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Minimal Mod (5 parts, 10440)

Discussion in 'Battery Mods' started by thorn, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. thorn

    thorn Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 22, 2010
    TX, USA
    Minimal Mod (5 parts, 10440)

    This mod was designed to use the fewest parts and tools possible.
    This mod is finicky at keeping proper positive battery contact.
    Solderless. Use safety precautions and assemble at your own risk.

    2 Tools needed:
    ruler with United States customary units

    5 Parts needed:
    (from Lowes)
    a. 1 Push-On F Connector
    Not found on Lowes website. I found it near the telephone wire/jacks. RCA VH68 Push-On Connectors: Electronics


    b. Plastic box of wire brads size 1/2 x 19
    Shop The Hillman Group Wire Brads 19 x 1/2" at
    (other lengths are too long/short or have too big of a head)


    c. 1 foot 3/8 Inside Diameter clear vinyl tubing
    $0.25 per foot near brass fittings and plumbing


    (from Office Depot)
    d. Package of 1 inch brass fasteners
    Office Depot Round Head Fasteners 1 Brass Pack Of 100 by Office Depot
    (Shorter fasteners are too short, I did not try longer ones)

    e. 510 connector with hole (non-sealed)
    510 Battery Connector, Assembled, Silver
    This may also work for other connectors with hole besides 510.

    Extra Parts to make it functional:
    10440 Battery
    510 atomizer & cartridge

    01. Cut 1/2 inch piece of tubing. This secures the next piece we handle.

    02. With your fingers, bend the outside end of the shorter leg of a fastener
    over the top of the button in accordian fashion so that no section is wider
    than the button. Do not let the leg stick out past the side of the
    button. Push the accordian together as much as possible. This will
    ensure good contact to the flat negative side of the battery. The
    button by itself did not always make good contact.

    03. Place flat negative end of battery onto the accordian leg.

    04. Bend other leg in opposite direction so it is flush against the battery.

    05. Push the 1/2 inch tubing piece around the fastener leg and battery
    to secure the fastener in position so that the accordian end keeps
    constant contact with the negative terminal side of the battery.


    06. Cut 1/8 inch piece of tubing.

    07. Push this piece of tubing around the other end of the battery and
    push it over until it covers the top of the fastener leg.


    08. Cut a 1.25 inch piece of tubing. This secures the next piece we handle.

    09. Take a second fastener and flatten both legs to one side of the button.

    10. Place the button of the second fastener so that it barely touches the
    leg end of the first fastener (on top of the 1/8 inch tubing cover)
    and flatten the legs flush against the battery toward the positive
    side of the battery. Do not wrap the legs around the battery.

    11. Push the 1.25 inch piece of tubing around the top positive side of
    the battery and push it down so a little more than half the tubing is
    sticking up to secure the second faster in position.

    12. Squeeze the 1.25 inch piece of tubing so that you push the second
    fastener end down about 1/16 inch so it can make better contact with
    the F Connector we will attach next.


    13. Insert one wire brad (nail) into bottom hole of F Connector and push
    up as far as it goes (pointy end goes in first). Wire brad head will
    stick out.


    14. With pliers griped around the top ring edge, twist the F Connector
    into the top open half tubing of the positive side of the battery
    (wire brad first). The tubing should end up over the widest part of
    the F Connector (tight fit) and the wire brad head should be touching
    the positive end of the battery. Ensure the second fastener leg
    touches the F Connector.
    This will be the most probable spot of failure if the mod does not work.

    15. Attach atomizer/catomizer to 510 connecter and slide into F connector.
    Note: The 510 connector is only used to make a good ground connection.


    Note: The extra tubing piece in the middle of the battery is used as a "lock".
    Push the tubing "lock" back so the thumb button can touch the other
    fastener leg to vape. Push the tubing "lock" forward to prevent the
    thumb button from touching the other fastener to "lock" it when not
    in use to prevent accidental activation.


    Mod completed! F Connector is mostly sealed for battery protection.
    AFAIK it vapes okay, not enough experience or other PVs to compare it to yet.
  2. doots

    doots Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 22, 2009
    Pretty cool.. Nice.
  3. Connman

    Connman Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 6, 2009
    North Florida, USA
    I like this mod. Reminds me of those plastic engines you can see all the working parts in. Looks very simple and a well done simple mod. :thumb:
  4. Collateral5

    Collateral5 Full Member

    Nov 17, 2009
  5. rthom2010

    rthom2010 Full Member

    Apr 10, 2010
    Wichita, KS
    Very bright idea, tho I'm not sure how the switch works
  6. thorn

    thorn Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 22, 2010
    TX, USA
    The switch works by moving the thin tubing in the middle forward or backward so that the end of the negative brass strip can be touched by the button of the positive brass strip that sits over it. The middle thin tube piece provides a way to "lock" it from accidental activation.

    Important Update note: I set this mod to the side for a week or so and went back to use the battery in another mod and the tubing had started sticking to it pretty good to where it started tearing the outer plastic coating. I ended up just using a knife to cut the tubing at a slant so I could tear it away easier thus saving the battery. I repaired the battery with scotch tape.
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