Massachusetts store now open!!

Discussion in 'MadVapes' started by hoogie76, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. hoogie76

    hoogie76 Forum Supplier

    Come check out our newest store located at 867 Grafton Street, Worcester, MA 01604.

    Custom e-liquids, kits, parts, mods. Open Monday through Saturday 10 am to 7 pm, Sunday 12 to 5 pm.
  2. Uncle Ralphie

    Uncle Ralphie The Elder Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Woot Woot...........being from CT, Worcester is not to far. What exit from 290 ??
  3. dale1962

    dale1962 Ultra Member

    Back to your roots huh Mark :)
  4. twgbonehead

    twgbonehead Vaping Master

    Fantastic!!!!! So far we've had nothing here!

    (Credit-card already saying OUCH!!!!!)
  5. hoogie76

    hoogie76 Forum Supplier

    Hope you folks like the new place :)

    Yes Dale, have a vaping friend in MA who opened up the place.

    It's off Rte 290, exit 14 go rte 122 east about 2 miles and it's on the right in the Stop and Shop Plaza.

  6. SueandCootie

    SueandCootie Super Member Verified Member

    oh yeah 3 miles from work!! I'll stop over when I'm not working a 13 hour day...
  7. Brewlady

    Brewlady Super Member Verified Member

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    I'm very happy to see another reputable vendor entering the market in Massachusetts, and will be stopping in as soon as my schedule allows!

    Just a head's up, Massachusetts House Bill 3639, which would ban the sale of e-cigs to minors, but would also ban the use of e-cigs everywhere smoking is banned in the entire state, has advanced out of the Public Health Committee. Details are in this press release:

    If you are in the We are CASAA facebook group, there is a file I've uploaded - Mass_Vendor_handout.docx that can be printed out and handed to your Massachusetts customers. If you aren't able to get the document printed, pm me, I can work something out, but it won't be until I return from VaperCon.
  8. SueandCootie

    SueandCootie Super Member Verified Member

    Stopped by today...very nice to see the great assortment of flavors!! Will pass out your business card...:thumbs:
  9. Uncle Ralphie

    Uncle Ralphie The Elder Verified Member

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    Stopped in at the store today....and I gotta say, a very nice store. Kevin is friendly, knowledgeable, courteous kind thrifty and brave. Must have been a boy scout :) The store is clean and bright, well organized and well stocked with ejuice AND Equipment . The service was great.....he patiently waited on me ( no easy task :)) even tho there was a lady waiting to talk to him. May just be my "go to" place since it is only about a 40 min ride. Beats waitin on vape mail.

    P.S. Candy Cane is great........gonna have to stock up for the holidays

    Thanks again Kevin
  10. TheSystemHasFailed

    TheSystemHasFailed Ultra Member

    There is a strong lack of GOOD B&M's in Mass...we get most everything last...
  11. Uncle Ralphie

    Uncle Ralphie The Elder Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Actually its 122 SOUTH from 290, not east.........but.... I enjoyed the ride. It was a nice day :)
  12. Muggs

    Muggs Ultra Member Verified Member

    Good stuff man. The B&M's are getting closer and closer. The closest one to me at this point is 45 minutes away. If I'm up in the Worcester area I'm stopping by for sure.
  13. TheSystemHasFailed

    TheSystemHasFailed Ultra Member

    There is one in Fall River, which is close, but like everything else in FR, it's a hack job and a half.
  14. Uncle Ralphie

    Uncle Ralphie The Elder Verified Member

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    Sorry to say....we have one of those 10 minutes from my house. Juice is horrible.. equipment is all ripoffs, and worst of all..... attendant didn't have a clue :-(
  15. Uncle Ralphie

    Uncle Ralphie The Elder Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Heading east on 290.........its Exit 14 to 122 SOUTH not east , also it was on the left behind burger king
  16. CapeCAD

    CapeCAD Senior Member Verified Member

    My wife and I took a ride out to the store today and stayed a while to go through all the items. We were able to walk out with a new ZMax mini, batteries, and drip tip for our son along with some new tanks, coils, and liquid.

    It was great to be able to see all the items in person before purchasing instead of buying online and waiting for them to show up in the mail only to find out the bigger tank would look better on my device.

    It was also nice to see a large selection of flavors and I liked that they mix them right there to order. I usually order (6)50ml bottles at a time and they were able to mix them quickly.

    The two gentlemen working there were very patient and helpful.
  17. hoogie76

    hoogie76 Forum Supplier

    :oops: Thanks Ralphie for the clarification :)

  18. Flametrix

    Flametrix Full Member

    I'm so excited there's a store (kinda close) in Mass! Can't wait to check it out. :D
  19. Dzaw

    Dzaw Super Member Verified Member

    Don't wanna hear how you all get everything last. Try a stint up here in the boonies of NH!

    I have family and friends in Worcester, sounds like time for a visit!
  20. Gixer2000

    Gixer2000 Senior Member

    Oh wow I had no idea you guys were in ma. Worcester is like 1-1.5 hour ride for me but def be worth it.

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