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Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Arainbow Dash, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. Arainbow Dash

    Arainbow Dash Full Member

    Hi everyone. I thought I would introduce myself with a short little story about my experience in quitting using NRT and what Vaping has done for me.

    I started smoking at a sadly, very young age. In my town, which is desperately poor in the UK, when you were a kid at school there wasnt a lot to do. Add to this the fact that I was an outcast at school, the peer pressure to start smoking was high, wanting to be accepted and to ease some of the bullying that I was subjected to. I have tried for years since that day to give up. My longest period of having given up was a year. And I know, you might be asking why did you start again if you had given up for over a year.

    Well, the answer is a little complicated. Once you have smoked, there is a disconnect from the dangers it poses. Because you smoked and you are okay, for now, your mind doesnt see the harm in it...if that makes any sense. You also remember the times when smoking helped you cope with particularly stressful events in your life. So its a constant struggle, even a year down the line for some people to keep of the cigs. Its a life long habit that you never really give up, you just have to keep fighting it every day.

    Im afraid the comfort that I got from it outweighed my common sense. I heard about E-Cigs about a year ago from a friend who had tried them, he wasnt too impressed with them and went back to normal tobacco. I thought nothing more of it until the other day when my news agent/tobacconist, suggested E-Cigs to me. Hes a nice guy and took time out to show me how they work, show me what goes into the liquids and how to use it, and even had a sample prepared. I was...shall we say, surprised that it was almost exactly like having a normal cig, but with none of that nasty tar.

    So this is it, my second day of vaping and I already feel better. I can breathe better, I dont feel as run down and hoping that this will lead to a healthier lifestyle.
  2. Maxine

    Maxine Super Member

    Hi Arainbow Dash, and welcome to ECF! Best of luck to you on your journey to quit smoking. And you're so right about a disconnect - I quit more than two years ago and there are still times when I wonder why on Earth I bothered...

    More power to you!
  3. jxc0175

    jxc0175 Super Member Verified Member

    Congratulations and good luck to you. Vaping should make quitting analogs a lot easier for you.
  4. StevesCVO

    StevesCVO Vaping Master Verified Member

    Welcome to the forums. Congrats to you for finding a way to get off the stinky sticks.
  5. Arainbow Dash

    Arainbow Dash Full Member

    Thanks. I dont know if I would get off the e-cigs, I find something comforting about the whole process. I guess that comes from having smoked for nearly 18 years of my life. But, I am off regular cigs entirely now. Not had a craving for one since I started Vaping. I am thankful that my government has decided against a ban and just regulation as we have on our current tobacco products, IE an age limit on them. I hope you guys in the US win your fight against the FDA and big Pharma.
  6. jxc0175

    jxc0175 Super Member Verified Member

    Thank you. I hope we do too. Also, I hope they don't tax it to the point that it's as much, or more, than smoking cigarettes.
  7. Arainbow Dash

    Arainbow Dash Full Member

    Yeah, thats another way that they could run it into the ground. Though, I would be willing to pay for a healthier alternative to those coffin nails. I hope that they see that they could make a great deal of money from E-Cigs, not just in sale of products, but, in increased productivity nationwide from a healthier work force. But, governments are always that forwards thinking.
  8. irehc77

    irehc77 Super Member

    Welcome and congrats to you. I can fully relate. I am a newbie also and used to smoke two packs a day for 36 yrs. I have been vaping for three weeks now and have not had one cigs in those three weeks. I think vaping has changed my life. I have tried everything from hypnosis, patches, gum, meds etc to quit smoking. Never have I made it three weeks esp without wanting to claw anyones eyes out or climbing the walls. Now I am cig free in comfort with vaping. No cravings etc. Of course I am still getting the addicted nicotine but much much better for me than the traditional cigarettes. I was SO addicted and no one including myself ever thought I would ever quit smoking. So for me this has been almost like a miracle. So I wish you well. I know if I can do literally anyone can!
  9. jxc0175

    jxc0175 Super Member Verified Member

    It can also create many jobs!
  10. Arainbow Dash

    Arainbow Dash Full Member

    Hi, yeah, its literally like a breathe of fresh air. I can already feel the benefits after a day. It can only get better. And I know, I went to our local quit club 4 times and tried various NRT from gum to champix, but nothing worked. Now I have this. I know in the US, the profit in health care is in keeping people sick, which is a shame, over here in the UK though, they have to save money on health care to make a profit, which is probably why our government looks on E-Cigs differently. But yeah, I have heard nothing but positive stories from people who have taken up vaping, not one bad story have I seen.
  11. Arainbow Dash

    Arainbow Dash Full Member

    Yeah, it could indeed. But again, very few governments are that forwards thinking. Me, Im happy with my Liberty Flights Ego vaper and my strawberry E-Liquid...its sooo good. :p
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