"Must-Have-On-Hand-At-All-Times" Virgin Vapor Flavor?

Discussion in 'Virgin Vapor' started by Angiebubs, Feb 14, 2014.

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  1. Angiebubs

    Angiebubs Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hi all!

    I know that there are certain VV flavors that I must have on hand at all times and go into mild panic when I realize I am running low and haven't yet re-order.

    Mine are:
    Kona Coffee Milkshake
    Butter Cream Mint
    Celestial Honeydew
    Plum Crazy

    What are yours?
  2. rosepetal

    rosepetal Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Black Cherry Marshmellow
    Kona Velvet Milkshake
    French Vanilla
  3. Miata GT

    Miata GT Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I hate to be a Debbie Downer here but I no longer trust Virgin Vapors. I have gone through over 50 flavors in my short time vaping and all were at least tolerable except for the 2 I ordered from VV. After steeping and waiting for more than 6 weeks the Maple French Toast still tastes like funky industrial cleaner and the Chocolate like burning rubber tires. I really, really wanted to like them, too.
  4. QRXT

    QRXT Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    MUST have:
    Creme Caramel
    Vanilla Blackberry Swirl
    Butter Cream Mint

    Daily lineup changes, but lately these 3 are ALWAYS in it.
  5. Angiebubs

    Angiebubs Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Miata: Everyone has different tastes.....I have been vaping for over three years and tried over 30 vendors...and VV stands out shoulders above the others for me. Out of 50-60 flavors of VV, there is only one that I passed on-and that was only due to the flavor being not something I would usually like-but just "Had to try".
    So back to everyone having different tastes...My other half and I try all my new juices together and his descriptions make me think we seriously must have mixed up the clearos LOL....He will say something tastes like chocolate when I taste caramel,etc. With that said, I sure hope you will try a couple different VV flavors. I highly recommend Plum Crazy, Celestial Honeydew and Buttercream mint-those seem universally appealing to most!!! Good luck!
  6. kittypie

    kittypie Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    I'm sorry to hear that too, miata. You might be extra sensitive to organic ethyl alcohol in which case you might want to choose something from our Absolute line if you ever decide to give it another try!


    Creme Caramel
    Double Espresso


    Plum Crazy
    Butter Cream Mint
    Hawaiian White Guava

    And thanks to QRXT I will have to have a bottle of Vanilla Blackberry Swirl. :)
  7. TylerJ

    TylerJ Full Member

    New to ECF dropping in to say hello. I have been vaping virgin vapor for a few months now-good juice. Has anyone here used cream caramel? Love me some cream caramel and plum crazy.
  8. Annette Rogers

    Annette Rogers Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Miata, do try Kitty's steeping suggestion in case you are sensitive to the taste of organic ethyl alcohol however, the mention of "burning rubber" really suggests you are having an issue with your hardware. A burnt taste is always a sign that your hardware is overheating and burning the wick or the e-liquid. This is a fairly common problem and I'm sure customer service would be happy to help you figure it out. Regardless of what juice you use, if you are getting a burnt taste, you want to figure this out since inhaling this is not good for you!
  9. kittypie

    kittypie Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Yup, Creme Caramel lover here. (Plum Crazy, too!) In three years of vaping VV, I only tried it about a year ago. I had been so disappointed by every other caramel I tried that I figured that I must just hate vaping caramel. Finally decided to give it a try and the problem was indeed that I hated every caramel, except VV Creme Caramel. I've vaped it every day since! Last week I mixed it Double Espresso and it was super yum.:vapor:

    Thanks for dropping in and welcome to the forum! Please chime in anytime with comments or questions! :)
  10. MPage

    MPage Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    My must have daily are Kona Velvet Milkshake and a mixture of Mint Choc Chip & Death by Chocolate. I also like White Choc Raspberry Souffle.

    I have tried many v v flavors and really wanted to love more of them.. but it seems I have odd taste buds so I am limited in what works. I also prefer v v because of the organic purity of the juice.
  11. Angiebubs

    Angiebubs Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I haven't tried the Mint Choc Chip yet-may need to be on my next order!!!
  12. Panthersoul

    Panthersoul Senior Member ECF Veteran

    French toast
    black cherry marshmallow
    and the darjeeling sweet tea

    i ordered 5 the other day. all 3 kona's. the banana. and vanilla blackberry swirl. and hopefully order 5 more this weekend. if only samplers were available in 0mg... i hope my list grows of what i need on me at all times :D
  13. Angiebubs

    Angiebubs Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    PAnther Soul: Right now Kona Coffee Milkshake is a daily vape for me. Just a heads up-I don't vape it straight out of the mail-usually steep it for 1-2 weeks. The flavor then just keeps getting better and better.
  14. kittypie

    kittypie Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    And don't forget to uncap it, too. ;)
  15. Panthersoul

    Panthersoul Senior Member ECF Veteran

    i leave em uncapped for like 7 days. every now and then cap and shake. :) i have experience with this. How i fell in love with french toast. xD i ventured off after the black friday after how logn it took tried a few vendors. ran out of juice. my pg allergy is horrid D: worse then when i started. I hope these other flavours are just as good :3
  16. Annette Rogers

    Annette Rogers Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Panthersoul, you're in luck! It's going to take us a while to get them all ready to go but we've started actively bottling our samples in zero nicotine so we can offer both 12 mg and 0 mg. I'm hoping we'll be able to start offering them in a few weeks. I'll definitely announce the change as soon as it hits the website!
  17. Annette Rogers

    Annette Rogers Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    This thread has made me miss vaping! The first thing I did when I found out I was pregnant (well, after the tears and laughter had died down a bit!) was to dump all my e-liquid. Ever since I read this thread I've been thinking back fondly on the flavors I used to always keep in my purse. My three favorites at the time were Celestial Honeydew, Forbidden Fig and Plum Crazy. Then I had my sweeter, dessert or treat vapes like Butter Cream Mint, Drunken Pirate Pudding and Kona Velvet Milkshake. And then there were my second tier favorites that I rotated through constantly like Strawberry Granita, Orange Creamsicle, Pineapple Party Animal, Blueberry Cheesecake, Kona Coffee Milkshake, Caramel Kettle Corn...oh, I could go on! :)
  18. erazzz

    erazzz Super Member ECF Veteran

    Got my replacement bottle of Vanilla Blackberry Swirl, uncapped and let it steep a few days.

    To say the least, it has earned a permanent spot in my collection. The local store who sells it says they are getting a new shipment in this Monday of Virgin Vapor. Definitely got to pick up more of this stuff ;)
  19. sixniks

    sixniks Full Member

    Root beer float best flavor I've tried so far I crave it as soon as its gone so yummy!
  20. Angiebubs

    Angiebubs Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    sixniks: Did you steep it or use it FOOB?

    It would be a kewl idea to start a thread for VVs for A) Steep times on various VV e liquids and B) E Liquids reference on which should be used in a glass tank rather than plastic.....anyone up for this? I could then keep the original post updated as people chimed in, and it would be an easy place to come for references.
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