Military vets?

Discussion in 'US E-Smokers' started by redgirl, May 11, 2010.

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  1. redgirl

    redgirl Vaping Master Verified Member

    Just wondering how many other vets are out there. I was in the Army, only for four years, and got out right before 911 happened. Glad to have served, but also glad it's over! Also think that the Army contributed majorly to my smoking habit. Smokers got more breaks!
  2. MichaelB

    MichaelB Senior Member Verified Member

    I retired after 22yrs in the Air Force. I had tried cigarettes a couple of times before going into the military, but really got my start in basic training. Instead of standing in formation waiting I would be allowed to go to a smoking area and not have to stand in formation. You are definitely right about smokers getting more breaks and I took advantage of everyone I could get. I do not miss the military but do miss the people.

  3. redgirl

    redgirl Vaping Master Verified Member

    Miss the people too, but there are definitley some I'd like to forget!
  4. JollyRogers

    JollyRogers Ultra Member Verified Member

    Retired. 20 yrs USNavy.
  5. tazzmann

    tazzmann Accessories Supplier

    Air Force 1987-1991 - Basic training in Witchita Falls, Tx. Stationed in Hahn AFB, Germany, Participated in Desert Shield/Storm and Operation Provide Comfort in Turkey.
  6. ghost1227

    ghost1227 Senior Member

    Medically retired, 7 years USMC. Tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa.
  7. JennSulli2000

    JennSulli2000 Senior Member

    Medically Retired after 9 yrs iin the Army. Hubby was in the army 13 yrs and got out disabled but not Retired.
  8. muttSRT

    muttSRT Supplier Associate

    I take care of my father who is a vietnam vet...does that count??
  9. tmbrown327

    tmbrown327 Super Member

    USN, 5yrs.
  10. Bryce

    Bryce Senior Member

    Hey RedGirl,

    Cool thread! Glad to see all the military folks we've got here. I myself did 4 years in the Army. 1996 to 2001. Like RedGirl, I got out just before 9/11. I did basic training at Ft. Jackson SC, AIT at Fort Gordon Georgia and my permanent duty station was Ft. Shafter HI. Sometimes I have dreams about joining the military again and going through boot and everything all over again. Those are VERY nerve racking dreams! There was a lot that I liked but I'm happy to be out.

  11. redgirl

    redgirl Vaping Master Verified Member

    Hey, we were in about the same time! I did '97 to 2001. Also did basic at Ft. Jackson & AIT at Ft. Gordon. But I was stationed in Germany. Were you a satellite MOS?

    I think back to all the crap I went through and just can't believe I did it. Gas chamber, carrying around a SAW, dealing with some :censored: sergeants. Although it was hell quitting smoking for basic. But I chain smoked IMMEDIATELY when I got out.
  12. Stuberto

    Stuberto Full Member

    Where in Germany? I was stationed in Mannheim (Ben Franklin Village) from 93-94 and then in Ft. Lewis, WA from 94-97. I too just did 4 and left. I think about how much I miss the structure and the comradeship that was so prevalent during my time in and start to miss it. Then I look at my paycheck and I don't miss it much anymore :D Did OSUT (Basic + AIT with same DS) in Ft. Knox.

    I was 19K - M1A1 Tanker (affectionately referred to as DATs - Dumb *** Tankers).
  13. redgirl

    redgirl Vaping Master Verified Member

    I was in Darmstadt.

    It was nice, though, not to have to pay for housing - my mortgage now sucks!

    I was a 31F - Network Switching Systems Operator. Basically sat in a van in the back of a humvee and ran the telephone switch out in the field. I hated going to the field because it seemed the majority of the time was spent on setting everything up - the camo, the antennas, generator, etc. instead of actually doing our job.
  14. JRWReich

    JRWReich Senior Member

    Retired US Army... my Germany trip was based in K-Town... but I went EVERYWHERE while I was there.
  15. Stuberto

    Stuberto Full Member

    I enjoyed Grafenwoehr field problems, mostly because it was like camp with beer. I never did a gunnery at Hoensfeld, which I guess was more like our field time here in the states, which pretty much sucked all the time. Had I been able to stay in Germany the whole time, I would probably still be in.
  16. BarkeepCat

    BarkeepCat Senior Member

    USAF here. 1988-1992.
    RAF Lakenheath, Wright Patterson AFB.

    God bless AMERICA!
  17. GoG8trz

    GoG8trz Super Member Verified Member

    USMC 1994-1999; Parris Island for Boot Camp, 29 Palms California for tech school, Okinawa Japan, and then finally Chicago Illinois. My obligated time was officially over 19Sept2001. I had a lot of buddies that got recalled, but too was lucky. (so I thought) I got out and became a govt. contractor and have been ever since. I too sometimes miss the comradarie and friendships, but I wanted to get married and told myself that I wouldn't do while I was still in. Little did I know that I would get out and deploy more than I ever did while I was in. I am currently deployed now, but work out of Fort Gordon. It's funny how life works out sometimes! It's good to see all of these Vet's here. Thanks to all for your service.

  18. SudokuGal

    SudokuGal Ultra Member

    Army, 3 years...soooooooooo long ago, I'm not mentioning the years, lol. Was in the next to last WACS class at Ft. McClellan, AL...signal basic at Gordon...stationed at Ft. Lee, VA.

    Glad I did it, would do it over, but am glad I got out when I did...I was in during peacetime.
  19. TnA

    TnA Super Member

    I'll chime in. Army guy here....still on active duty....joined in '88 and starting to see the light at the end of this tunnel. :w00t:

    Although I've TDY'd, TCS'd, PCS'd, and deployed all over the world, I've spent the majority of my career stationed at Ft Bragg, NC and if nothing else, always know that I will be coming right back here. (if you hadn't heard, Ft Bragg is the center of the Army universe! :p)

    (it's tough to be a vendor when they keep you on the go!) :p
  20. Murdock Ruml

    Murdock Ruml Supplier's Manufacturer - Offline

    nice to see some military vapers. i am active duty in the USAF. joined from here in Alaska. went to basic at lackland. tech school at Shepard. then got sent to Korea for a year. i took a great since of pride of that year in Korea. My grandfather was in the Korean War, lost both his legs to it. not to mention the scrapnal in his body from an exploded grenade. yet he lived through it. after Korea i got stationed at Elmendorf in Alaska, yay i am home. about to hit my 5 year hit in Jan. with the military's high PT requirements vaping has really helped out. i try to convince others in my shop about vaping, seem they are not interested. whatever. you can take you smoke break out in -20 weather. i will be here at my desk vaping. anyway i beginning to believe that i was the only one in the military that vapes. guess not, however i do believe that i am the only one in Alaska, in the military that vapes.
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