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Discussion in 'Vapor4Life' started by Morandir835, Feb 3, 2012.

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  1. Morandir835

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    Finally have all the data together folks, just to forewarn you haven't tried the 3.0 and 2.0 ohm replacement cartos on it yet save to see what the load voltage was at start. Been doing so much testing it's not funny lately, so might be a bit before I get to those. Just know your run time will be a little shorter than that of a cool cart using the 3.0ohm, and same for wow cartos using the 2.0ohms. With that said, on to the info.

    The 808 ego is the same length as a reular sized non king diamond manual batt, but a larger diameter that's closer to that of the vgo. The bottom has a removable metal cap exposing the usb port for use of charging and as a pt. Here's going to be the first two topics we're going to touch on. When a batt has a pt feature it doesn't run at 5v, it runs in the range of the battery. On the two I have when tested under load using the pt feature on wow carto at 2.3ohms the voltage was 3.94v, and with a cool cart at 3.3ohms 4.02v. It didn't matter how much or how little charge was on the batt, it stayed at those voltages. Haven't done one with the tank carto yet, but used the carto tanks (will explain the difference in a few) at 1.5ohms and got 3.91v under load using it as a pt. As for the charging feature, just like with the usb chargers for V4L batts do not suggest leaving this on unattended. Truly can not stress this enough. Higher mah batts when they get overcharged can/will go boom. For safety you should never leave this hooked up to the usb dongle unless it's in use or you're keeping an eye on it for when it's done charging. Took it on average 235 minutes to charge from flashes to full on the usb dongle and starting off load numbers were 4.24v. After 9 hours of being left on the charger it was 4.26v off load. After another 12 hours it was 4.41v off load, that is simply dangerous. This is why it comes with the slim charger folks. Left it on one for 48 hours straight and the voltage was 4.26v, slightly higher than you want, but who will leave a batt charging for 2 days straight? The downside to the slim line is it takes 438 minutes (7 hours plus) to charge them. Which is great for use if you charge them overnight.

    On to voltages and run times. Going to do something slightly different. For most people the sweet spot of voltage on a 3.7v batt is 4.2-3.85. Most do not notice a performance difference in this range, so the starting voltage will be in bold, and the last number in that range will be in bold. Will then give you a percentage of how long it stays in optimal range during it's charge. Another item to add, got less time using this than the vgo. The reason is simple, was a more enjoyable vape than that of the vgo. It's why doing a voltage run on that thing has been impossible, can't vape it at the same rate I would a king diamond. Will touch up on the other items after this.

    Cool cart (3.3ohms) with chain vaping-

    At start- 4.11, 4.10 (9min), 4.09 (18min), 4.06 (27min), 4.05 (36min), 4.04 (45min), 4.02 (54min), 3.99 (63min), 3.97 (72min), 3.96 (81min), 3.91 (90min), 3.88 (99min), 3.86 (108min), 3.85 (117min), 3.83 (126min), 3.81 (135min), 3.79 (144min), 3.76 (153min), 3.75 (162min), 3.74 (171min), 3.74 (180min), 3.73 (189min), 3.73 (198min), 3.73 (207min), 3.72 (216min), 3.72 (225min), 3.72 (234min), 3.71 (243min), 3.71 (252min), 3.71 (261min), 3.71 (270min), 3.70 (279min), 3.70 (288 min), 3.69 (297min), 3.69 (306min), 3.69 (315min), 3.68 (324min), 3.67 (333min), 3.67 (342min), 3.66 (351min), 3.65 (360min), 3.65 (369min), 3.63 (378min), 3.62 (387min), 3.60 (396min), 3.58 (405min), 3.57 (414min), 3.55 (423min), 3.53 (432min), 3.51 (441min), Stopped there.

    27% of it's vaping time in optimal range

    Wow carto (2.3ohms) with chain vaping-

    At start- 4.06, 4.05 (9min), 4.03 (18min), 4.01 (27min), 4.0 (36min), 3.97 (45min), 3.95 (54min), 3.93 (63min), 3.91 (72min), 3.9 (81min), 3.88 (90min), 3.85 (99min), 3.82 (108min), 3.8 (117min), 3.78 (126min), 3.77 (135min), 3.75 (144min), 3.75 (153min), 3.74 (162min), 3.74 (171min), 3.73 (180min), 3.72 (189min), 3.72 (198min), 3.71 (207min), 3.71 (216min), 3.7 (225min), 3.7 (234min), 3.69 (243min), 3.69 (252min), 3.69 (261min), 3.68 (270min), 3.68 (279min), 3.67 (288 min), 3.66 (297min), 3.64 (306min), 3.64 (315min), 3.63 (324min), 3.63 (333min), 3.62 (342min), 3.6 (351min), 3.59 (360min), 3.56 (369min), 3.53 (378min), Stopped there.

    26% in the optimal range

    DVCT at 1.5ohms-

    At start- 4.01, 3.96 (9min), 3.88 (18min), 3.84 (27min), 3.81 (36min), 3.78 (45min), 3.75 (54min), 3.75 (63min), 3.73 (72min), 3.72 (81min), 3.71 (90min), 3.70 (99min), 3.70 (108min), 3.69 (117min), 3.68 (126min), 3.66 (135min), 3.63 (144min), 3.61 (153min), 3.6 (162min), 3.6 (171min), 3.58 (180min), 3.57 (189min), 3.56 (198min), 3.54 (207min), 3.52 (216min), Stopped there.

    In all honesty the optimal time on a 1.5ohm dual coil doesn't apply like it does to single coils, the sweet spot is from 4.2-3.7v. Once it gets passed the 3.6v range is when you'll really notice the drop.

    Tank Carto at 1.5ohms-

    At start- 4.01, 3.97 (9min), 3.88 (18min), 3.85 (27min), 3.81 (36min), 3.77 (45min), 3.75 (54min), 3.75 (63min), 3.73 (72min), 3.72 (81min), 3.71 (90min), 3.70 (99min), 3.70 (108min), 3.69 (117min), 3.68 (126min), 3.66 (135min), 3.63 (144min), 3.61 (153min), 3.6 (162min), 3.6 (171min), 3.58 (180min), 3.57 (189min), 3.55 (198min), 3.54 (207min), 3.52 (216min), Stopped there.

    Almost a perfect mirror of the previous test, any surprises?

    Another item to note, these can be ran longer than what I have them for. I avoid deep cycling at all costs and no longer find vaping satisfying under 3.5v. Ran it all the way to flashes with a cool cart and got 536 minutes of chain vaping with it, final load voltage was 3.31v.

    This battery is not without it's fault. The button can be sticky at times, and it too only has two air intake holes. You will notice this when using wow and cool carts, but the two in my possesion the holes are larger diameter than that of the vgo so the draw is better than that in comparison. Another item of note, it too has the 5 click off and on function.

    On to the tank carto. Tank cartos are gigantic cartos. These hold 5 ml's of juice, and feature two coils. They can be used on the king diamond batteries but look funny. I got 45 ml's of nuport wow into it before it needed to be cleaned, but cleaning it wasn't as much of a success as hoped. Did not perform nearly as well as before cleaing. Switching flavors in these (just like the carto tanks) can be hit or miss. The difference between a tank carto and carto tank is simple. This makes your battery a true 2 piece set up again with a large capacity carto. They're easier to refill than a tank and less messy by nature. You can't tell though when it's running low save by taste. At around 1ml of juice or so you will start tasting the tell tale taste of dry carto due to the top coil not having enough juice around it, so don't be schocked when you can only get 4ml's of juice into it instead of 5ml even though you thought it was empty. They can come loose easily on the king diamond batts as well, had it fall off a few times by it getting bumped while testing it. The airflow on these is amazing to say the least, but that for once is a complaint on my part. They make the ego batt hit like a king diamond manual, they just have no air resistance at all on a king diamond. Another reason I don't suggest using them on anything but the ego unless you really don't want to deal with the issues of the tanks.

    All in all, they're not horrible. Still not worthy of the V4L logo, but in comparison to the vgo kits an upgrade. :)
  2. TheScootness

    TheScootness Super Member ECF Veteran

    Very nice info Morandir sir. Thanks for the input. Just for aesthetics purposes, I wonder if anyone has a pic of the battery attached to a 3.5 tank?
  3. Clover~

    Clover~ Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks for these tests!
  4. keelalagirl55

    keelalagirl55 Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Excellent Morandir! Thank you for your perseverance!
  5. Morandir835

    Morandir835 Idiot Guru ECF Veteran

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    Scootness sir will get pics up in a bit. :)

    No problem at all everyone. :)
  6. SnowDragon

    SnowDragon Moved On Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Excellent stuff there well done, appreciate it Morandir. :2cool:

    People are gonna love the the Tanks.....and the PT/recharge option.

    Is there a name for these tanks? The Ego KRMegas 4x or Ego Mega KR4X or 1 Dayum Big KR Cartomizer? :)
  7. keyzygirl

    keyzygirl ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Thank you Morandir,I know you spend a lot of time and effort doing this for us,but it must be kinda fun.I mean if you have to be doing something,testing vape stuff is a pretty cool thing to be doing.Especially when your so good at it and people are waiting to hear what you learned. I Thank you Morandir for all your work! Its very appreciated!
  8. Morandir835

    Morandir835 Idiot Guru ECF Veteran

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    DBKRC works for me Snow sir. :)

    No problem at all Ms. Keyzy. Do enjoy the testing, however tedious it may be at times. Now if I could just find a fix for the Silver Knight would be happy... :)
  9. 1HitWonder

    1HitWonder Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I just bought this kit - stumbled across it on 4VL and was just keen on it! Beautiful colors and big cartos with whistle tips. I do have an ego and a big set of 8088's - but I really didn't know much about this thing - I just really like the looks of it. Hope to hear more from folks using it. Thanks for the research.
  10. EleanorR

    EleanorR Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    WANT!!!! :hubba::hubba: (Will wait, however, until V4L starts stocking those 5ml suckers separately . . . I'm very promiscuous when it comes to juice! :blush:)

    Thanks as always for your dedication and work, Pablo! :)
  11. Morandir835

    Morandir835 Idiot Guru ECF Veteran

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    No problem Lady Eleanor. The tank cartos really do best on the 808 ego. :)
  12. Morandir835

    Morandir835 Idiot Guru ECF Veteran

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    Shameless bump for those who might be interested in this kit. :)
  13. kyfatherof1

    kyfatherof1 Super Member ECF Veteran

    "The bottom has a removable metal cap exposing the usb port for use of charging and as a pt."

    where does someone find the "dongle" needed to use as a pt?
  14. Morandir835

    Morandir835 Idiot Guru ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Ships with it Kyfatherof1 sir or you can use a mini-usb cord if it didn't.
  15. kyfatherof1

    kyfatherof1 Super Member ECF Veteran

    it didn't come with Mr.M, I appreciate the help sir. off to radio shack.
  16. EleanorR

    EleanorR Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    If it was supposed to come with it, why not open a CS ticket?
  17. K9Luvr

    K9Luvr Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Mine didn't come with one, either. Maybe they changed their mind about including one. No big deal!
  18. Cyrus Vap

    Cyrus Vap Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Is it advertised as coming with it?
  19. Morandir835

    Morandir835 Idiot Guru ECF Veteran

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    If memory serves they ran out of them Lady Eleanor, they made mention of it somewhere on here as well...
  20. kyfatherof1

    kyfatherof1 Super Member ECF Veteran

    mostly because it wasn't advertized to come with one.
: provari
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