Newer Vaper here in Cleveland, OH

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by KraveVPR, Oct 30, 2013.

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  1. KraveVPR

    KraveVPR Unregistered Supplier

    Anyone here from the Cleveland area? I see there is a Cleveland forum, but I can't post yet as I just joined. Some background on myself. I used to be a smoker and quit cold turkey about 7 years ago. I picked up a BLU from a convenient store after a long week at work and I couldn't resist the temptation to delve into this world further. There aren't many Vape stores up here so a friend of mine and I have been talking about opening a store.

    This has become my new hobby and I'm excited to talk to all of you about your experiences and expertise!
  2. Ruby_Red_Shoes

    Ruby_Red_Shoes Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    HiKraveVPR - I'm a Clevelander too! Didn't know there was a Cleveland forum - Have to check it out - Is the BLU the only ecig you have tried? ohmi! If so, prepare to have an 'over the top' hobby! - I started vaping about a year ago - rather halfheartedly - picked it up again a couple of months ago - Invested in better hardware and new juice and haven't looked back since - I smoked for almost 40 years, 1.5 ppd - I still have two in the morning with my coffee (those are the hardest for me to give up) but that's it and for me, that's HUGE! Welcome to ECF - Great site, people, information, inspiration - anything good - You'll find it here - :)
  3. KraveVPR

    KraveVPR Unregistered Supplier

    Oh no, hahaha I wish that I had only spent a few bucks on Blu's here and there. I have become a full fledged vaping addict. I'm using a Vision spinner with a Protank2 at the moment. I'm going to make the jump to an EVIC soon. In a couple short months I've cluttered my office at work with bottle upon bottle of ejuice. Do you order your juice online or get it here locally?
  4. Debra_oh

    Debra_oh Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hi and welcome. I am in Cleveland (east burbs) and been vaping a few months now. Have not had a cig since I started and that just continues to amaze me. You are right about the lack of B&Ms in town. There is a small shop called Esignificance in Mayfield heights that has a pretty basic selection but reasonable prices. I just found a "Smoke" shop nearby that has some juices and a bit of gear but their primary business is with burning stuff. There is a need for a great B&M in town and if i had the cash I would look at opening one.

    Again, welcome.
  5. KraveVPR

    KraveVPR Unregistered Supplier

    Debra, nice to meet you. It's extremely exciting to hear an experienced vaper express a need for a good B&M in town. I've been over to ecignificance and also down to legend vapor and kings of vapor and I just wasn't satisfied with my experience. This has turned into a wickedly exciting hobby of mine so i've gotten together with a buddy and we'll have a shop open up here soon. Presumably it will be in Lakewood as we feel it's a good place for it. Our plan is to cater to newbies but also to carry fine quality stuff ESPECIALLY juices. Hoping to open the first of the year.

    Can't wait to get to know and learn from you. Looks like you've been at this quite a while :)
  6. DetraMental

    DetraMental Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    There's nothing better than a good vape shop. Wish I had one where I'm at! :/ Good luck to you and Happy Vaping! :vapor:
  7. Mark Anthony

    Mark Anthony Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Welcome here at ECF and good luck..... We all need more vape shops!!
  8. EsOne

    EsOne Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Not in Cleaveland, but close to ya in Toledo. Welcome!
  9. Baditude

    Baditude ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Hey, welcome to the forum. Cincinnati here. Go Bengals!! :p

    Seriously, opening a store in Cleveland would be great. My daughter vapes and goes to Cleveland State, and there are no vape shops in downtown Cleveland. She has to get her e-liquids when she comes back home to Cincinnati.

    There are a few shops within driving distance of Cleveland, mainly in the Akron area: Home - ECF E Cigarette Store Locator
  10. KraveVPR

    KraveVPR Unregistered Supplier


    Hope your daughter is liking CSU, i'm an alum. Funny you say that, had a conversation today about marketing the new store down at CSU. We need a CSU vape ambassador. I'll let you know when the store opens, we'll hook her and her friends up with some swag. Store will be a quick 10 min drive from downtown.

    How's the market down in Cincinnati, do you find supplies readily available?
  11. Baditude

    Baditude ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    :cry: Unfortunately, vaping is not allowed on campus. That doesn't stop the students from vaping discreetly in their dorms, though.

    AltSmoke has the largest vape shop/e-juice lounge in the midwest, with over 100 flavors available to sample at their juice bar. Vaporcast has just expanded from Centerville to Mason, a Cincinnati suburb. They just opened their doors this week and shows lots of promise.

    AltSmoke Cincinnati
  12. Debra_oh

    Debra_oh Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Lakewood will be a nice area for a store. There or Coventry (lots of foot traffic) would be 2 of the prime areas. If you have not been, you might pop out to Groove in Kent. They have a nice store with a good juice bar. They will even mix liquids to order while you are waiting.

    I would not say I am all that experienced as a vaper. So far, I have avoided getting caught up in needing to try all the types of gear or wrapping coils or such. I just like that I don't smoke anymore and do enjoy my vaping.

    Keep us updated on how the store project is going.

  13. Ruby_Red_Shoes

    Ruby_Red_Shoes Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I order most online but my daughter hooked me up with StuffnPuffs in Macedonia. The 'brand' on their shelves is called Vapermate. Using right now with a T2. Hardware pretty good and they stock many ego-510 pieces/parts. Juice is a bit expensive for quantity, but quality good. Good luck with your venture and I'll keep an eye out. :)
  14. Baditude

    Baditude ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Should you open an e-cig business, become a registered supplier with ECF. E Cigarette Suppliers Forum Suppliers are forbidden to advertise their wares in the general forums. You will be able to discuss your products freely in the Supplier's Forum.
  15. KraveVPR

    KraveVPR Unregistered Supplier

    Thanks for the heads up. Please dont take my mention of the proposed store as panning for potential customers. Just explaining my current situation here in Cleveland. I'm more than happy to follow the rules and join in vaping convo with all my fellow vapers.

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  16. Phoenix_48

    Phoenix_48 Full Member

    Hey everyone! I'm from Cleveland currently in Brooklyn, NY but returning to Cleveland Nov 18! Bringing some capes back for my family and friends too. I am a new vaper and would love to open a store in Cleveland as well. We will see what the future holds. Until then I am enjoying my new hobby and love trying different juices. Is there ever vaper meets in Cleveland?
  17. lifeaficionada

    lifeaficionada New Member

    I'm close to you, Ruby! I shop there quite often. How do you like the VaperMate juices? My fiancé bought me a few (so far my fave is Butterscotch), but I'm curious as to how they compare with the ones I've bought online today from The Vapor Chef (Fluffy Cake, Some 'Mores, Shmuffer Shmutter, Honey Pearry, Unicorn Poop and Blue Jazzberry) and Nicoticket (Custard's Last Stand).

    Newbie to ecigs and here to the board, as well! Whoops - I haven't even made my "intro" post yet!
  18. WileECoyote

    WileECoyote Super Member ECF Veteran

    Welcome to ECF and good luck!
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