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Discussion in 'CigEasy' started by SSV2, May 31, 2012.

  1. SSV2

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    The All New Go-go Premium Tank

    Go-go Mania Lives!

    Go-go Tanks 2.jpg

    Go-Go Premium Tanks A.jpg

    Go-go Nation has something to be excited about with the recent addition of the all new Go-go Premium Tank from

    Of course when the Go-go first hit the market only a year and a half ago I could not even imagine a better vaping experience using the proprietary large size 3ml Go-carts!
    Larger surface area of the cartomizer to battery produced a powerful hit.

    The Go-go rocked! [​IMG]

    Many new users commented that they had to taper their nicotine levels downward because the Go-carts could pack more of a punch per hit in contrast to vaping on smaller standard sized cartomizers. Three times the e-liquid holding capacity one could go a day or more without having to refill.

    Go-go Nation was born!

    The thread that started it all - eGo-T Vs Go-go

    The only real complaint at the time was the fact that the Go-go had proprietary threading and could only be used with Go-carts… unless you had an adapter. (Sold separately) [​IMG]

    What makes the Go-go unique is the greater surface area between battery and cartomizer this alone can increase amperage slightly thus producing a stronger vape without the real need to increase voltage. Not to mention a 1300mAh battery!

    The E-cig market has exploded with new products coming out over the last year. Particularly cartomizers and tanks that hold anywhere from 1/2 ml to over 5ml capacity!

    It may seem great to be able to sport a 5ml bottle of e-liquid on your vaping device at all times to cut down on refilling but, some of us all have to leave the house with these things!

    I personally do not have a desire to attract any more attention to a device I am using in place of analog cigarette in public whether I am out and about or at the office. The idea of a huge tank on the end of my e-cig is not something I want when on the go. Forget about putting a PV with a monster tank in your pocket!

    Onwards to the New Go-go Premium Tank! – In appearance it features a sleek design that is proportionate to the Go-go battery. There is no need for an accessory cone to add to the aesthetics. It is very ergonomic as is. No need for an adapter as it was specifically designed to fit the Go-go. Nice drip tip too!

    Go-go Premium Tank 3.jpg
    Capacity – It holds approx. 2ml of E-liquid. Yes you could add more though it can affect performance by causing flooding to the atomizer. (Gurgling)

    Filling – One of the easiest tanks I have ever filled! Just unscrew the drip tip and drip down the sides with your favorite juice. No fuss no muss!

    Go-go Premium T 3.jpg
    *For best results lightly blow through drip tip when you screw it back on the tank to ensure any excess e-liquid that might have got inside the air tube is cleared.

    So how does it vape? In comparison to a Go-cart it vapes much warmer and less airy. The resistance has been consistent at 2.5 ohms from the six Go-go Tanks I tested with my multimeter. As an experiment I filled each tank with a different flavored e-liquid ranging from 100% PG blends to 50/50 PG/VG formulas to note variables. Not a big fan of straight VG blends.
    I seem to get great flavor delivery on all with the exception of my beloved Honey Flue Cured Tobacco which seems to be much thinner in viscosity than the other blends I vape and did not reach the level of flavor delivery I desired on the first fill. It improved on the 3[SUP]rd[/SUP]refill as the tank was completely broke in.

    Breaking in Go-go Premium Tanks – I have found that it is not a general rule that you must break in each a new tank. It really seems to depend on the e-liquid you are using. Best results can probably be achieved on the second or third refill for optimal flavor delivery overall. (i.e. HFC)

    Wicking – It is important to keep the atomizer (coil) wet though not flooded with juice. The two wicks extending from the upper placed coil aid in keeping the coil saturated. Dry or burnt hits can be a result of the heating coil not receiving adequate airflow or e-liquid to saturate properly.

    I tested a couple different versions that had longer wicks and honestly cannot see the advantage or tell if there is better performance by just having longer wicks dangling around in the tank looking like some hideous alien sea creatures!

    In theory it would seem that a longer wick would mean no need to tip or tilt the tank when half full though you still need to tip or tilt it anyway to keep the atomizer wet at the top. This is the area that feeds the coil. At any rate tipping or tilting the E-cig is not that big of a deal when the tank is half full or less. It soon becomes second nature that at some point you will not even be aware that you’re doing it.

    Leaking – Use to be somewhat common with earlier design bottom fed tanks or as a result of air pressure pushing the center pin outward on the underside of the tank/cartomizer. I have only experienced a very slight seepage of e-liquid coming out the bottom when I have forgotten to screw the drip tip back on all the way, if I should over fill or neglect to blow access air fluid out through mouth piece when reattaching drip tip.

    Remember to screw drip tip down firmly or you might get a nasty taste of e-liquid in your mouth when you tip e-cig to vape! (Same with over filling) Also, I have not experienced any signs of cracking as I had encountered a couple of times with earlier tank designs. They may have improved the plastic casing though, I cannot confirm at this time.

    Easy to clean – Yes,these hold up even better than the seemingly everlasting Go-carts we all use to brag about. "Oh the mileage we were getting with repeated usage". :rolleyes: It seemed as if the original Go-carts could last forever.

    No filler to have to wash dry or replace. Simply unscrew the Drip tip and rinse out with tap water. Maybe even do a dry burn to remove caramelized juice from the atomizer and you’re ready to refill and use again. I have refilled at least one Go-go tank 10x now without having to clean. (Using same e-liquid) I am amazed at just how durable these tanks are with repeated use.

    Note : Some flavors such as Menthol, strong mint, Cinnamon, Banana or some even some citrus blends are hard to flush out once they adhere to the wicks in the event you wish to switch to another e-liquid after cleaning.
    I really like this new addition to the Go-go line up. I admit that I had not been using my Go-go for a while and when Frank got these in I dusted off my entire collection of Go-go batts and have been put them back into my daily rotation!

    Go-go S b S 2.jpg
    Overall, I am very impressed with consistency in performance. Even while chain vaping the atomizer does not seem to over heat which would sometimes produce a very harsh hit when I was using bottom fed coils.

    The 2.5 ohm resistance seems to be the sweet spot here. The flavor delivery is of course always crucial to me while vaping and boy howdy do these babies deliver!!!:p

    I never thought that I would rave so much over a simple tank nor feel so compelled to bring my Go-go's out of retirement but, I am luvin these things!

  2. SSV2

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    Go-cart vs. Go-go Premium Tank

    Go cart Go Tank.jpg Go-go Carts side by side.jpg

    2012-05-28 18.29.17.jpg

  3. DPLongo22

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    My wife and I are both using the heck out of these things. It's got to be 3 or 4 weeks now and our originals are still in play. Knocking on wood but, so far at least, no signs of anything negative. Haven't even needed to clean them yet.

    We are both VERY impressed. THANKS GUYS!
  4. greyrat

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    Hey SSV2,

    I must be doing something wrong, because all three of the ones I've filled leak onto the battery connector. What is causing this?
  5. SSV2

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    Hey greyrat!

    Are you noticing this after you have attached it to the battery and then unscrewing? I have not experienced any serious leaking issues with these tanks with the exception of the few times I have overfilled and/or did not screw the drip tip down all the way. :facepalm:

    In those cases, I would get some seepage but, not any exessive leaking. I have had pretty good luck with them so far overall.

    I will talk to Frank to see if he has experienced any leaking issues with the Go-go tanks as he has been using them a lot lately. In fact that is all he has been using since they came in!

    Sadly, I have not been using the Go-go too much over the last couple of weeks because, I have been crazy busy exclusively beta testing several potential new products for CigEasy and currently really loving one unique system in particular! I can't put it down! It too is a tank system only very different in design.

    If you don't hear right back from me Frank will hopefully address your Go-go Tank issue tonight.


  6. greyrat

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    Hey SSV2, It happens while they are attached to the battery. I first noticed it when the draw got difficult and could hear some bubbling. When I unscrew them and look, I see the liquid filling up the battery compartment. That must explain why the draw had gotten difficult, the liquid was blocking the vent holes. I took one off the battery and laid it down horizontally for a few days. When I checked it about 5 days later, it had leaked into the box I had laid it in.

    Other than that problem, the tank is a step above the Go-cart and I really like them!
  7. blondeambition3

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    I just got my Go-Tanks today and I am loving 'em. Was just checking to see if anyone knew the life-expectancy of these and this thread gave me a pretty good idea. All looks promising and I'm still in GO GO NATION Nirvana!!!! :thumbs:
  8. SSV2

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    Hey blondeambition3,

    Nice to see another one our original loyal Go-go Nation members back on the boards and posting again!:)

    I am getting more mileage out of these tanks than I do with the Go-carts. I think it really depends on the E-liquid your using when it comes to the longevity. I mostly use PG based juices; however, I have used thicker VG based blends in these tanks and had great results, if I can remember to rinse them out occasionally in between refills. The exception to the rule might be Menthol or mint blends which from my experience tend to leave their taste behind if switching to another flavor and ultimately shorten the lifespan of the Go-cart or go- tank I am using.

  9. Koman

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    Those look nice. DO WANT!
  10. blondeambition3

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    Still loving these tanks & getting ready to place another order ..... I'm so grateful for my GO-GO :vapor:
  11. blondeambition3

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    WTG Frank! I've been using these GO-Tanks for over a month now & while I've ordered some back up Tanks my very first one is still vaping as it did on day one. There are no words for how much this impresses me. :thumbs: No major leaking issues except when (or if) I overfill, and then the leak is very minor.... I simply unscrew the Tank, wipe the connectors really well on both the GO-GO Battery and the Tank with Q-Tips and it's back to vaping Nirvana. :lol: I also 'clean' them about once a week... Rinse them under really hot tap water being sure the hot water fills the Tank during the rinse, capping my fingers on both ends & shaking back & forth really well... Once I've done that I then take my 153 proof grain Alcohol (and NO! I don't drink this stuff!), fill the Tank almost to the top and again cap both ends of the Tank with my fingers & shake vigorously for about a minute. I then drain the Alcohol do a short 'dry burn', refill and I swear the experience is like day one. The other thing I like about the GO-GO clear Tanks that I didn't like about 'other' Tank systems I used, is how well they are made... the plastic is very hard (almost like glass) and they don't seem to stain or crack or anything... again, my first Tank looks just as good as my new unused ones. I still love the GO-Carts but I'm keeping what I have merely as emergency back ups as the vapor & flavor with these Tanks is INSANE and outperform any system I've used to date. Oh! I just sampled your (CigEasy) Peach flavor Easy E-Liquid today and I'm IN LOVE with Vaping all over again.. :lol: The WORLD needs to become acquainted with GO-GO Nation because Vaping Nirvana has arrived! Thank you! ;)

    PS - I would simply LOVE it (HINT HINT!) if CigEasy were to get some more of those snazzy Pearlized Blue and Red GO-GO Batteries back in stock. :vapor:

    I've attached a Photo.... now tell me that ain't sexy!!!!

  12. SSV2

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    Hya ambitiousblonde,

    Sounds like a great routine. I have never used grain alcohol or tried the dry burn on these particular tanks though I would imagine the combo would probably remove any excess gunk that has possibly solidified on the coil.

    I hear ya regarding that sexy glossy finish on the Midnight Blues and Cherry Jazz Go-go's. I have been trying to talk Frank into bringing those back but, he is like; 'Been there done that".....Next!

    The good news :toast:- There is something New for Go-go Nation (coming soon) that is sure to please all devoted fans!
    I have been using it for the last 3 weeks and believe this innovation will take "Go-go Mania" to a whole new level! :hubba:

    more details later.....


  13. blondeambition3

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    You KNOW I, for one, will be waiting for those details SSV2 :)
  14. SSV2

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    Update: Now 2 new things are coming very soon for Go-go Nation! I really want to unleash the details right now; however, I must hold back until, I can get the final product/s in my hands in order to provide the goods with some stellar pics to illustrate properly!

    One other lucky CigEasy Go-go customer had the opportunity to be the first to beta test one of these new products for us as a surprise random bonus with his recent order and he is luvin it so far.

    I am hoping that I can post some pics soon! Since the final versions will look a bit different than the demos I have now it would not be totally accurate to show off the goods today. :rolleyes:

  15. blondeambition3

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    I'll be waiting......... :vapor:
  16. SSV2

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    Pssst....Can you keep a secret blondie? :smokie:
  17. blondeambition3

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    Yes I can! :banana:
  18. SSV2

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    Ok....Going to whisper something in your ear but, you got to be berry berry careful that no one else hears. :unsure:
    Meet me in my office in about 5 minutes.
  19. blondeambition3

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    Color me there!!!!! :w00t:
  20. CW1982

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    But... But.... I wanna know too... *whine*

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