New Liquid Fusion Juices to be Developed in the USA!

Discussion in 'Bloog' started by Vaan, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Vaan

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    Happy Friday everyone!

    I see some of you have already caught whiff of the news regarding some new Bloog flavors being developed in the USA.
    Bloog will be releasing 3 new Liquid Fusion flavors (just juices to start, pre-filled carts will be next) leading up to holiday season.

    One of the new flavors will consist of a blend of some flavor (still TBD) with a touch of menthol. Here's where we'd love your input!

    If you could pick any flavor (either one that Bloog already offers or a completely NEW flavor) to add a dash of menthol to, what would it be?

    Your feedback would be much appreciated.

    While we're always thrilled to be developing new flavors - especially made at home, here in the USA - we have several other new developments that we'll be excited to share with you in the coming weeks. Many great new surprises are on the horizon for Bloog! Stay tuned, and happy Blooging!

    - Vaan
  2. pmos69

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    I'm tuned!

    Not really a menthol fan here but what about the other 2 (tobacco) flavors? What will they be like?
  3. Vaan

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    We're still in the process of testing out various options for each of the new flavors. However, to give you a basic idea, the two tobaccos will be mutually unique - one with a hint of sweetness, the other one slightly darker with some form of spice to the kick.
  4. rpriode

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    Strawberry and menthol or mint. Lots of fruits could be enhanced with mnethol or mint.
  5. redempti0N

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    SPI and Menthol is a nice blend 80/20 mix
  6. leaford

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    That does sound good. :p
: bloog

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