Light colors when charging??

Discussion in 'eGo Type Models' started by Kaendar, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. Kaendar

    Kaendar Full Member

    Im having alot of issues with charging my Ego twist. What color is the button light supposed to be when its fully charged?? I plug mine in, and itll blink blue/red for a minute and then no light comes on. The little light on the usb adapter goes green. So, once again, how do you know if its fully charged?
  2. FloydianSlip

    FloydianSlip Super Member

    I do not have a twist but regular Ego batteries and my button light blinks a few times and then goes out when connected to charger. The light on the charger will be red with a green blink every few seconds to indicate charging. When the charger light is solid green then I know my battery is charged. I hope this helps. Keep on vapin' :vapor:
  3. Hoofhearted62

    Hoofhearted62 Super Member Verified Member

    green light on usb means charged. vape away
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