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newbie frustrations -- par for the course?

Discussion in 'Ask The Veterans' started by mahiney, Nov 30, 2013.

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  1. mahiney

    mahiney Full Member Verified Member

    Nov 17, 2013
    Gator, FL
    Ok I'm only 2 weeks into this, I'm so excited about vaping but I have tons more to learn even tho I've spent about 85 hours so far of intense researching and reading -- everyone in my life thinks I'm crazy...
    - my set up: ego & VisionSpin batteries with a Kanger mini pro 2 (with 2.5 coils) & a CE4 (that came with the eGo)
    - 30VG 70PG flavored mix, vanilla ice cream
    - first uses of tanks seemed glorious, degraded after a couple tank fills tho, pretty quickly

    - burnt taste if I try to get same initial first vape hits, so I'm getting little vape hits now
    - wondering how long other people have their tanks/coils/wicks last
    - neither tank likes going to higher voltages on the VisionSpin (burn taste right away)
    - finding out that vape hardware has to be replaced often, bummer, would be nice to have longer lasting set-ups (looking into Vamo etc for that part but tanks are a vast deep ocean of information to weed thru)

    My apologies, don't mean to be a complainer, I'm just disappointed that the initial huge vape hits don't continue longer. I did rinse out the CE4 and let it dry, then filled and let it sit for a couple hours before using it. It still did not work like the fist time. I put the new coil in the Kanger mini and the same thing -- the vape hit degraded, less vapor and soon the burnt taste. I'm reading my brains out, realizing it IS a hobby and didn't realize that vaping as a hobby takes a lot more time and energy than I ever imagined. Like I needed another hobby really.

    So how DO busy people get a good vaping on?

    I'm suspecting I'm getting headaches from the PG, but I guess PG is a better vape... I just want to vape! It's very possible I'm getting headaches from all the researching for answers, because all the reading is just incredible. Reading also that people are spending lots of money on this-and-that trying to find the better vaping set-up.
    Yes, I’ve read high VG ratio is more likely to gunk up and/or burn, and yes I’m about to buy some type of drip system. And this forum logs me out before I’m ever done writing a post. OMG.
  2. dchest02

    dchest02 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 24, 2012
    Muskegon, MI
    My suggestion would be a good carto tank setup. I have had nothing but bad luck with clearomizers. For the money a good carto tank will out perform a clearo any day of the week.

    A good tank
    19mm Cartomizer Tank

    Good pre-punched cartos
    IKV 510 MEGA Platinum LR S Series

    The cartos I use
    801 Fusion Punch! Cartomizer LR 2.0

    but you'll need an adapter if you go for 801s
    510-801 Fusion Stealth Adjustable Adapter

    With the 801 fusions in a tank I average about 10-14 days of use before I have to change my carto.

    The headaches will go away. I got them when I first started.

    Best advice, don't give up. Read everything, learn all you can. No one started out with the perfect setup. Hang in there.
  3. Ryedan

    Ryedan ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 31, 2012
    Ontario, Canada
    I used to use CE4's as my main vape for a few months. I rinsed and dry burned the coil and wick every 2 to 5 tank fulls depending on how dirty the juice was. The same for Vivi Nova's and Kanger T2's. I probably average three weeks from a coil doing this. Google 'dry burn <device name>' and you'll find videos on how to do it. I still have some of these and still appreciate the VVN's.

    As for voltage, these clearomizers don't like too much power. Start low and slowly increase until the vape tastes burnt. Back it down a bit and that is your max voltage setting for that device with those coils and that juice. Pick a setting that you like best at or below that voltage. As the coil gets gunked up the max voltage will go down. Other devices will allow you more room to go higher.

    IMO, headaches are probably from too much nicotine, not the PG. What ratio of PG vs VG you end up liking best doesn't matter. Vape what is best for you. If you end up liking high VG content you will have to deal with the thick juice, but that is easy to do. Yes, it will gunk coils faster, but IMO it's not a game changer. I vape between 70 and 90% VG because PG irritates my throat a bit.

    You don't need to spend a lot of money to vape. Work with what you've got and get the most out of it that you can. I used a much more maintenance intensive product before I switched to the CE4's, which at the time I thought were a fantastic improvement ;).

    Hope this helps!
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