MT Baker Vapor - Black Cherry

Discussion in 'Flavor Reviews' started by CShaver, Jan 13, 2014.

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    I received this juice on Friday (1/10). I always try my juice right when I get it to see the flavor it has compared to if I let it steep.

    At first, I tasted a slight perfume taste, but there was definitely Black Cherry in there. I let it steep for 2 days and the perfume taste is completely gone now.

    Now I've run into a problem I've never had on a juice. This juice burns very, very, easily. On every other juice I've had, I usually use 4.2-4.3v and it works very well. Nice clouds, great flavor and great throat hit. With this juice, anything over 3.4-3.5 burns. When it doesn't burn, the flavor is great, but the vape itself is weak since I'm used to a more satisfying vape.

    Bottom line is great flavor, but if you like to use a higher V/W, then this is not for you.
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