My eGo-C Upgrade battery doesn't show state of charge with blue light

Discussion in 'eGo Type Models' started by hellphish, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. hellphish

    hellphish Full Member

    I recently picked up a green 1000mah eGo-C Upgrade passthrough battery from The Vapor Spot in Sherman Oaks (cool store!). All of my other eGo-C batteries show a white light when the battery is full, and then the battery goes light blue and finally dark blue as the battery loses charge.

    The battery I recently purchased does NOT change from white to blue as the SOC drops. It IS able to change from regulated to unregulated mode. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? Did Joyetech remove that feature. Do I have a counterfeit battery? I noticed on joyetech's site that a green battery isn't offered, only black white pink and silver.

    I'd like to arm myself with some information before I go back to the store. They are usually really good about replacing stuff that doesn't work, but I want to make sure that is actually the case. I appreciate any help you fine vapers can offer!
  2. Bamafan

    Bamafan Full Member Verified Member

    The first kit I bought without knowing any better was with knockoff batteries. I got 2 650 ma batteries in the kit and the one would not even turn off with the 5 clicks. Both only had blue lights. My guess is you have a lnockoff. Every battery I have bought since (6 of them) I made sure it said Joye on it. Have had no other issues.
  3. hellphish

    hellphish Full Member

    Well, I looked at it more closely today and it turns out the battery is an "eGo-T Upgrade", not eGo-C. From what I can tell, these are supposed to be identical batteries. Is it known if the T lacks the state of charge display?
  4. Kent C

    Kent C ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    The eGo T 2 upgrade batt, while it does have the two modes, it doesn't have the changing led 'charge indicator' in the 'constant mode' from white to blue and it doesn't have the highest short protection as the eGo-c, eGo c upgrade or the eGo-c Twist, but it's short and charge protection is better than the regular eGo-T... just not at the level in the C.

    When switching to 'variable voltage mode' the led should change to orange in both he eGo-t upgrade and the eGo-c upgrade. When switching to the 'constant mode' in the eGo-t upgrade holding the button down will change from orange to blinking white. In the eGo-c upgrade it blinks blue to indicate the mode change, but then goes to white upon using.
  5. hellphish

    hellphish Full Member

    Kent, thanks alot for your reply. It looks like I got an eGo-T instead of the eGo-C like I wanted.

    Is there somewhere I can read more about the short/charge protection?
  6. Kent C

    Kent C ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Bottom blurb... note that they eGo-t upgrade has better than the earlier eGo-t (instituted by joye after one eGo-t was reported blowing up here and iirc they paid the lady for the damage to her kitchen floor... or were going to... )

    Joyetech logo 650mAh Joye eGo-T 2 upgrade battery - Joye eGo-T spare parts Heaven Gifts

    from hg:
    The difference between Joye eGo-T 2 upgrade battery and Joye eGo-C 2 upgrade battery: eGo-C 2 battery has more intensified short circuit protection.
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