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NEW eGo-C Twist - Stainless Tips - Ce4 Adapters - iTaste 3.0

Discussion in 'Australia/New Zealand Suppliers' started by SDMagoo, Sep 5, 2013.

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  1. SDMagoo

    SDMagoo Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

    May 6, 2011
    New Zealand
    Hi everyone,

    This week we have a few new drip tips to check out + new Ce4 adapters.
    Drip tips allow a bit more customization of your favourite vaping device, originally designed to allow users to direct drip (basically a larger airway to allow e-liquid to be dripped directly though onto direct dripping atomizers), they are most often used today for appearance and mouth feel purposes.
    Some tips do change the vape also, an example of this is the very long Stainless tip we have released in our series 2, which should in fact act to cool the vape much more so than a standard plastic tip can.
    Our iClear 16s and other similar Ce4/Ce5 types can also use standard 510/901 drip tips with the addition of a Ce4-510 adapter (below).



    CE4-510 Adapter

    NEW for V3 + iClear
    Standard tip adapter
    V2, V3 or iClear to 510/808/901



    Don't forget our New Products section. All new listings appear here once live.

    2.0ohm iClear 16 Heads are now back in stock.

    These are the same heads as supplied in the clearomizers with our Naked iClear 16 kits.
    iClear 16 - Dual Coil Head - 5 PACK


    eGo-C Twist 1300mAh Battery

    Produced by a leading e-Cigarette manufacturer these eGo styled variable voltage battery are very similar to our Vision Spinner batteries, but at a lower price point.
    Buy now


    Introducing the NEW iTaste Variable Voltage 3.0 e-Cigarette battery.

    NZ$Buy now
    Now with a 510-eGo connection





    Advanced Section

    This week we are introducing a new range of 510 atomizers - intro pricing while stocks last
    NB: Not suitable for first time users.
    Naked Vapour 510 Atomizer
    These classic 510 atomizers are now available in single or dual coil designs - each with resistance options - so those with fixed voltage devices should have something within range.
    From NZ$5.00 while stocks last

    Kamry Vape Safety Fuse
    This chip attaches to the battery in your MOD to provide short circuit protection.
    Buy now

    Coming back real soon....
    Naked Premium + Applebaccy + Strawbaccy + Naked Tobacco Menthol have quietly been out of stock for a few weeks now.

    This was beyond our immediate control at the time and we are very pleased to announce that these e-Liquids should be available again by this time next week.
    We have also taken steps to ensure our stock can take a supplier going out of stock for some months, should this situation arise again.

    Until next week, cheers from Rob and Lia.

    Naked Vapour is New Zealand's e-Cigarette specialist.

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