My Sleek 901 is HERE!!!! WOOHOO!!!

Discussion in 'DSE 901/b *Mini*' started by paulsonlaw, Aug 1, 2011.

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  1. paulsonlaw

    paulsonlaw Moved On

    My 901 got arrived, and more awesome, I just ran out of anologs! So lets start the counter!

    This is one sleek mean machine! The batts on the charger, just took my first 2, make that 3 now, hits on the passthrough. Boy does it hit hard :) Kindas worried about the manual passthrough as I've never had a manual & dont want to burn it up.

    So everything came in fast from! I didn't get any user manual, however they did toss in a free box of blank carts :)

    So I'm still doing research, but any help on the refill & keeping the addy's nice & long lasting would help.

    I also got in my "dangk"<? 24mg I ordered from madvapes today, so here we go.:2cool:
  2. paulsonlaw

    paulsonlaw Moved On

    I figured I will make this a blog in a nut shell for the 901...

    So I'm now 5hrs into this lil901. I've have had such a great headrush for hours that I logged into chat to ask if one can OD from this lol! I've been on & off or mixed vapin-verse-anolog for month & months, vaping has been a good friend in this fight, but it's been a long battle.
    I think this is it! Today has been a .... day and as of starting this 901, I have had nero to very minimal cravings for those butts! So we'll see, but I now know this... The Njoy Pro, "RN4081," & the NLA, "cheapo 510," aint got **** on the 901!
  3. Hiryu

    Hiryu Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Glad to hear you're doing so well because I have a 901 arriving in the mail today or tomorrow. XD
  4. paulsonlaw

    paulsonlaw Moved On

    Awesome Hiryu! This is it! Luving this passthrough. Note the primer on the first atty hit ;)

    Post up & let me know how it goes!
    Are you still fighting anologs also?
  5. paulsonlaw

    paulsonlaw Moved On

    23hrs into this 901, 23hrs without any cancersticks!

    My Wife was so impressed, so hit the 901 a few times this morning! It was such a stress relief on one BAD morning, I'm odering her a 901 in the morning!! Nice thing is we'll both have back-ups. Even for a **** morning here, I still don't care for a butt! I'm so happy it's retarded! Never have I gone this long without withdraw. This 901 is a life changer & life saver & I'm only 30 but I've been feeling bad effects of cancer sticks for a year now. I'm already feeling so much better, feel like taking out the old punching bag in the garage lol.

    My Wife hasn't smoked in 7yrs btw, at peak she only smoked 5 a day. I'm glad the 901 is such a stress relief for her as we have been way stressed.

    Mods plz dont ban for this testimony below...

    So not stressed I was last night I didn't even want to hit my "green herbs" and thats a 1st in about a year, and that says a ton right there! Looking more like true vaping may knock off my mental "herbal addiction" as well as anologs. Time will tell....
  6. paulsonlaw

    paulsonlaw Moved On

    Coming right up on 45hrs...
    Ordered a blue 901 at VK's, also got another blk 901 kit for myself. Hard start morning & still no urge for a butt! Also, 2nd night w/out our green herbs, which is mind boggling as I've smoked both for 15yrs constant, anologs extemely constant. Figured the 2nd kit for myself is well worth something bad happening down the road & being forced to an anolog. Also got diff fluid from MV's.
    So, I'm right under 200$ with everything now. But thats still way less than a month of anologs, plus my wife has a kit :) & I have a bizillion cart's. Wondering how long this 50ml I got from MV's will last as the bottle still near full....
  7. Hiryu

    Hiryu Senior Member ECF Veteran

    No, I have been off analogs for over two months now. :)

    I gotta say tho, I am VERY impressed by the 901. Awesome vapor and great flavor. I also got some 808 CE2 clearomizers with a couple of matching 901 > 808 adapters. I just love the silver rim it gives between the battery and the atty, even when I am using the standard 901 parts. XD

    I'm so happy you found a unit that worked for you on the first try. As you will soon find out, finding the right juice may be an even more daunting project, but I love exploring new flavors. :p

    Depending on how much you vape, that 50ml may last you about a month or more. So far, I have been vaping more or less 20-25ml a month, and the thing rarely ever leaves my hand or the pen holder on my laptop tray. XD

    What I am looking forward to try later are organic flavors. Those look tasty.
  8. paulsonlaw

    paulsonlaw Moved On

    I can say this is fast! I got my 2nd starter kit in today along with my Wifes. We got the green tea there also & it is real good! So this is 4th solid day off alonlogs, or 96.5 hrs exact :) I still have yet to crave one in any real manner. A few times a day, when I haven't vaped I get that craving, but then I vape & it's gone in a minute or 2.

    I feel after a week, I'll back down to 18mg. I did order a sample pack from madvapes at 18mg, very good as well! I cannot wait to hit that 1 week marker come Monday!

    I was a very heavy & very dependent smoker, for 15yrs. This 901 set-up w/ 24mg has done it for me, I think I'm now a true vaper.
  9. Hiryu

    Hiryu Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I was a very heavy pack a day smoker for 20 years. At one point, I was smoking two packs a day and for a few months before I started vaping I was smoking between half and a full pack a day. As soon as my first cheapo e-cig came, I stopped cold turkey with no problems. I did have some cravings here and there, but I just vaped more and they went away.

    I am now going on a two months and one week and I am feeling great. :D

    I have been vaping 24mg exclusively, but recently I decided to go down to 18mg. Definitely experienced a loss on throat hit, but I am doing just fine. :)

    I'd advice you to keep 24mg juice around just in case you need the extra nic, tho. :p
  10. Pokerchix

    Pokerchix Senior Member ECF Veteran

    paulsonlaw you are doing GREAT!!! Congrats!
  11. KTaylor

    KTaylor Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Keep it up!!! Soon analogs will make you sick to even be around. Great Job tho!!!
  12. paulsonlaw

    paulsonlaw Moved On

    Yeah, for days now, whenever I see someone smoking I can't help but see them as extreme trashy. This is not my MO as I'm not a hater, just how I feel. I also feel like buying some disposables to try to convert a few, but times to tough for that lol.
  13. paulsonlaw

    paulsonlaw Moved On

    Well cool! Thanks to this 901, my Wife & everyone in ECF, I MADE MY 1ST FULL WEEK!!!!

    7 Solid days, no anologs & without really giving 2 shats about those old butts!!!

    Plus I feel great & cost wise, outside of the start-up gear of course, I have only used about 7-8 bucks worth of carts & juice!!!! So I have already saved about $40-$45 bucks! So the starter kit has pactically paid for itself! AWESOME!

    I'll post back at the 4wk milestone! Thanks All in here, ECF is a MAJOR help!!!!
  14. Hiryu

    Hiryu Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Awesome news!!

    You may also want to try getting some 901 battery to 808 carto adapters and a pack of CE2 clearomizers. Tubes tend to crack, but you can turn them into a tank mod with a couple of syringes and a little bit of time. Plus, the ones that don't crack, work amazingly well. :D

    I got mine from Good Prophets. They have a fat wick that works great and come pre-dry burned, so they are ready to go as soon as you open them. Don't have to deal with nasty tastes from primer or disinfectant.
  15. paulsonlaw

    paulsonlaw Moved On

    I just made the 2 weeks marker! This is now the longest w/out stink sticks in 10yrs since basic! I'll post back at the 1mo marker...
  16. paulsonlaw

    paulsonlaw Moved On

    Today's the day!

    1 month now, analog free! Willingly & Happy!
  17. cedled

    cedled Full Member

    Congrats paulsonlaw!
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