New tp vaping but what about the cheap mods for sale?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Qball, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. Qball

    Qball Senior Member ECF Veteran

  2. ScarletAbby

    ScarletAbby Senior Member ECF Veteran

    What's your budget?
  3. dude75951

    dude75951 Full Member Verified Member

    kinda vague question qball.tons o mods out there for less than fifty and most r worth it
  4. xanderxman

    xanderxman Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sometimes cheap is cheap, as in cheaply built. Other times cheap is a decent mod at a decent price. Which mod(s) are you looking at?
  5. Qball

    Qball Senior Member ECF Veteran

    not sure i have a vamo now? like the
  6. HK-47

    HK-47 Super Member ECF Veteran

    The VAMO is pretty good choice overall man. VV, VW, reasonably solid construction etc etc. PBusardo gave it good reviews and there are plenty of others who like the hell out of it and use it on a daily basis.

    Probably anything you got aside from a Darwin or Provari or something really top end would be more of a side-grade than an upgrade. The VAMO has all (or more) of the same features as other mods that have VV such as the Lavatubes or the Tesla or things like that.

    Unless you might look into the rebuildable atomizers and mechanical mods. Not entirely sure if that's an upgrade depending on what you're after. The changes for a mechanical mod include (often) more solid construction, a simpler design, loss of the vv/vw aspect but the gaining of the ability to use really low resistance atomizers. Some folks like that kind of vape better, I read.
  7. johnnydotexe

    johnnydotexe Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    What exactly are you wanting to know?

    The vamo and lavatube are awesome choices right now when considering features-to-price ratio. Can't beat a 'smart' VV(+ VW with the vamo) 18650 mod for under $50-60.

    There are a LOT of other mods out there so if you're curious about trying something else hit up the classifieds. Boxmods, tube mods, bottom-feed mods, top-feed mods, VV mods, all sorts of stuff to choose from.
  8. rotku

    rotku Super Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    If you already have a VAMO, you already have an inexpensive mod. If you want a straight up VV mod there are a ton of choices. What is the budget and what others features might you want (ie. size, battery, color)?
  9. greener85

    greener85 Full Member Verified Member

    I would agree with HK-47 for the most part. I think that in the long run the EVic looks interesting from the fact you can get the device now, and keep upgrading it for as long as they keep coming out with new firmware. The new firmware in thoery makes your device relevant longer.

    Like the fact that they have taking the feed back from the reviewers out there and incorporating changes and coming up with new firmware versions. Secondly, watching VP Live there are people out there already looking to hack the firmware to make it more customized for features that you might like.

    I was looking at the eVic, just want to see if Joy is going to keep up with releasing new versions of the firmware before I make the investment.
  10. jxc0175

    jxc0175 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Cheap is very rarely better
  11. Qball

    Qball Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Budget not really the issue. I dont want to spend a $200 on just one unit i would rather have 2-4 for that same price. I havent got into atomizers yet but would like to any suggestions on good ones? How long do they last?
  12. Kanj.nguyen

    Kanj.nguyen Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Do you mind fiddling with stuff?
  13. darkhood

    darkhood Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Vague questions followed by more vague questions often gets you...generalized answers and usually more questions. You could buy a myriad of devices for $200, it'd probably be best to be more specific about what you want so we can help you better... Atomizers for dripping? Price range? Nevermind, someone else w/ more patience will help you.

  14. Qball

    Qball Senior Member ECF Veteran

    no i dont mind fiddling with stuff. had to fiddle a lot with carto tanks at first but worked through it. Sorry if i am vague i am a newbie only been vaping for 4 months so sorry if i am not sure what i want.
  15. Kanj.nguyen

    Kanj.nguyen Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Then an RBA and a VAMO would be my suggestion. I advocate newbies using advanced mods right away. If it sounds like something you want to do of course.
  16. Qball

    Qball Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I am interested just a little nervouse ab out the rebuild part of it. What are some good RBA at a decent price. I notice some of them are really exspensive. What is the difference on a high end RBA unit and some of the lower price ones.
  17. Kanj.nguyen

    Kanj.nguyen Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I can see none. I use a $25 AGA-T+ and a $16 DID clone, and they vape brilliantly. Yesterday there was a guy on here who got a $150 Phoenix and cant get it to work.

    They are RBAs, they work the way you set them up.

    That said, i have heard of new RBAs with innovative designs on them. But i cant imagine anything for the price that i would want to replace my AGA with.
  18. Qball

    Qball Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Where did you get them? How harde is it to rebuild and how often do they need to be done?
  19. Clearo-Mizer

    Clearo-Mizer Super Member ECF Veteran

    yeah man i get where you are coming from... acquiring stuff is part of the hobby....since you already have a VAMO ( I love mine)...try a AGA-T rebuildable ...its easy to master and alot of works well on the Vamo and looks like it was made for will keep you entertained for a bit.

    the Vamo is pretty much top dog in the "Value" market, it was what i learned to build coils on because its really easy to check ohms on. also real easy to set wattage with...the only competition the Vamo has is the Zmax or the evic...but both of them are more money and less user friendly

    So...unless you want to pony up a couple hundred for a "Provari" ( overrated in my opinion ) or a nice Mechanical Mod you are pretty much already get a good re-buildable..and explore the world of wick and coil..

    before all you provari fanboy's get all butthurt this is just my opinion and yes I have spent time with a provari and chose not to buy one because I have a Vamo and did not see that much of a difference so I got a Zenisis ss Standard instead. to me way better than a provari.
  20. Kanj.nguyen

    Kanj.nguyen Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I get my AGA from mountain vapor. Discountvaper offers the Griffin, which is a DID clone.

    The first build takes me 5 hours and didnt work very well. The next took 30 mins, and from then on 3 mins are all i need. And they barely have to be rebuilt after that.
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