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Discussion in 'Moju Republic' started by frogbmth, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. frogbmth

    frogbmth Ultra Member

    I'd looked at the OMG juice on smokejuice.co.uk a few times but never got round to ordering any. This week I got some Coffee and some Vanilla to try.

    I'm very impressed, both have a lovely refined, clean taste. Flavour is strong, vapour is good and the nicotine levels feel right. It's well priced for a British juice at £18 for 30ml.

    It's a real plus to have this produced in the UK. I want to try the other flavours, and I will be ordering more of this stuff for sure!

    Nice product Tim! :thumbs:
  2. Starlight

    Starlight Super Member

    I've bought some of the OhMG (OMG?) Peach, in 0mg, and that too is excellent! :D Good strong flavour, especially for a 0mg. I found it surprisingly not (too) sweet which I also find gives it quite a "bite" for a 0mg and helps give the impression of it being one with nic in it. Tons of vapour too, particularly for a pure PG liquid.

    I did order a Vanilla at one time but unfortunately I had a duff bottle as it had no flavouring in it at all other than a chemical flavour which I guess was the PG - seems they'd forgotten to add the vanilla to it, LOL! So I swapped it for another Peach :). Maybe I should try it with nic, which I use far more often anyway.

    Would you know how it might compare to other vanillas? I can't say I've liked any other vanillas except for the old formula Johnson Creek Vanilla Ice Cream which I absolutely adored. But the new formulation JC liquids are positively foul to me (and all the new JC flavours have that same foul flavour to each of them), so I've been on the lookout for something hopefully not too unlike it...
  3. tribalmasters

    tribalmasters Vaping Master

    Yes please do tell us about the vanilla!! So far I've bought the cappuccino and menthol and am very impressed with them! You get great throat hit, wonderful vapor and most of all very tasty flavour! All the taste of the Chinese product only this time made in the UK!!

    They also come wiith a dropper and pocket dropper bottle I think its 5 ml!

    First time I tried it I was like OhMG!!!
  4. Starlight

    Starlight Super Member

    Tribal, are you saying that the OhMG Coffee is like the Dekang one? How does it compare to the Janty Cappuccino? Or should I say the "old" Janty one as I got a new one the other day that doesn't taste anything like or as nice as the old one :cry: ... so now I'm on the hunt for a decent Cap like the old Janty one, as well as a vanilla like the old JC :lol:
  5. tribalmasters

    tribalmasters Vaping Master

    The OhMG coffee(sorry I called it cappuccino) its almost as strong as the old Janty stuff not quite but still much more enjoyable than the new Janty cappuccino! You can smell it if it gets anywhere much like old Janty cappuccino Its all thin and yucky is the Janty stuff now and it just smells like any old generic stuff, not going to buy that again until it returns back to normal!!
  6. Starlight

    Starlight Super Member

    Thanks Tribal, I think I'll be off to get some OMG coffee then! :D (but might first wait to hear what the vanilla is like ;)

    Yes, I know, tell me about it! I just opened 2 new bottles of the new one yesterday, one after the other, thinking the 1st bottle was duff or something, but the 2nd was exactly the same... Yuck! It tastes different, smells different, and is a different colour too... :mad:

    PS - I did not get these Janty Cappuccinos from Tim :) (he hasn't got any left anyway...)
  7. frogbmth

    frogbmth Ultra Member

    Hey Starlight :wub:

    Well the Vanilla? I know what you mean about the ice cream taste, I have had a few liquids that taste like melted ice cream, but the OMG one is more like warm vanilla fudge. It's not sickly sweet (not to me anyway) and I have been using it all day today. It's not often I can keep on the same flavour all day without being sick of it.

  8. tribalmasters

    tribalmasters Vaping Master

    I'm getting me some of that!!
  9. Starlight

    Starlight Super Member

    You and me alike, Tribal! :D

    Thanks, Andy and :wub: back at you! The vanilla having a "warm fudge" edge to it doesn't sound tooooo unlike the old JC Vanilla Ice Cream. Although they called it "Ice Cream", it was the least ice "creamish" of the other vanillas I tried, all of which seemed too weak or sickly sweet or just plain insipid to me.

    I guess I'd best rush off to Smokejuice.co.uk before all the other ECF Brits empty his stock of OMG coffee and vanilla! ;)
  10. tribalmasters

    tribalmasters Vaping Master

    Does the vanilla have a great throat hit by any chance? Either way I love the taste of vanilla!!!!!!!! The eastmall stuff I had was good but it takes forever to get get here :(
  11. Svendsen-DK

    Svendsen-DK Full Member

    looking forward to try the ohm juice out
  12. Jackie P

    Jackie P Senior Member

    Thanks for the review frog, I'm always on the hunt for a good coffee flavour so think I'll be trying this one when I can too. :)
  13. tribalmasters

    tribalmasters Vaping Master

    You must buy it its delicious in every way!!!!
  14. smokindeuce

    smokindeuce Ultra Member

    Hi Jackie:)

    Nice to see you here!

    The coffee flavour is a fairly clean, pure coffee taste - not overwhelming, but also not at all under done..... I don't really like most coffee flavours, but could quite happily vape this as it doesn't seem to leave that sickly aftertaste which I can't stand.

    P.S. Great forum you've got going there - I must get round to dropping in soon for a chinwag! :D

    +1 :D:D:D

    P.S. I promise I haven't bribed Tribal in anyway... :p:D
  15. Jackie P

    Jackie P Senior Member

    Tim you'd be most welcome at the forum, hope to see you there. :)

    I'm on a mission to try as many coffee flavours as I can in my search for the holy grail of coffee ejuice, so expect an order at some point in February. :D
  16. smokindeuce

    smokindeuce Ultra Member

    Thanks for the open invite - I'll definitely pop over soon! :D

    I'll be sure to save a bottle for you..... oh just as long as Tribal doesn't clear us out!
  17. tribalmasters

    tribalmasters Vaping Master

    Funny you should mention that! I'm almost out of coffee juice! Lucky for everyone else I still have the menthol juice to vape through :D
  18. smokindeuce

    smokindeuce Ultra Member

    How are you liking the menthol Tribal? :)
  19. Jackie P

    Jackie P Senior Member

    Guess I'd better get that order in sooner rather than later then! :D

    So much juice to buy, so many nice folk to buy it from... :)

    I'll try and get that order in next week if I can Tim. ;)
  20. smokindeuce

    smokindeuce Ultra Member

    Don't worry it will be here for you whenever you're ready...;)

    I just registered on your forum so time to start playing catch up! :)

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