m40x cartos from smoore

Discussion in 'M-401/402 "Mini" & M403 Super Mini' started by neotekz, Nov 22, 2010.

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  1. neotekz

    neotekz Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

  2. PapaJoe8

    PapaJoe8 Super Member ECF Veteran

    No but when my U.S suppliers get them I would like to. Are these the filler or non filler type? I want to try the filler kind first.
  3. mastiffmom

    mastiffmom Moved On

    Cartomizers are easy to refill and hold a lot more liquid than cartridges. They will hold 1mL or more. That's why they last longer than cartridges. One carto will last me an hour when vaping constantly.
  4. neotekz

    neotekz Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    im not sure if they have filler or not, i ordered some from china and will let you guys know how it goes when i get it.
  5. mastiffmom

    mastiffmom Moved On

    Prices were cheaper than any other place I have looked at but don't know if shipping offsets the cost.
  6. PapaJoe8

    PapaJoe8 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Neoteckz, I will be eagerly awaiting your report.

    Mastiffmom, I think you must make a good size order to offset the shipping. I try to support our U.S guys when I can.
  7. PapaJoe8

    PapaJoe8 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Oh, but sometimes that means waiting a while for some of the newer stuff like the 401 cartos.
  8. F22B1 Tuner

    F22B1 Tuner Full Member

  9. Turbo

    Turbo Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I've mentioned on other threads about this link that Smoore's main distributor, Absolutely E-cigs, has no mention of them. There are the CE2, filler less M series cartos out already. The same company also made them w/ filler, the E1, but these claim to be Smoore.

    I'm guessing they have filler but for $44 and free shipping why not try them. If they're in China that's the first I ever heard of free shipping.
  10. neotekz

    neotekz Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    im still waiting on these, they been sitting in canadian customs for almost 10 days now so hopefully early this week. i didnt order any juice so it should get through. i will write a short review when i get them.
  11. PapaJoe8

    PapaJoe8 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Neotekz, I am eager to hear how they work when you get them. Sorrry you have had such a long wait.
  12. mastiffmom

    mastiffmom Moved On

    Cartomizers are easy to refill and hold a lot more liquid than cartridges. They will hold 1mL or more. That's why they last longer than cartridges.
  13. PapaJoe8

    PapaJoe8 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Mom, you add sooo much to this thread. Thanks.

    Mods please!!!
  14. mastiffmom

    mastiffmom Moved On

    ONLYECIG201012 This is the coupon code on their sites, buying products can offset the USD 2 coupons :vapor:
  15. PapaJoe8

    PapaJoe8 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Mods, can we clean this up?
  16. dormouse

    dormouse ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    The free shipping at Chinese sites usually only applies if you order $75 or $100 worth of stuff.
    Was the shipping really free for $44 of stuff?

    BTW - VaporJunction.com has the CE2 r4 no-filler cartos for M401 but they don't come with condoms and are also plain shiny metal (no colored sticker on them). And they require a filling kit also sold there. I get the impression those cartos are still sort of in beta test, and getting feedback from the testers there and elsewhere.

    And I think the M-series ones here are for M401

    I would love to try the Smoore cartos too.
  17. neotekz

    neotekz Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    i finally got these smoore cartos in a few days before christmas. i wanted to test them out for a while before posting the review. Unfortunately these are not fillerless cartos, i took one apart and there is a filament wrapped around the filler material. They produce slightly less vapor then my atties and the vapor is mellow. These cartos are also easier to draw, a little too easy and i find myself having to inhale slower. At first i didnt like them at all and didnt really use it for a few days.

    i decided to give them another try and have been using it more in teh last few days mostly before bed when i prefer a mellower vape. This is nice since my juice is pretty strong and can switch to these when my throat starts to get dry. these cartos also hold quite a bit more juice then a normal cart maybe 3-4 times more. As these are my first cartos i have nothing to compare them against so im not sure if this is how a carto is suppost to vape. i have an extra pack(5 cartos) if anyone want to trade for some CE2 cartos to test out for themselves let me know.
  18. SnarkyClark

    SnarkyClark Full Member

    During a recent wholesale inquiry, I have got confirmation from AEC that there are indeed genuine Smoore cartozimers (non-ceramic) for the M-series:

    Do you have a update for the long-term performance of these, neotekz?
  19. SnarkyClark

    SnarkyClark Full Member

    Well, I ordered a set of pre-filled and empty Smoore M40x cartomizers, a pair of M402 auto batteries and the M402 PCC that holds an assembled cigarette. I figure this might provide as close to a "analog" experience for my wife as possible (after over a year of trying, she still hasn't been able to switch). They should be here tomorrow.

    I quit successfully with an original M401 setup, and then tried a KR808D2 setup with the (disappointing) flat PCC that holds one bat and two cartomizers. Nothing has stuck for her. She doesn't like fiddling with gadgets, waiting for charging batteries, and like most smokers I know seems to need the security blanket of a "pack" full of cigarettes to carry around.

    I will write up a detailed review comparing them to the original M40x and KR808D kit experience this weekend. Both prefilled and with Johnson Creek Red Oak (aka the carto-killer).
  20. SnarkyClark

    SnarkyClark Full Member

    Initial impressions:

    Smoore PCC (402 version, part number 'SMART PCC-A')
    99mm x 55mm x 24mm, 97g, 3.7v ~ 1400mAh

    Holds one assembled cig, 4 spare cartomizers, and one charging battery.

    Charges in 4-5 hours, M402 battery takes less then 2 hours to charge. Very well built, sturdy and surprisingly heavy. Snug fit on the cartomizers and assembled cig. Can hold it upside down while open without anything falling out. You do have to take one of the 'condoms' off the spare cartomizers though to insert them into the pack. Which I don't see any problem with given how good the fit is - the cartomizers appear well sealed. I really like how the charging cord is NOT attached and how the shape and size matches almost exactly a standard '100' cigarette pack. The 402 version is bigger and has a larger internal battery apparently; the spec sheet that comes with it lists the 401 version at 87g and 1200mAh.

    M402 with Smoore M401 Cartomizers

    Wow, I forgot how good the M series taste after six months with the KR808D. The draw is noticeably lighter then the 808, and you don't have to draw as long to get a good drag. The atomizer appears to reach operating temperature much faster then the 808 - no primer puff needed at 68F room temperature. The cartomizers DO hold about 1mL, and are the same exact length as a V4L CoolCart. I have to say I missed hanging a cig out of my mouth while typing or whatnot with the 808, with the M402 this is much easier. It feels more like a cigarette and less like sucking on a pen according to my wife.

    Empty Cartomizers

    These come with a hard cap that is not attached when shipped. Filling them is a bit different, as they use a different batting. It is a coil of cloth with a small screened 'straw' going down the middle. You have to add 1mL in the carts which fills the empty space from the top of the padding to the mouthpiece end. The fluid then takes about 15-30 secs to saturate the cart. The battery end condom makes a VERY good seal, so nothing leaks out the bottom while filling. There is NO poly and these ARE vertical coil carts. Will take side-by-side pics later today and post.
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