New ULTRAPure USA made E-Liquid 0-36mg!!!!

Discussion in 'Innovapor' started by jesstene, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. jesstene

    jesstene Super Member ECF Veteran

    We are proud to bring to you our amazing new E-liquid!!

    UltraPure E-Liquid
    Made in the USA and VG based!

    Options for nicotine levels are 0 - 36mg, along with a variety of flavors!

    Sale!! 5% off Fluid orders...along with the 20% off coupon ECF20 for a TOTAL of 25% OFF!

    We are also offering Bulk discounts and Wholesale for Affiliates!! Please email or for more information about this program
    or see the thread for affiliate sales!

    Please read on to obtain all the information about this amazing new fluid.

    Ultra Pure Liquid is the highest quality nicotine liquid for use in Electronic Nicotine Inhalers and Personal Vaporizers available. Made in the USA from the purest ingredients possible. All of our ingredients are greater then 99% pure. Enjoy the purest and best made nicotine liquid on the planet. Ultra Pure Liquid, accept no substitute.

    ULTRApure Liquid is MADE in the USA Assuring the absolutely highest levels of quality control. ULTRApure Liquid only utilizes ingredients from American manufacturers with the highest level of purity.

    Manufactured using the highest grade 99+% pure Nicotine and USP Grade 99.7% pure Vegetable Glycerol. ULTRApure does NOT use flavoring oils, cooking oils, candy oils as flavoring ingredients. In fact ULTRApure uses only pure compounds as flavors meaning that we utilize a single natural extract to deliver flavor allowing us to avoid any unwanted ingredients.

    Additionally as we use only the pure flavoring compound we can use extremely small amounts and deliver amazing natural flavor with out the additional chemical found in traditional flavoring additives. ULTRApure has worked to deliver a nicotine liquid that maximizes the ability of an electronic cigarette to serve as an alternative to smoking,
    ULTRApure liquid's flavors are designed to provide full, rich and natural vapor with extraordinary throat hit.

    UPL REGULAR Ingredients - Full, Medium, Light, Ultralight
    Glycerol 99.7% purity (USP), Deionized water, Ethyl Maltol 99+% purity (FCC), Nicotine 99+% purity. Natural Flavoring/Extract 99+% purity (<3%).

    UPL MENTHOL Ingredients - Full, Medium, Light, Ultralight
    Glycerol 99.7% purity (USP), Deionized water, Ethyl Maltol 99+% purity (FCC), Natural Menthol (99+% purity), Nicotine 99+%purity. Natural Flavoring/Extract 99+% purity(<3%).

    UPL UNFLAVORED Ingredients - Full, Medium, Light, Ultralight
    Glycerol 99.7% purity (USP), Deionized water, Nicotine 99+% purity . Natural Flavoring/Extract 99+% purity(<3%).

    If you have any further questions please let me know or email to

    Thank you!!!

    Millie and the Innovapor Team
  2. harpo

    harpo Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    eliquid part of your site is down
  3. jesstene

    jesstene Super Member ECF Veteran

    I just checked and it is allowing me to go to the Page with the Liquid on it.

    Are you having difficultly with the checkout process?

    I am here to help let me know more details to correct the issue

    Thank you

  4. fllinton

    fllinton Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I'm getting The InnoVapor promo code you entered is not valid, is expired, or not eligible for this order. on checkout
  5. jesstene

    jesstene Super Member ECF Veteran

    The Promo code can be obtained by the following:

    Go to InnoVapor is your alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes

    Enter email on the right hand side for the coupon promotion

    press enter

    coupon is sent via email to you

    If you are still experiencing problems please let me know!

    Thank you

  6. fllinton

    fllinton Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I did that still having the problem
  7. cmirsky

    cmirsky Full Member ECF Veteran

    I receive a blank e-mail. No promotion code or anything enclosed.
  8. jesstene

    jesstene Super Member ECF Veteran

    Due to the overwhelming support from the Forum users we have activated a coupon code just for you!!!





  9. fllinton

    fllinton Senior Member ECF Veteran

    :D Thank You
  10. gr8dane

    gr8dane Super Member ECF Veteran

    Has anyone done a review on it yet? Sorry if I've missed this in another thread (I've looked but can't find it), is the regular flavor basically a 'rich' type of flavor? Is the full just a more concentrated version, or is it a different flavor?
  11. Slo Ryd

    Slo Ryd Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

    I have been testing the new UltraPure liquid for quite a while now and I have to say that it is far superior to ECOpure. All flavors are available in 36-0 mg, which is great for me because I only smoke 36 mg. The throat hit is amazing. I have not felt a throat hit as good as this except with an analog. The taste in the Regular is such a smooth taste. Very close to what a real cigarette actually tastes like, but so much mellower and smoother. My new favorite. The menthol is also much closer to what a real menthol cigarette tastes like. And the unflavored is perfect for people that still like to get their nicotine fix without any taste. I strongly urge anyone who likes ECOpure to order some of our new US made UltraPure and try it for yourselves. I promise you will not be disappointed. If anyone has any questions involving UltraPure liquid, shipping issues, hardware, or accessories please feel free to contact me here on the ECF or at

  12. Slo Ryd

    Slo Ryd Registered Supplier ECF Veteran


    Yes, our new Regular flavor is "basically" a different Rich. We wanted something similar to Rich but with more of an "authentic cigarette taste" and a lot more consistency. And as far as the full, medium, lite and ultra lite go, it is not a different flavor, but as you said a different concentration of the Regular flavor. Full flavor has the maximum amount of the "cigarette" taste, medium has less than full, lite is less than medium and ultra lite is the lightest. We wanted to follow along the lines of real cigarettes and how they are classified. You have your full flavor cigs, then your medium flavor, then your lites and ultra lites. So basically you can base what kind of fluid you want off of what kind of cigs you used to smoke. If you smoked marlboro reds then you would want the full flavor, if you smoked marlboro lights then you would want the lite flavor. I have been trying them all week and I am really hooked on the Regular Full Flavor 36 mg. Just be careful with that 36 mg. Mark and I have been up numerous nights testing these different fluids (all 36 mg) and they will definitely make your head spin.
  13. gr8dane

    gr8dane Super Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks Tony. I appreciate the info and quick response.
  14. dubnluvn

    dubnluvn Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Tony would you say this is a 'tobacco' flavor? Or a more smokey flavor similar to Rich? Or something different altogether?

    I have to say I was taken by surprise when I heard about the change in juice, but I am very much looking forward to trying it as soon as it arrives. I hope its as good as you say.
  15. Slo Ryd

    Slo Ryd Registered Supplier ECF Veteran


    I would say that it is more of a "tobacco" flavor. It is like Rich but more cigarette tasting and much smoother. It is the closest cigarette tasting liquid that I have ever tried. If you smoked strong full flavor cigs then the Regular Full Flavor would be the flavor for you. If you smoked lights then the lite flavor would be the one for you.
  16. jesstene

    jesstene Super Member ECF Veteran

    They are similar to the "Rich" flavors, the Full is the strongest flavor and the regular is more along the lines of the "Gold" from before.

    I hope that this helps!

    We are looking forward to the reviews of the new liquid, since the site just launched with the new fluid we do not yet have any reviews, if you would like to do one for us that would be wonderful!

    you can submit it to us via email or through the new site!

    Thank you

  17. Yosam

    Yosam Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Just ordered using the code. I am hoping for good results with the new liquid. I loved ECOpure and want to like this as well. I hope your shipping is better than before.

  18. jesstene

    jesstene Super Member ECF Veteran

    That is wonderful, we hope to get it out to you ASAP!

    Please let us know if there is anything we can assist you with further!

    Thank you

  19. Cupid

    Cupid Full Member

    Looks like there was a review in the original 20 percent off thread:
    damn i thought what i found was great with no discounts , 500 ml for $130 which brings it down to $.26 a ml , again that is without a discount . tastes great too ... oh yeah and 125 ml for $46 (without discount)
  20. hxj

    hxj Super Member ECF Veteran

    Hi Tony, what about the ingredients? Is this formulation as low in additives as ECOpure? Are you using any tobacco-derived ingredients?

    I'm pretty excited about this. :)

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