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Discussion in 'Disposable E-cigarettes' started by DawnBella, Sep 21, 2013.

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  1. DawnBella

    DawnBella Super Member ECF Veteran

    Krave King Rechargeable King Size E-Cig Kit

    Very interesting for us looking for the real size option without the disposable let down and cost. Not listed on the Krave site however. Not sure what the deal is. Will keep an out.
  2. DawnBella

    DawnBella Super Member ECF Veteran

    View attachment 255843

    OK so here we have a very affordable and 100% the size of a real cig (same as NJoy King and Fling Mini) but... It is RECHARGEABLE!! Soft tip carts and ash tip with reddish LED.

    Wish it was higher then 18mg but me so happy so far. Hope all stays well.
  3. DawnBella

    DawnBella Super Member ECF Veteran

    Slight update: The carts that came in the kit are a lighter tan color and fresh. The box of 5 I purchased (x2) are a darker tan color and not so fresh. This better not be another NEO deal!! The cap came off super easy, added a couple of drops and things seem ok for now. just a heads-up!
  4. ccm2000

    ccm2000 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Dawn are the flavors same as Krave King disposables?
  5. DawnBella

    DawnBella Super Member ECF Veteran

    Yes the same. A very plastic like taste that I do not care for at all. The fill well though. Direct drip right into the center hole works best. The battery is puny of course but I don't mind the recharge. Not bad for the cost and at least you can recharge it. Again, this is just about REAL size kits. I wish ePuffer did not drop the ball on their colibri/nano carts and NEO... forget it. Total waste of $. Their carts are dreadful. Shame cuz the kit rocked!!
  6. LakeshoreLady

    LakeshoreLady Full Member

    Supporting member
    I can't express how much I appreciate you reviewing all the cig-a-likes
    TY much
    I sent you a PM that might be helpful for you - just wanted to point it out for you in case you missed it
  7. NoAnalogs4me

    NoAnalogs4me Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Ditto to LakeshoreLady's post DawnBella! LsLady, I'm going to try the Krave King Rechargeable... can you PM me any relevant info you sent DawnBella please? I own the Colibri Nano and Neo (eek!) and any further info would be helpful!

    Thanks to both DawnBella & LakeshoreLady!
  8. DawnBella

    DawnBella Super Member ECF Veteran

    blush. will always be on the lookout for the best REAL sized ecig.
  9. Greg Wallace

    Greg Wallace Full Member

    Hello, I am still new to this, and my Krave king is only my 2nd starter kit, my 1st was the Krave 1000.

    1st off, the Krave Kings battery life & cartridges both seem to go much faster than the larger 1000.

    I would like to ask, you seem to be referring to refilling the Krave Carts, is this easily done, and how?
  10. DawnBella

    DawnBella Super Member ECF Veteran

    * No longer using this kit. They changed their carts and I don't like them. Way too tight of a drawl. Just pop the cap and add liquid. Center hole dripping works best.
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