My go to tank as of right now! The iClear 16B.

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Grizzly_Vapés, Feb 12, 2014.

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  1. Grizzly_Vapés

    Grizzly_Vapés Full Member

    Hey all Grizzlyvapes here and I wanted to share a little bit of information about my favorite tank as of right now! I have yet to hop on the wagon and try all the new tanks that have come out so far but I am really enjoying the iClear 16B. I feel like it hasn't really been talked about much since when it came out so many other new tanks came out at the same time. It really is a great tank for its price and I have really put it through its paces. It preforms great and I think anybody new to vaping should really check it out. I have made a video for this tank on my youtube channel for anyone that might be interested in learning more about this tank. Enjoy [​IMG]

    iClear 16B Review! Cheap Great Tank for New Vapers! - YouTube
  2. usr/

    usr/ Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Nice review and good YT video. May just have to pick up a couple of these as a possible go to tank for work. Big tanks and mods to carry around just not an option. Keep those in the car for the commute and for when I get home. Have you had a chance to dissect one of these? possibly rebuildable. Good job and thanks.
  3. Grizzly_Vapés

    Grizzly_Vapés Full Member

    Definitely a good choice for when you are out and about. Very reliable and mostly hassle free. I have yet to take one apart fully myself but i know that the coil assembly doesn't come apart like a kangar coil does. If anyone has taken one apart and really tried to rebuild one It would most likely be Rip Trippers on Youtube. You could always check him out and see. Thank you for the feedback :)
  4. Bolivar

    Bolivar Super Member ECF Veteran

    Rip has a video on rebuilding them. I got 5 of them with my kit and use them daily. Not a single problem with any of them. A little cleanup every now and then, fill 'em back up and good to go.
  5. Grizzly_Vapés

    Grizzly_Vapés Full Member

    I will have to check out his video because I remember seeing him rebuild the Aspire Nautilus coils. I agree though, a little cleaning every now and then and they are right back to working order. :vapor:
  6. txgirl3eb

    txgirl3eb Full Member

    i went to rip's channel on youtube, and only find the iclear30b rebuild not the iclear16b which is different, am i missing something here, can you provide a link? thanks :)
  7. Grizzly_Vapés

    Grizzly_Vapés Full Member

    I didn't see a video either.

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