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New Flavours from Suprem-e Liquid at Cloud9Vaping

Discussion in 'Crème de Vape' started by Lisaf01, Dec 27, 2013.

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  1. Lisaf01

    Lisaf01 Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Jun 22, 2009

    Liquids for electronic cigarettes made by expert flavourists for a top-level Italian made product.
    The Suprem-e line of e-liquids is the outcome of months of study and research, during which, expert flavourists have achieved tastes and aromas of the very highest quality.
    Suprem-e liquids, produced and tested in Italy, are constantly certified by laboratories authorised by Italy’s Istituto Superiore della Sanità to ensure safety of ingredients, top-quality manufacture and consistency.

    New Suprem-e flavours just in:

    Suprem-e Absinthe Flavour
    The perfect flavour for lovers of anise. There is nothing more imaginative than vaping Absinthe, a deep, fresh taste, full of emotions.

    Suprem-e Arctic Mint Flavour
    Balsamic mint together with white mint crystals that delight the palate and offer a rich and strong vaping. Artic mint is the ideal companion for those who love a deep, deep freshness.

    Suprem-e First Pick Tobacco
    Only first choice Virginia tobacco has been used to make the First Pick taste full and rich. Velvet and generous, to keep always on hand for those moments of the day in which time seems to have stopped.

    Suprem-e Green Cloud Flavour
    The first of a brand new organic line of liquids: the perfume of a wisely extracted nature, herbaceous tastes which have been accurately selected by herboristic specialists to create a natural, organic aroma with forbidden sensations.

    Suprem-e Jelly Flavour
    Take a look at the box and feel like a child again…Citrus fruit, mixed berries and a lot of sugar for a cheerful vaping. Just take care to always have it with you!

    Suprem-e Kiln Tobacco
    Full and strong tobacco taste, dry to the right point in order to give the perfect hit when vaping. Kiln is perfect even for the most demanding tastes that are always seeking new flavours reminiscent of the old-style smoke.

    Suprem-e Orange+ Flavour
    Orange to vape, fresh, full and perfumed, reminding the heat of the Sun even during the wintertime, with that spiced "plus" which makes it characteristic, unique and refined.

    Suprem-e RY4 Regular Flavour
    Cotton candy, caramel and tobacco smartly mixed in order to get a classic and satisfying vape.
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