cream.
  9. expat

    expat Super Member

    I can see it on the website. I can see that they have seven in stock. What I cannot see for the life of me is any way whatever to add it to my cart. Am I blind...maybe just dense?

  10. atavanhalen

    atavanhalen Ultra Member Verified Member

    The store is probably closed, he closes when he gets overwhelmed because he will not allow anyone but himself and his wife to mix juice which I actually really appreciate but it is frustrating at times. Maybe shoot him a pm and ask when the store might be open again.

    I got my hummingbird the other day and it is very refreshing, not overwhelming at all, really digging this, I was in need of a change and this is hitting the spot pretty well.
  11. expat

    expat Super Member

    Aha! Thanks for that. I will do.
  12. Christopherdav1d

    Christopherdav1d Super Member Verified Member

    The best compliment to this juice is I let my buddy vape it and asked him what it taste like, he was like "OH MY GOD, it taste JUST LIKE A HONEYSUCKLE." He said it gave him flashbacks to his childhood. It really does taste just like that, the stuff is amazing!
  13. Twinturbo4486

    Twinturbo4486 Senior Member

    That's crazy man, I was just talking on the forum the other day about how I really wanted a honey suckle liquid. Only because of the same reason as you, it brings back memories of a kid when we used to pick honey suckles for the little drop of liquid.

    I am definitely getting this now. Thanks for the review!
  14. Twinturbo4486

    Twinturbo4486 Senior Member

    Just ordered a 15mil bottle of this liquid finally. Your review definitely made me want to run out and grab some, should be here Saturday or Monday. I'm pumped!
  15. algriff

    algriff Senior Member Verified Member

    Same here, going to go place my oder for some of it now :D I also ordered rice crispty treat and troll bridge cookie because of the great reviews he gave them :)
  16. Twinturbo4486

    Twinturbo4486 Senior Member

    I dunno man, as good as you make it sound I probably still would have ordered it if it was called "Bob's Special Juice" haha
  17. Krisb

    Krisb Ultra Member

    I just put in my 2nd order...really regretting not throwing honeysuckle in my cart now! :( I, too, grew up on them. My bus stop was a 1 ml walk and there were tons of it growing all through that mile. Will have to wait until my next order, but I have MAW's and fiddle faddle to keep me happy. The fiddle faddle, which I have not heard mentioned much, is amazing!

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  18. bmwjen

    bmwjen Vaping Master Verified Member

    just got some of this in the mail yesterday!!! I'll be trying it out while at the waterpark today :)
  19. Twinturbo4486

    Twinturbo4486 Senior Member

    Let us know how it is! I placed my order Wednesday night, so it probably won't be here until Saturday, or early next week. How long did it take yours to get to you?
  20. puffpuffexplode

    puffpuffexplode Moved On

    because of this review I got 3/30ml bottles coming..

    thanks great review
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