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My Story of Halo and the Disappointment

Discussion in 'Halo' started by TheHeidiLynn, Aug 1, 2014.

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  1. TheHeidiLynn

    TheHeidiLynn Full Member

    Aug 1, 2014

    I was a smoker for about 6 years. My brother introduced me to esmokes and vaping about 1-2 years ago starting with the ego-c. I was interested but couldn't afford it at the time. Time went on and I wanted to finally get one. He had switched to Halo because of the outstanding reviews of hardware and liquid so I figured why not.
    I purchased three starter Triton kits (one for myself, father, and co-worker) along with various e-liquid.
    First off out of the gate, one of the co-workers' batteries was completely not working properly. I informed Halo and they said they would replace it when I made my next purchase which was great. Not a few days later the other battery he had with the starter kit had the same problem. I delayed contacting Halo about the second battery so that was my fault.

    My father was strictly using one of his batteries and keeping the other spare battery for if something happened to his main one. Well one day he left his main somewhere and tried to use the second one. It was a complete dud. Did not light up. Did not charge. I contacted Halo and they wanted a picture of the battery contact to make sure it wasn't 'gunked up'. I proceeded to send a picture but I accidentally sent the wrong picture. I sent a picture of a brand new starter kit battery. Needless to say I was more then surprised when they sent me a response saying there was a gunk build up around the contact area in the ridge which is IMPOSSIBLE because it was BRAND NEW. I asked them to show me where they seen this build up and they said it was in the groove around the contact area. I was baffled. They told me it was my fault (or my fathers) and not the manufacturer when it was clearly clean. Considering my fathers battery is as clean and unused as a brand new one... well this thoroughly p***ed me off.

    I had the least amount of trouble with my starter kit but still had issues. The battery would stick and keep the blue light on and I could hear it sizzling away even though I had let go. It would go until it timed out and shut itself off. I contacted them about it and they ran me through some troubleshooting. They wanted a video but that was near impossible. I couldn't activate my video on my phone to record quick enough and it only happened about 3-4 times a day. I smoke sub-zero as my main liquid. Its a pretty clear pink color but turns to an ugly dark brown and the taste changes slightly but I wasnt very concerned with that because I've seen my brothers, fathers, and co-workers all do the same. I was concerned about the white welts or burns that started to form on the inside of the clear tank. and then one day when I was screwing in the battery it kept going and, to my shock, it wasnt the battery that kept spinning but the actual clear tank had detached itself from the metal base and now leaks.

    I cant find any faults with their e-liquid. Its amazing. Their customer service leaves something to be desired. The second time I informed them about a battery they made me feel like a criminal for wanting to do an exchange of battery. The third time with them saying there was gunk and a brand new battery just drew the line.

    We all wont be going back. Not because of the few issues but because of how they treated the issue.
  2. AngiBe

    AngiBe Vapeaholic Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 19, 2013
    Indy, IN
    Wow, sorry about your experience and I'm pretty surprised. I've used Halo over a year, have 2 G6, 3 Triton batts and 3 Triton VVs (all batts except 2 VVs are just over a year old, the other 2 VVs are 7 months old) all still work perfectly fine.

    First time I've ever read in a year 3 separate kits, bought at the same time, all with batt problems. I assume you guys did click the batt on when you got it to charge it, right? It comes turned off. If you click it rapidly five times, it turns on. And again five times rapidly, it turns off...where, it will still sizzle a bit as it's turning off. Just a thought to throw out there.
  3. DaveOno

    DaveOno ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I'm sorry to hear of your woes.

    I have 2 650 batteries and 2 VV batteries. Neither has given me a lick of trouble.

    There honestly have been very few complaints about Halo customer service. My dealings with them have been positive. Had a tank I received with bad threads. They sent a new one out without needing the old one back.

    The gunk buildup is between the center post and the small top threads. If this build up gets too much, there could be a voltage leak, or a short. Without a tank, you should hear NOTHING when hitting the fire button.I have found a small drinking straw is the perfect diameter. Along with a napkin or paper towel, fit it in there and twist and clean.

    You did send them a wrong picture. Did you then send a correct picture? And again, stress that this battery failed out of the box, unused.

    The batteries are warrantied for 60 days. And if you started the dialog within the 60 days, it is still viable. If you are dissatisfied, I would CALL them. The number is on the invoice. If I was in you position, I would call them, inform them I am sending it back for a replacement or refund. And ask to speak with someone who isn't a "front line" rep, but a supervisor or manager.

    Also, you can try PM to Cinder Ella. She can further advise you.

    The tanks must be rinsed every so often. You are getting buildup. I would rinse every 3 or 4 tankfuls. And the darkening of the juice is normal.

    Best of success to you.
  4. 69CamaroSS

    69CamaroSS Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Mar 8, 2014
    Upstate, SC, USA
    It's with good reason that Halo is constantly ranked at or near the top of almost any vaping-related list. Their juice is incredible, their gear (batteries, tanks, chargers and cartos) are all top notch and most importantly- though the largest e-juice supplier in the US, their customer service has been nothing short of exemplary for everyone that I've spoken with. I've introduced 13 people to Halo and all are beyond pleased with all of the above. After verifying the battery is, in fact, turned "On" with 5 clicks of the button as Angie advised, I'd then follow up like Dave said above and I'd encourage you to reach out to the (via phone if possible) and explain your problem. Truly, I'd be utterly shocked :shock: if they don't remedy the situation to your liking!

    I've been using a 450, 650 and 1300mAh Triton as well as about a dozen Triton tanks for almost 6 months every day without even the first hint of a problem. The same can be said (with varying longevity) by literally everyone that I know that uses Halo's products!

    Best of luck and please don't give up on the Best, you're experience is BY FAR, the exception!
  5. Rt1Rebel

    Rt1Rebel Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 28, 2014
    Severna Park MD
    Wow, I don't blame you for being disappointed. I've ordered a total of 8 batteries and one of them was a dud. Halo said it was the charger (I don't think it was) and sent me a new battery and a new charger as well. Two of the batteries are almost a year old and are still in my regular rotation with 2 others, the other 4 are still waiting to be put into full service.
  6. FallenRawToast

    FallenRawToast Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 30, 2014
    LA, CA, USA, NA, SOL
    well not bad, 7 female batteries out of 8.

    (sorry couldnt resist)
  7. Evie Luv

    Evie Luv ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member

    Your funny Toaster boy. :D
  8. Rt1Rebel

    Rt1Rebel Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 28, 2014
    Severna Park MD
    Yeah I saw that later and edited, but I did chuckle about it for quite some. :)
  9. Zavri

    Zavri Senior Member ECF Veteran

    May 23, 2014
    Each starter kit has a 30 day hardware only replacement warranty if the product is defective, next time test everything before the 30 days to insure you get a replacement.

    I got a defective coil in a 5pack i bought and they shipped me a replacement coil within a few days. Never had any issue with the customer service from Halo.
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