New Arrivals The Beacon by Beyond Vape and Aspire and Innokin batteries.

Discussion in 'Cloud 9 Vaping' started by vapn, Aug 27, 2014.

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  1. vapn

    vapn Supplier Associate ECF Veteran


    The Beacon by Beyond Vape
    The Beacon is a telescoping mechanical mod offering excellent quality at a very affordable price. Featuring a locking bottom button and top cap that tapers to 22mm. This device will look great with many of today's atomisers and tanks. With its wide range of battery options we're sure you'll find this a very useful device for day-to-day use. Ideal for beginners and advanced users.



    • • Anodised T6 aluminium tubes for optimum conductivity
    • • 303 Stainless Steel 510 cap and bottom fire assembly
    • • Polished brass button
    • • Silver plated brass contacts (top and bottom) for maximum conductivity
    • • Versatile telescopic design to accommodate all 18x series batteries
    • • Ventilated battery chamber for safety
    Get yours now for just £59.95*
    *Device only, batteries, charger and atomiser must be purchased separately

    New Aspire and Innokin Batteries

    If you're in the market for a new battery, look no further. From Aspire, we have their new G Power, VV and VV+ Batteries:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    New Innokin we have their new CLK1280 Express kit:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. MJ12

    MJ12 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Unless someone can talk me out of it, I'm probably going to pull the trigger on the black one in the next couple of days.
  3. vapn

    vapn Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Which one are you talking about MJ12?
  4. MJ12

    MJ12 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oops... a little clarification would help, huh? I meant the black Beacon mod. BTW, I just ordered it and it'll be my first mech. :drool:
  5. vapn

    vapn Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Excellent, it's a great device I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Let us know how you get along with it OK. :)
  6. MJ12

    MJ12 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Count on it!
  7. MJ12

    MJ12 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Not sure why, all of a sudden, I can't edit my previous post. Anyway, my Beacon mod is on the truck, delivery scheduled for Monday.

    UPDATE: I guess Monday came early. FedEx just delivered it. I was surprised how small it is. With an 18650 battery installed, and no atty, it's 3.75" long and 7/8" in diameter. With the stainless steel Tobh perched on top, it's 5 5/8" long and looks "sick as t!ts". The throw on the firing button is less than 1mm. I'm in my office and looks like a fog bank has rolled in, and that's with a 1.1 ohm build.

  8. krobeson

    krobeson Senior Member Verified Member

    Let me know if it keeps working well...because I need a good authentic without the $200 pricetag!!
  9. MJ12

    MJ12 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Roger that! That's why I jumped on this mod like a chicken on a june bug. Designed and made in the US, serialized, authentic, excellent reviews... what's not to like about it?

    When I mentioned to some other vapors that I was seriously considering a telescopic mod, the subject of voltage drop was brought up. Out of curiosity, I checked the voltage of a freshly charged VTC5 battery... 4.24volts. I put the battery in the mod and placed the negative lead on the side of the 510 connector and the positive lead directly on the center pin. I hit the fire button and the DMM was reading 4.24 volts, with an occasional drop to 4.23, then back to 4.24. This was done with no load on the battery, just the DMM. I don't have an inline volt meter, so that was the best I could do. All said and done, I'm quite pleased with my latest acquisition. I big :thumb: goes to Beyond Vape for providing an excellent alternative for those of us on a budget, or just can't justify spending $200+ on a mech.

    I'm not going to say it "hits like a train" because the juice I'm vaping is max VG, 0mg of nic and the current build in my Tobh is 1.1Ω.
  10. vapn

    vapn Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Nice one, glad you're happy with your new Beacon.
  11. MJ12

    MJ12 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I'll post pics of it with my s/s Tobh and black Kayfun later today.

    I've re-built the Tobh to .8Ω and am vaping Suicide Bunny Claim Your Throne @ 6mg nic. (Note: I have no preference one way or the other for Skyline Vapor, they just happen to be one of the first search hits that came up) That aside, the graphic on the bottle looks like the queen is holding the king's head, not just his crown.
  12. MJ12

    MJ12 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Here's a pic of my Beacon mod with the Tobh atty... the atty is a bit out of focus :(

  13. vapn

    vapn Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Nice one! How's it been performing for you?
  14. MJ12

    MJ12 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Outstanding! The only beef I have with it is that the center pin on the base has a tendency to back out and I occasionally have to tighten it up. I've been told that's not uncommon with mech mods, but this is my first mech so I can't personally attest to that. I just wish they'd milled out a slot on that center pin so it could be tightened with a screwdriver. I'd toyed with the idea of putting a drop or two of blue Loctite on the threads, not the red stuff! However, I've a feeling that is going to affect the voltage drop and overall performance of the mod. Speaking of voltage drop... I had it checked at a local B&M and it was less than .04 volts. I'm not a cloud chaser and I can certainly live with that. It and the Tobh are playing nicely together. All in all, I highly recommend the Beacon as a first mech mod.
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