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New Parts and Accessories for eCom and More! 3/24/14

Discussion in 'MyFreedomSmokes' started by AlexStiff, Mar 24, 2014.

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  1. AlexStiff

    AlexStiff Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Jan 24, 2014
    Charlotte NC

    The Airflow Controller screws onto the 510 connector of your electronic cigarette. Attach the Controller first and then attach your tank. With the Controller screwed on all the way down the airflow notches are unimpeded. But as you unscrew the Controller it rises up and starts to cover the airflow holes on the tank. You can adjust it all the way until it is snug under the tank.

    Compatible with Kanger Protank II, Kanger Protank 3 and Kanger Aerotank

    This base can be used to upgrade a Protank II or Protank 3 to have adjustable airflow or it can simply be used to replace a faulty Aerotank base. Turn the dial on the base to increase or decrease airflow to your preference.

    The Kanger Airflow Control Valve does not change the type of atomizer heads you can use in your Kanger tank.

    eCom Atomizer is the core of eCom. High voltage, high output and large vapor are all available on eCom due to its new atomizer C2 head. It remains the transparent e-juice window. And the upper air inlet and outlet eliminate the likelihood of leakage.
    MouthPiece and Atomizer head NOT included
    Diameter: 14mm
    Length: 76mm (including mouthpiece)
    Liquid capacity: 1.5ml​

    This is a new type of leather case dedicated to eCom. Exquisitely designed and finely fabricated, eCom leather case is endowed with smart appearance and decent texture.​

    You can use the mouthpiece connect to assemble eCom with pluggable mouthpiece.​

    Precision crafted and beautifully contoured, replacement eCom mouthpieces are available in Black.
    The Force is an external power adapter that turns any mechanical mod into a variable wattage device. It performs exactly the same function as The Kick, but instead of placing it directly on top of your battery, it screws into the 510 connection. The top of The Force unscrews to reveal a modified Kick underneath. To adjust your wattage, unscrew the top of The Force, and use a phillips-head screwdriver to turn the dial on top of The Kick. The Force will output any wattage between 5 and 12 watts. The Force has 510 and eGo threading, allowing you to use virtually any style of atomizer. This is perfect for all those mechanical mods that are unable to fit an 18650 with The Kick! With The Force, any mechanical mod with a 510 connection, in any battery configuration, can be turned into a variable wattage device! The Force comes included with a Kick already installed. May The Force be with you!
    Note: The Force will NOT work with devices that are already variable voltage, variable wattage, or regulated. It will not work on the eGo batteries. This is strictly for mechanical and semi-mechanical mods. Always use safe-chemistry IMR batteries when using The Kick or The Force.

    Smoktechs new 510 mini polypropylene colored single coil cartomizer. These mini cartomizers are 22mm in length and are easy to fill due to the length. They hold around 15 drops of juice.

    The Smoktech Telescope Mod Clip is made of stainless steel and is designed to carry Zmax, Vmax, Telescope, and Natural mods. With silica gel clip covers it can clip Zmax/Vmax/Natural/Telescope mods very well, making it easy to carry those big mods around, especially when you go outside. Easy to hang mods on bags, key chains etc. Really good choice for mod lovers.

    This lanyard slides on to EGO Size batteries over the button. It covers the entire button, but protects it and still allows it to be fired. Carry your e-cig with you without the hassle of putting it in your pocket or handbag. Always at your fingertips and ready to go

    The High Drain LC 10440 350mah

    This carrying case has a zipper to ensure none of your equipment gets lost or damaged! Compatible with any type of E-Cig, it has ample room inside and is partitioned off with elastic enclosing mechanisms to ensure nothing is damaged in transit.
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