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Discussion in 'Ms T's Bakery' started by Thyestean, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. Thyestean

    Thyestean Vaping Master

    So I'm sitting here looking at all the various Ms Ts flavors sitting in front of me and it got me thinking about some of the trades I have made.

    So I figure now that Ms T has her own sub-forum it would be a good idea to have a thread where people who have bought a flavor that just didn't suit their tastes could trade it for another.

    Feel free to post here what you have to trade (flavor, mg, ml) and/or, if there is something in particular you've wanted to try, what you would be interested in trading for.

    (since this is Ms Ts sub-forum please stick to using this thread for the trading of her liquids only)

  2. JRWReich

    JRWReich Senior Member

    I have a 10 ML, Low nic, Chocolate Pudding I'd like to get rid of. Only 4 drops used. I have never found a good chocolate... ANYWHERE :(
  3. MacArthurBug

    MacArthurBug Ultra Member

    6 ml 20ish drops used (A cartomisers worth) low nic choc. covered cherries. Chocolate predominant flavors apparent aren't my cup of tea. willing to trade for anything non-choc. liquid in low to no nic.
  4. landlocked

    landlocked Senior Member

    I have a 6ml bottle of low nic Banana's Foster only used to fill one cart (maybe 15 drops) and I'm willing to trade for cinnamon roll, cotton candy, snickerdoodle, maybe chocolate cheesecake (haven't seen any reviews on that one). May consider others, just ask.
  5. critterbug

    critterbug Super Member Verified Member

    I have 15 ml (-probably 1 ml) of cake icing (low mg) that I'd trade. I think. ;) I keep expecting that I'm just going to break out of it and love it. I keep coveting other people's taste buds. Gots to work on that. :D But seriously, I'd trade it for some chocolatey or coffee like flavor. Or something.
  6. Elendil

    Elendil Assclown Exterminator Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Would you like me to "Sticky" this for you?
  7. landlocked

    landlocked Senior Member

    My vote is yes! That would be great.
  8. Elendil

    Elendil Assclown Exterminator Verified Member

    Supporting member
    OK, I will Sticky for now............

    Mrs T. If you do not want this Sticky just let me know and I will "un-Sticky" it..:)
  9. Thyestean

    Thyestean Vaping Master

    I know I'm going to regret this later.....

    Thanks for "Sticky"-ing the thread Elendil.

    I was going to ask her to do it next time I caught her on.
  10. radicalfrog

    radicalfrog Ultra Member

    Yes Please Sticky! LMAOO Thanks So Much

    Sorry took me so long to get here LOL

    Ms T
  11. Lina

    Lina Senior Member Verified Member

    Looking for some Ms. T's samplers...willing to pay. Please pm me. thanks Lina
  12. rfun6

    rfun6 Ultra Member

    I have bacon flavored
  13. Lina

    Lina Senior Member Verified Member

    its just bacon flavored? hmmm I am not sure about that one.
  14. eazyg

    eazyg Full Member

    I've got 2 Low nic 6ml flavors for trade or sale. Very little was used. Maybe 10 to 20 drops each. Just don't like the flavor.

    Bacon and French Toast
  15. katnbrian

    katnbrian Moved On Verified Member

    I have beacon french toast 15ml high strength with maybe 6 drops out of it.
    Looking to trade for something chocolate or ? in 15ml hugh strenght.
  16. Vlynn

    Vlynn Senior Member

    All gone...Thanks :)
  17. Thyestean

    Thyestean Vaping Master


    what'd I miss? :p
  18. katnbrian

    katnbrian Moved On Verified Member

    dunno... turn your back for a second, and something happens:confused:
  19. Vlynn

    Vlynn Senior Member

    lol @ kat n thy


    Just not in to the fruity flavors, so I have

    (All Med nic)

    4 ml Strawberry Cheesecake
    4.5 ml Banana Split
    5 ml Banana Pudding

    Love Mrs T's- Brownies, Vanilla Custard, Chocolate Covered Bavarian Cream Eclair/Donut (dang that's a mouthfull lol) Interested in trying Snickerdoodle Cookies, Cake Icing, Thin Mint...Just let me know!
  20. Lina

    Lina Senior Member Verified Member

    FS ot FT

    Ms. T's
    6ml Choc. Fudge PB Brownie - Med
    5ml Choc Brownies - Low
    4-5ml My Birthday Choc. Cake - Med
    5-6ml Vanilla Custard - Low
    5ml Bacon French Toast - Low
    5ml Hot Choc. w/ Marshmallows - Low
    5ml Choc Coconut Bar - Low
    5ml Choc. Covered Cherry - Low
    5-6ml Bananas Foster Coffee - Low
    6ml Choc Coconut Bar - Low
    6ml Ms T's Mix - Choc Covered Cherry + Choc Fudge PB Brownies
    $40 + $3.00 shipping

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