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Need help with first mech mod for birthday present to myself

Discussion in 'APV and Mods Discussion' started by meatball0223, Feb 17, 2014.

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  1. meatball0223

    meatball0223 Full Member

    Dec 17, 2013
    United States
    My birthday is coming up soon and as a present to myself, I wanted to get a starter mech setup and step further into the world of vaping.

    I have been vaping since about June of last year. I started on blu cigs and quickly moved to ego style batteries. For the past three months now I have been rotating between an mvp v2 and an ego twist for on-the-go vaping.

    I have a series of questions and would like your help setting me up with a reliable and safe starting setup. I have a pretty good understanding of ohms law and battery limitations, and I plan to get some 30a batteries even though I don’t plan on vaping anything under .8 or so.

    Generally, I am looking for a clone setup, as I don’t want to spend too much money before I commit to mechs for good. But I am looking to spend up to $150 or so and I also have an amazon card I plan to use for the charger, kanthal, and other accessories that doesn’t count toward the totals, so any supplies that I can get on amazon would be preferred so I can just use up the card.

    My first question is simple. I need recommendations for a good, reliable, starter mech. I know a lot of people are going to suggest the hcigar nemesis clone, but I would like other recommendations as I am already considering that one but I would like more input. I am not very picky about design as long as it is reliable. I also would like to know what the better clone RDA’s are and where I can purchase them from a reliable online vendor. Are there any mechs and rda’s that were meant for each other ( look good together)?

    In addition, I would need to know a good reliable charger, preferably on amazon, that I could use. I have heard nitecore’s are good, but are there any other recommendations? For my 18350s I plan on buying some aw imr’s off of rtdvapor. Does anyone have a list of a few reliable vendors that sell the genuine sony 30a 18650’s?

    besides kanthal and cotton, ekowool, what are some necessary accessories/supplies? Are there any tool kits or sets that are recommended to buy?

    I also had some questions about maintenance and setup. Are there any necessary cleaning steps I should take before using my mech? Does the tube need to be washed or sanded in any way upon receiving it? Are there any specific compounds I should be using to clean the mech? And how often/thoroughly should I be cleaning it? Are there any critical steps in preventing shorts or resistance in the mech itself?

    What are the advantage of dual/single coils in RDA’s? is one inherently better than the other?

    Lastly, I generally have a good idea about battery limitations and I only plan on pushing about half of the amp limit on the batteries but I have a couple last questions. Can someone explain the C rating of a battery and how I can use that to find the amp limit without looking it up? Also, can someone explain voltage drop to me, as this is one thing I never really learned about.

    If you have anything to add, please feel free to do so, any help is greatly appreciated and I am excited to step further down the vaping rabbit hole.

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