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Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by joec, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. joec

    joec Full Member

    Hello vapers!

    I have a dilemma. I would like to step my vaping up a notch, but I'm getting quite confused. I want to get this lavatube
    Lavatube V4 £39.95 - MODS & Advanced - Lavatube V4 Electronic Cigarettes | Vaping Devices | Accessories | E-Liquid

    The question I have is what set up works best with it. I wanted to get a carto/tank set up but don't know what is best to get. Most in the uk seem to be dual cores which from what I've heard are a no no with lavatubes. I like the look of the lil mama big daddy tanks but which cartos fit them? Can you punch holes in any cartos?

    so many questions! Please help
  2. perpetua

    perpetua Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hi Joe,

    The Lavatube will make a good step up for you, that particular version has a resistance/ohms checking
    facility, which you will find very useful.

    There's nothing to stop you using Dual Coils on it, you're just a little limited as to what voltage you
    can go up to using them on it. But for the average vaper, who doesn't want to rip their throat out, it'll
    do very nicely with them.

    The Big Daddy/Lil Momma tank, will take Boges . . . either the standard length for the Lil M or the XXL's
    for the Big D.

    However . . . I'd seriously recommend you take a look at the Vivi Nova's. Great bit of kit they are and
    work very nicely on the Lava Tube. Plus the heads can be re-wicked and there's a Mini version as well.

    Vision Vivi Nova V2.5 Long Wick £10.95 - Vaping Spares - Tanks & Accessories Electronic Cigarettes | Vaping Devices | Accessories | E-Liquid
  3. joec

    joec Full Member

    Thanks buddy. I use the mini nova on my ego twist and love it. Only down side is having to clean it off in between changing juice. Was thinking cartos would allow more change over etc? Thanks

  4. Mustang73064

    Mustang73064 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    The lavatube may need a 510 to 510 adapter for use with a mini Nova, at least mine did, due to where the air hole locations are on the mini Nova.
  5. joec

    joec Full Member

    Thanks mustang, will order one in case.

    If I did the carto and tank route, can any carto be punctured to make it work?
  6. robtest

    robtest Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I have a lambo v4, which looks like the same thing... Works well with the mini nova tank... I do have a 510-ego extender on it cause I was using clearomizers, but it works AWESOME !!! I have only been using it a couple days so can't speak for longevity of the mini nova.

    I do love the lambo and the resistence check on it (press the fire button ~5 times quick), and used that to trouble shoot some problems with my clearomizers...

    View attachment 145855
  7. marvd

    marvd Full Member Verified Member

    i use a standard res 306 and nothing else
  8. tj99959

    tj99959 ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Does the V4 still have the spring loaded center (+) pin?
  9. TheVap3Junkie

    TheVap3Junkie Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Lava tube is great because you will have the flexibility of adjusting the volts to match your attached device. They also look great with the full sized vivi nova. Any carto can be punched you just have to make sure you are using either standard length or xl according to what the tank itself is designed for.
  10. TheVap3Junkie

    TheVap3Junkie Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    The varitube-x at is recessed for clearomizers, offers resistance check and is available in different sizes too. They seem a little more versatile just thought I would throw that out there.
  11. joec

    joec Full Member

    Brilliant. Thanks for the feedback guys. I ordered a v4lavatube, a standard size viv nova, a510 to 510 adapter in case, some pre punched boges and a short 3.5ml tank. Should look nice and chunky! Will post pics when it all arrives.

  12. joec

    joec Full Member

    Lambo 4.0 arrived today from vapescape with the nova tank. Amazing, I love it. Good news, they work great together without the adapter too!
  13. Dickyg

    Dickyg Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Glad to hear your lavatube arrived and you're enjoying it! I'm looking to upgrade to either that or some ego twists. What version LT did you get and what length is it in total with a mini nova and drip tip attached? Just concerned it may be a bit tricky to carry when out and about.
  14. joec

    joec Full Member

    Hey dickyg

    I got the l rider mini lambo 4.0 from vapescape. Passed on the standard as it looked too big. It's great! Great vape, battery check, ohms check and of course vv.
    The mini Lambo with mini nova plus drip tip is about 17cm. If you get it, get the standard viv nova and not the mini, as is the same width is the same as the Lambo and looks neat.

    The mini looks great on an ego twist but you need the little ego plinth to make it look flush. A 1000mah ego twist plus mini nova and drip dip is about 19cm, so longer than a mini Lambo, but about half th width and weight.

    Both are great, and I highly recommend the ego twist, but I love me new Lambo, and it really was worth the 60 quid for the set.
    Must admit, the Lambo is something I wouldn't wander around with in my pocket, but I carry an Xl vape escape case around with me anyway which it fits in nicely.
  15. Dickyg

    Dickyg Senior Member ECF Veteran

    how are you finding the battery life of the mini? it's 700 mah right? I have the xl vape escape case as well so as long as it fits in there then all is good. I've only just got a couple of mini nova's so will keep with them until i need replacements and then will possibly go to the normal nova size. cheers for the info!!
  16. joec

    joec Full Member

    I have to admit, the battery life is a little on the low side but I charge them both up and always carry a spare. They are 850mah.

    Sounds like a plan with the mini Novas. I have ordered one of these CLEAR GENESIS MINI/MAXI STYLE REBUILDABLE ATOMISER FROM £15.99

    I've ordered the maxi size. Don't think it will be on par with true genesis stuff, but for the price I can't complain. Will let you know what it's like when it arrives.
  17. Dickyg

    Dickyg Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I've emailed Jason at vape escape asking for the difference in length of both models. Once he gets back to me ill be able to decide. The bigger one is obviously preferential but not if I can't leave the house with it!!
  18. joec

    joec Full Member

    Here's a pic of my Lambo mini with viv nova and drip tip along with a 650mah ego, 1000mah ego with a ce4 clearo and 1000mah ego twist with mini nova plus drip tip.

  19. Dickyg

    Dickyg Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I've taken the plunge and ordered a mini with a couple of spare batteries. If the battery life isn't up to scratch apparently I can get an extnesion for it. Hopefully it'll be here Friday and will look as good as yours!
  20. joec

    joec Full Member

    Good call buddy!
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