Most cost-effective way to vape?

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by realitykid, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. realitykid

    realitykid Full Member

    Hey all. What would be considered to be the most cost-effective way to vape from your experience?

    I don't make a lot of money as I work part time at McDonald's, and the one I work at likes to screw people over with low hours. As it stands, I am out of money with only about 13 cartridges to hold me over till Feb. 5th (pay day).

    Would it be cheaper for me to refill my cartridges or to just buy them in bulk?

    Any ideas would help. Thanks.
  2. Ken62

    Ken62 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I decided right away that prefilled carts were too expensive, then I figured out that premixed eliquid was too expensive. For about $80 I got 500 ml of unflavored nic juice (36 mg) and a couple of flavors and have been filling blank cartos with that. Yesterday was the first time in nearly 3 weeks that I spent any money, I paid $14 for a Tank Clearo - Vision Vivi Nova.

    I can vape for a few cents per day by mixing my own eJuice
  3. realitykid

    realitykid Full Member

    Is it difficult to do? If it's relatively easy, then maybe I could give it a shot when I can.
  4. Kopfstimmen

    Kopfstimmen Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    It's not difficult. Check the DIY forum if you're interested. If you're lazy, what you can also do is order juice with double flavor and double nicotine, then thin it down yourself.
  5. Ken62

    Ken62 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    For me it's really easy. I have started with single flavors so I don't get overwhealmed and have recently tried a couple of 2 flavor mixes that turned out OK.

    For some people DIY is not the way to go, too stressful, too hard.

    If you are on a tight budget I would recommend you at least try it with a smaller bottle of nic juice and a couple of flavors.
  6. realitykid

    realitykid Full Member

    Alright, thanks guys! :D Much appreciated. I will start looking into that.
  7. the_vape_nerd

    the_vape_nerd Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    The vivi nova will probably last you a good month and a half to two months if you use all three of the heads. Replacement heads are about $3. The nova is probably a pretty good way to save some money.

    You could also just back up your pre-filled cartos with a bottle of the same flavor of juice. Example you buy pre-filled grape cartos from smokeless image. Ok, just buy a 30 ml bottle from smokeless image. 5 cartomizer can last at least a month and possibly longer.

    Refilling is easy, pop off the little rubber cap, drip juice down the sides and avoid getting any in the center hole. Keep adding drops til it looks slightly slushy, re-install cap, done.

    Refilling cartos is about 50 times cheaper than constantly buying new ones.
  8. Factor52

    Factor52 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Never throw away a cartridge, you can pop off the ends(I use a small eye glass screw driver) and resoak them with e liquid. It takes a little practice at first and care not to over fill but usually 5-6 drops does the trick. Then be sure not to smoke them till they get too dry and get burnt, keep them moist or you may ruin them for good. You can buy pre made e liquid flavored to your liking pretty cheap, depending on how much you vape, I got away with spending about $15 a month on flavored liquid. Probably less now that I read up on the diy threads saved up and made the investment on making my own juice. Im in CT but use a vendor up your way in Oregon ECBlend E-Liquids - Something Better that I like. There are plenty of vendors if you look around this forum and Im sure in Washington.
    Good Luck!
  9. realitykid

    realitykid Full Member

    Ya, I have considered this as well. May be more viable at the moment. But, I eventually will want to learn how to mix it all myself. For now, though, I'm just trying to keep myself away from analogs in the most affordable way I can at the moment. Next paycheck might be partly spent on the juice, and another part spent on a carto pack to hold me over till the juice arrives. Right now, I'm broke. Unless I return my external HDD - which I am considering so I can just buy it later. lol
  10. Cursive

    Cursive Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I just built an awesome new computer. Now I'm sort of wishing I could return most of it and get more vape supplies. :D
  11. realitykid

    realitykid Full Member

    lol. The hard drive is a 1TB USB external. I got it for $99 and only used it once. It was a major impulse buy and something I don't need right now. So I hope WalMart will let me get my money back for it or at least some store credit so I can at least buy the Mistic cartos which have been keeping me off analogs the last two days.
  12. Cursive

    Cursive Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Luckily you purchased it at Walmart. I think they'd take back a half eaten banana if you decided you wanted to return it badly enough. :laugh:
  13. Factor52

    Factor52 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    My Walmart is forever out of stock on the Mistic stuff... I think everyone in town is onto them and there are no such thing as brick and mortars anywhere around here...
  14. realitykid

    realitykid Full Member

    Probably. I thought about opening up the HDD case and pulling out the actual drive and returning the empty shell. But then I also thought about the morality of that. Same thing as stealing pretty much. And I'm not about to do that to support my nicotine addiction.
  15. realitykid

    realitykid Full Member

    Oh ya, my WalMart is low on stock right now. In order to have what I think would amount to a full kit I had to get the Menthol kit which came with only one battery and one cartridge, a pack of 5 traditional cartos, and a USB charger - all in their separate boxes. Paid a bit more than I would have if I was able to get the most expensive Mistic kit they usually carry. But I ended up with more for my money since I was able to get more cartos than just three, and the battery seems to last me all day with my usage.

    I am still awaiting my Volt kit to arrive though.
  16. the_vape_nerd

    the_vape_nerd Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    reality kid it looks like from your join date that you are fairly new

    vaping can save you a ton of money over smoking and there are many options available to you for accomplishing that....DIY juice can also save you tons of money (just think of the shipping costs alone) but i would not recommend going down that road until you gain more knowledge on vaping....keeping things simple in the begining is important

    for now, i would focus on finding juice that is low cost and also focusing on the refilling ....almost all long term vapers refill in some way...pre-filled cartomizers are way to expensive

    you mention mistic cartos I'm not sure what that is..maybe its a disposable from a drugstore?

    in any case, get yourself a decent start kit (about $50) and figure out the literally has thousands of videos on how to refill cartos
  17. Bosco

    Bosco Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    cheapest way to vape:
    Build a homemade ecig - check the modding forum - there's a post there called Low Cost Vaping - or you can build The Puck mod for something like $20.

    Get a vivi nova and some wire and wick. You can rebuild the coil for pennies. ALso get a multimeter, though - a necessary expense to save your equipment should you make a bad coil.

    If you do that and make your own liquid you could be chain-vaping for less than $40 (maybe $65 including the multimeter) to get started and around $15 per month thereafter.
  18. realitykid

    realitykid Full Member

    I have a Volt coming in the mail. That should do me some good coupled with my Mistic. But, like you said, I think I'll go about refilling cartos and ordering the juices online. :) I'll definitely read up on DIY juices though.
  19. Factor52

    Factor52 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mistic is actually a decent battery, got one going on 7 months. ive been using other cartridges on it.. looks kind of funny on it though. The Mistic carts have a deeper thread but these others work just fine. Got to many starter kits already because they were always out of stock on the refills lol
  20. DaveP

    DaveP PV Master & Musician ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    If you are low on funds, get rid of the carts and order a Vivi Nova for $12.95 from Madvapes. They also have Dekang juice for $10.99 in the 50ml size. At 4ml a day 50ml lasts me almost 3 weeks. Dekang Tobacco and RY4 are good vapes for the money, IMO. You will probably find that they match the tobacco flavors you get in the typical prefilled cartridge.

    Filling the Vivi Nova is easy and quick. You just unscrew the top and hold it at an angle while filling it from the bottle. You hold it at and angle to prevent getting juice into the center tube where the heating coil is. Even if you do get a drop in the center, you can blow it out into a tissue before vaping.

    I like the 2ml tank because it isn't as large in diameter. The one shown in the video is the 3.5ml tank.

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