Micro Coils to increase Vapor, flavor & TH

Discussion in 'Coil Builds' started by super_X_drifter, May 12, 2013.

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  1. super_X_drifter

    super_X_drifter Vaper with a vid cam, killer mods and awesome RDAs Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    The link below takes you to a mature thread that details the process and includes photos on how to build a micro coil - a very small bore (less than 1/16" diameter) coil with touching loops and all. These types of coils produce amazing vapor clouds, remarkable TH and superior flavor.

    They are typically built with 10 + wraps and meter out in the 1.5 - 2+ ohm range. They yield similar warmth of a coil in 1 ohm range, but the vapor production is off the chain. Enjoy:

    Micro Coil for the RBA on your REO
  2. gdeal

    gdeal Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Super - nice thread. I have heard of people getting really good result with micro coils. For reference, there another thread in the modding section called http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/modding-forum/346524-spin-e-coil-sure-coil-e-wind-e.html that explores a similar concept and has some testing and interesting videos through out.

    If I remember correctly, I think there are two factors going on here. Tight coils allow for more consistent/even coil on wick temperature. Tighter coils heat more quickly and will have smaller thermal zone temperature range. Coils lightly touching each other don't short out. Kanthal develops an oxidation layer, so as long as there is not significant pressure (depends upon amount of wire oxidation) between the touching coils, you are effectively insulated.

    There was another point on surface area. Similar round wire gauge of similar length will have the same surface are regardless of inter coil distance. It the coils really are touching then there would be less surface area. Most of the coils I saw have micro gaps, so really surface area would be the same.

    On the other hand, ribbon wire compared to a round wire equivalent will have ~50% more surface area. So you effectively should get even greater vaporizaton.

    Didnt think I was gonna do full thread recap...just thinking out loud and typing away...good stuff. Thanks for sharing the link to the other thread it was very insightful.
  3. Jerms

    Jerms Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    I love doing these micro coils for my drippers, the IGO-S and IGO-L getting the most use. I have a nail to wrap the coil around that gives a perfect diameter to thread in a single length of the German silica from RTDvapor. It can be a little difficult threading the rope through, but gets easier with practice and patience. Makes great contact without choking the wick. I've tried wrapping a micro coil right on the silica, but it's too easy to accidently make one or more wraps too loose (hot spot) or too tight (choked wicking).

    It's satisfying watching a perfect coil start red in the center and quickly spred out to the 10+ wraps before threading in the silica. It's a kind of build that allows same results every time. I like the slightly quicker heating up time of touching or near touching coils and I can go longer before the coil needs cleaning.

    Love me the micro coil! Flavor, performance, vapor, and reliablility just spot on for me.

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  4. MaxS89

    MaxS89 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I'm about to get into rebuilding and was wondering if yall think it would be a good idea to try it on my Protank.
  5. pdib

    pdib Registered Supplier - Offline ECF Veteran

    It would be interesting to find out. If the protank is anything like the T3 and vivi, in that it has long leads in relation to coil size (hot leg, burnt taste), then this could be a way to work around it. The micro-coils really glow bright in the middle of the coil, and sometimes even the last loop or two are silver (not glowing). Remember, these coils burn hot! I usually vape @~0.8Ω; but get the same results from a 1.3-1.6Ω micro-coil (depending on the details of the build). So, take it down a couple notches if you try it.
  6. MaxS89

    MaxS89 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    It is very similar to a T3. They share the same heads but the protank is just bigger and glass. I am thinking of getting some 28g kanthal to try my first rebuild as by my guess it would be better then a regular style rebuild. What wick would I use for something like that and a good diameter?
  7. Jerms

    Jerms Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Recently got an eVod, which I hear uses about the same head as the ProTank. When I rebuild one of the heads I plan on using 3mm German silica, and maybe another 1.5mm for a flavor wick if kit needs it. Going to try a fairly conservative micro coil, aroune 6-8 wraps of 31ga. Kind of limited because of the small space it occupies. I see no reason why it wouldn't work great, except wicking may be an issue. Such a short piece of wick is used in these, and I get dry hits sometimes from just the regular set-up. If the German silica can't keep up I'm sure cotton would.

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  8. MaxS89

    MaxS89 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Any reason you're choosing the 31? And what is the pro of the German silica vs regular? Want to make sure I'm getting the right equipment for this and want to dig into the minds of more experienced rebuilders before I do. The evod and protank heads have become identical after the latest update to its base if you have the S version.Older style is pretty much the same though.
  9. Jerms

    Jerms Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    31ga because I'll be going for in the 1.5 to 2 ohm range. I just use the eVod for on the go vaping with eGo VV type devices.

    The German silica is a personal preference of mine over regular twisted silica. I find it to wick better, taste better, and hold up to a lot more abuse than regular. I'm pretty limited in my experience with other wicking material though, was a matter of I thought regular silica sucked, German silica worked great, and haven't experimented with other types yet.

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  10. Jerms

    Jerms Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Also, I've read around 4mm diameter is around what works best, give or take .5 mm or so. That included the wick plus the flavor wick. So like: 2 strands of 1.5 for wick and 1 to 1.5mm flavor wick; doubles up 2mm wick with maybe a little for flavor wick; 3mm wick and 1mm for flavor wick, etc.

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  11. Thraizer

    Thraizer Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    micro coils drifter style=awesome!:D love building them coils and truly brings the flavor out of my liquids, vapor production is definitely there! big time, choked on vapor the first time I built a micro coil.
  12. martydmb

    martydmb Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Not following.. what you mean by wick and a flavor wick? Interested by what your saying.
  13. pdib

    pdib Registered Supplier - Offline ECF Veteran

    BTW, Jerms is the only one I've heard of who has success with silica in micro coils. The German stuff he uses might be the key. Also, 28g is probably too hot. I've built super_x style micros with it, and its a real challenge to not caramelize my juice. I just did a 10 wrap @ 29g, and wouldn't recommend anything lower. 30-31 would probably be ideal.

    Flavor wick is where you lay another piece of wick on top of the coiled one. Most common in these bottom air hole type devices.
  14. martydmb

    martydmb Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    What is usually best to use as a flavor wick. It doesn't go over the coils? So if I make a hollow ss wick and slide a solid ss wick in the middle that's the same thing? Thanks I'm just trying to image it.
  15. MaxS89

    MaxS89 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I'll go ahead and give that a try, where do you get the German silica?
  16. pizza2me

    pizza2me Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I'm interested in the answer to this one. Pdib gave me the idea to try this on my RSST. Says it's not quite super_X micro, but I'll get a kick ash TH?
  17. Commie

    Commie Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Well, I'm running one with SS wick, and one with XS-116 (which kind of counts as silica) in my reomizers. They work pretty well. I just don't have the timing right to do cotton any more. I keep frying it at most inconvenient times.
  18. Jerms

    Jerms Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    I haven't tried a micro with regular twisted silica, doubt it would work nearly as well as the double-twisted German. The German silica wicks I thread through unravel easily, so it's 12 small, straight strands about 2.5 mm total diameter running through the coil for nice wicking.

    30ga is the thickest I've used with it. About 10 wraps and running at 15 watts works no problemo. Sub-ohm with thicker wire? Probably not gonna happen, but I'll try 28ga when I get some to see.

    Also, I use small drippers, IGO-S and Mini-RDA types, so juice is usually pooled pretty close to the coil.

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  19. MaxS89

    MaxS89 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Well I got the idea from grimmgreen in his IGO-l video he posted a day ago, he was talking about the micro coils and he did it with 28, think he got ten wraps and came out to 2.3ohms. Of course that's for the igo and why I'm asking if it would make sense to get it for the protank. You don't leave the wick whole? And where do you get it?
  20. Jerms

    Jerms Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    On the rebuildable heads of bottom coil clearo/tanks, on top of the coil wrapped wick is a couple smaller wicks. Not sure why they're called flavor wicks, since they don't really do anything with flavor. I think the main purpose is to stop any gurgling or flooding that can happen in these BCCs without them, as when I tried removing the flavor wicks from the stock head of my eVod it started flooding. I've read thick, high VG juices need less or no flavor wicks.

    Here it's a dollar a foot for 10 feet. http://www.rtdvapor.com/online-store/accessories/wick-wire/silicawick-detail

    Keep in mind, I love the stuff but others may not find it ideal for micros. It takes patience and practice to thread the wick through a pre-wrapped micro coil. I wet the end down to thread through and twist the 12 strands at the end because it needs to go through all together. Once nice thing about it that because it's basically 12 small strands, it has a select-a-size quality to fine-tune the diameter you want. Great for flavor wicks too because if you only want a little sitting on top you can just use a few strands.

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