Mistic Electronic Cigarette in-depth review w/photos

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by Simba138, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. Simba138

    Simba138 Full Member

    I am pretty new to vaping and the use of PVs. I have used various ecigs in the past from friends including 501s and egos. I have been wanting one for the past year but always forgot about it when I had extra money to spend.

    I am disgusted by my smoking habit but could not quit no matter how hard I tried. I am bipolar and my body reacts positivly to nicotine so I knew ecigs were the right choice for me.

    It all started last friday. I was in my buddy's car for a 6 hour trip and we stopped at Pilot to fuel up. He doesn't allow smoking in his car. I went inside for a drink, snacks, and of course, good old fashioned cowboy killers. As the cashier was ringing me up I noticed a Mistic ecig display. $7.99 for a battery and cartomizer which they claimed was equal to a pack of smokes. I bought it and went outside to quickly smoke a red. Back in the car, I opened up the box and screwed the carto onto the battery. I took a drag and thought it tasted pretty good.

    I continued to use the Mistic during the 6 hours or so down to the ocean. I was drinking all night so I chain smoked reds like usual. The next afternoon we drove home and I used the Mistic during the trip. I was surprised that the battery was still going let alone the cartomizer.

    Back home I went back to Pilot and bought $14.99 kit which I am reviewing now.

    It appears to be an 808 but I'm not sure. A marb red is used for size refference. The packaging is a flip-top box just like cancer sticks.

    It includes a battery, a usb charger, and two 18mg traditional flavor cartos.

    My original cartomizer from Friday just died today and I have been vaping every hour or so. When I smoked, I went through a pack every day and a half on average. The battery lasted me almost 3 days before I had to charge it. The battery charges in a few hours so it's best to do so overnight but since I have a spare fully charged, I never have to worry and these batteries out perform my expectations. I had consistant taste and vapor the entire way through the carto. You can pop the tops off and refill these easily and I plan to do so. There are channels visible on the led cap where air can be drawn through, if you plug them up you can't vape.

    I wish I knew what model this is and no one seems to be sure. This is a great little product and I am very happy with it until I get around to purchasing an ego. The build quality is excellent and the flavor is nice. I get nice thick clouds and a great throat hit.

    All in all, is this the best ecig out there? No. It is great to start out with and it I don't personally see a need to upgrade quickly. I am beyond impressed and would reccomend this to anyone new to ecigs or someone wanting a backup. Mistic ecigs hit the nail on the head when it comes to quality and price. I have 3 cigs that I havent touched and hopefully it will stay that way. Thanks Mistic for breaking the.gas station ecig stereotype!!!
  2. Seattle40

    Seattle40 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sams Club here in Washington state is carrying the Mistic cigs and kits now. Good price too looks like.
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  3. Pepe Le Vapse

    Pepe Le Vapse Super Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks for that info Seattle40 and nice review Simba
  4. CallTheMouse

    CallTheMouse Full Member

    I did a search using their name and they do have a web site that you can purchase direct from them. Prices aren't bad and it does look like an 808 setup. Can't really see the threading in the pics.
  5. Scottinboca

    Scottinboca Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    It could very well be a 808.
  6. Jejune43

    Jejune43 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I have one. The threading is a little bit longer than an 808. You can use 808 cartos on it, but there will be a small gap inbetween the carto and the battery. It doesn't seem to be a problem when vaping.
  7. CallTheMouse

    CallTheMouse Full Member

    Tks JeJune, Interested to know if this is an 808D2/E9 setup.
  8. mtliu

    mtliu Full Member

    It's a 808D-2 or E9. 808D-1 carts fit fine with a small gap and work great. These carts will not work on a D1.
  9. CallTheMouse

    CallTheMouse Full Member

    I have been using the Mistic for a couple months now and I am impressed with the battery life so far. The carto definitely is not an E9/KR808D2. As you mention the 808D-1 carto will screw onto the battery with a gap and is usable. Still trying to find out what design this is but it does work great for me cleaning and refilling the cartos that come with the Mistic.


    Now that most Walmarts nation wide will start carrying the Mistic, obtaining the hardware, (ie: batteries, cartos, kits) will be much easier to obtain. No more 45 minute drives just to pick up a carto refill pack or single carto/battery unit. I will now be able to concentrate on available eliquid and DIY. :))
  10. SmokingFirefighter

    SmokingFirefighter Full Member

    Just saw Mistic in Walmart last week, have been using V2's for quite some time. But after seeing great reviews here for this product, I decided to give it a try.

    The battery life on these things is something else. They are at least equal to the 'long' 380ma V2's I've been using. The reg flavor cart is pretty good, but I find the menthol a bit "chalky" in taste.

    All in all, a great product. :)
  11. mtliu

    mtliu Full Member

    and its so inexpensive!
  12. Homedude

    Homedude Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Kroger grocery stores are selling this brand, at least in my area.
  13. SmokingFirefighter

    SmokingFirefighter Full Member

    Quick Update:

    Still using Mistic, keeping my V2's as a backup.

    I like the flavor of their 1.2% nicotine "Traditional" carts (kind of odd they use a "%" instead of "mg" to measure nicotine strength).

    Today I dropped one on a hard floor and the battery no longer activated when inhaling, but that was my fault. The other batteries are working great. :)
  14. Fazed

    Fazed Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I saw these at Walmart and decided to get a kit to test and review. I'm about done putting it through its paces, but suffice it to say, I think this is a great entry level kit. Its easy to use, inexpensive, and less frustrating (than gas station and mall kits where extra cartos are not available or too expensive to be an incentive to stick with it). Video to be posted in the next day or so.

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  15. VaVaunt

    VaVaunt Super Member ECF Veteran

    I will be awaiting that vid Fazed. I'm very new to this too, and until I've completely figured out which exact model to buy and try, these throwaway brands are getting me through.
  16. Fazed

    Fazed Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    It's uploading now. Probably ready to view in a couple of hours. I'll post a link here when it's viewable.

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  17. Fazed

    Fazed Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

  18. proudlion

    proudlion Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I just picked up a Mistic at a convenience store and can absolutely recommend them. My vapiing begam in April, 2010 and I've never purchased a PV other than from an online vendor until now. We really like the convenience of being able to pick up cartridges locally. As others have mentioned it is not an 808d-1 but the battery life is excellent and the price is certainly reasonable.
  19. steven36

    steven36 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    grabbed one from walmart 2 days ago for the price it's a great ecig cartos are and batteries are long lasting and the fact i can pick them up at walmart is a big plus 15 for a pack of 5 cartos seems high butt if you consider shipping your paying close to the same ordering online plus the more people that buy from walmart the more walmart will back the product and walmart would be a great alie to have
  20. proudlion

    proudlion Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Steven - I totally agree with you, especially about the savings over ordering online - also these cartos are refillable! I'm still using the same one I opened a full week ago today.
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