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Discussion in 'Liberty Flights' started by Methusalen, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. Methusalen

    Methusalen Full Member

    Hello Ty & crew!

    I just wanted to post up this thread to follow my experience with the company in regards to my order!

    Being a relative new-comer to Vaping, I followed the recommendation from another member on the forums; placing an order with Liberty-Flights.com for the LF 510 - SMART PCC KIT late on Feburary 20th.

    Quite honestly, it was exactly what I was looking for. -An easier 'Starter Kit', at a great price; that included a PCC!

    I received my Order & payment confirmation on the same day, and received the dispatch notification the 21st!

    The Post Office picked up my order on the 22nd, and I am happy to say that the tracking information for my package shows that it will be delivered on the 25th!

    While I didn't order the e-juice from you, this gives me enough time to pick some up at my local B&M; in time to have everything ready for the delivery!

    Very happy with the turn around so far & I'll be sure to keep you updated on the status of my order!
  2. ImYourSalt

    ImYourSalt Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Great to hear it! Please, let us know how you like it, once you've had a chance to use it some.
  3. Methusalen

    Methusalen Full Member

    Order arrived on Monday, just as anticipated!

    At first I was taken aback by the size of the battery, compared to a traditional analog cigarette; but I quickly got over that (since I was well aware that it *was* going to be bigger after all)!

    Was shown a neat trick on how to fill the carts from the employee at the smoke shop, which worked like a charm!

    Gave the first battery a few hours to fully charge, then tested out three different flavored e-juices. Only one of them is 'tobacco' flavored & contains any level of nicotine, while the other two are fruity flavors w/ no nicotine at all. I actually find myself using those more often than the one that I thought I'd be my 'go to', especially since I've only recently 'quit'...

    Love the 510, like how well the cartomizers have worked so far; though I'll admit that I've found myself wishing I could keep a better eye on the e-juice levels inside the cartomizer. Maybe something that I can keep a visual eye on the levels available inside, like a tank setup or the Vivi Nova that I've seen pop-up from time-to-time.

    However, I'm more than happy to take baby steps at the moment.

    All-in-all though, I am *EXTREMELY* happy with the purchase so far!

    My *only* complaint would be the PCC that came with the kit. It does its job well enough, in regards to charging the batteries; but I've found that it does not have the space required to hold a 'complete' cig, but only enough space to hold the two batteries. I've resorted to carrying another little case to hold my 3 cartomizers. -Well, 2; since I end up carrying the completed e-cig in my pocket, which I admit is not ideal.

    Do you carry another style of PCC that would be able to carry the assembled e-cig, the battery, & a spare cartomizer or two? -I've seen the one style, similar to the Blu Cig pack, but am unsure if it would be able to fit the set I currently have. Any advice or recommendations?
  4. ImYourSalt

    ImYourSalt Supplier Associate ECF Veteran


    We don't have any other PCC's. Honestly, I think you'd be much happier with an eGo or Riva 650mAh or higher battery. These are a bit wider than what you have now, but are pretty compact overall, and have over 2x the capacity of the mini batteries.

    We also have 450mAh mini ego batteries, which are even shorter!


    I tend to carry one 650mAh with me in my pocket, with a backup in my laptop bag or my truck.
  5. Katya

    Katya ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Congrats, Methusalem!

    Yeah, if you don't mind a bit fatter battery, grab an eGo or a Riva. I too started with a cig-alike mini, switched to eGos and never looked back. Takes some getting used to, but it's well worth it!

    Hiya Ty!
  6. ImYourSalt

    ImYourSalt Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Hello my winged friend. Spring time's a comin' ;)
  7. Katya

    Katya ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Sure is. That Smoktech mini eGo looks sweet. Are you going to offer more colors? I'm getting tired of my black and ss eGo batteries. :facepalm: Especially in springtime! :)
  8. ImYourSalt

    ImYourSalt Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    I can look into that. We do have a bunch of those fancy Ego-K and Q batteries coming.
  9. Katya

    Katya ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Thanks, Ty!

    No rush, I have enough eGos and Rivas to last me a lifetime, probably. :facepalm: But those minis are so cute! :)
  10. Methusalen

    Methusalen Full Member

    3-14-13 Update!

    Still happily puffing away on the starter kit & I haven't touched an analog cigarette since I'd received the 510 kit from you! :)

    I've noticed that the PCC charges the batteries to the second (of three) bars, but I believe they charge the battery completely when the PCC's plugged into the wall. Might be my observation is faulty, or that the battery *is* only charging to NEARLY full.

    IN either event, I am still very satisfied with the battery life that I *DO* get from the two batteries & the PCC. :)

    I'm still working on my first 3 'sample pack' bottles of e-liquid, quite surprisingly running rather low on the 0mg Nicotine 'Mountain Duh'; but with a decent amount of the 0 Nicotine "Wild Pomegranate" & 12mg Nicotine "Kentucky Applewood" flavors remaining...

    Speaking of, I think I may have burned out my first Cartomizer; as the one I've been refilling with the 'Mountain Duh' has a bit of a noticeable 'burn' to it. :D As I still haven't noticed any issue with the other two (and still have two unused ones that came with the Starter kit), I am not concerned about purchasing a replacement for these quite yet...

    I am curious if this ( Vision 510 Clearomizer - 0.8ml ) would be what I'm essentially looking for at this juncture... Is this the same/similar/comparable to the Vision Nano Clearomizer like the one in this review? Essentially, I'd like to be able to view the remaining e-liquid; in a clearomizer which will 'fit' the width of the 510 batteries I have...

    If so, then I do believe that one (or three?) of these may be my next purchase. :)

    -And then at some point I will move onto the eGo, or possibly some fancier set-up... (I've recently met up & got some feedback with another local vaper, who used this mod, I believe... which was nice, but not my 'thing'.)

    However, I may consider upgrading to another set-up once I've gotten to that point... at which time I'll reach out for more advice from everyone here! :)
  11. Katya

    Katya ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Hi, Methusalem!

    Cartomizers are disposable, they were not designed to be refilled many times. Just bear that in mind. And once you get that dreaded burnt taste, the carto is dead. Grab a new one.

    Ty can handle the rest of your questions. :)
  12. ImYourSalt

    ImYourSalt Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Thanks Katya!

    The .8ml Vision 510 Clearomizer sounds like it's what you're looking for.

    The Vision Nano Clearomizers are a newer product. I am going to inquire about these Monday/Tuesday. I have tried them, and they hit great. Our's hit just as well IMO. But the newer one's seem a little sturdier. I'm pretty sure they use the same plastic as the eGo variety.

    If you're PCC becomes a problem, just let us know. If you email me your Order ID#, I'll go ahead and make a note on the order, to lock in your warranty. Ty@Liberty-Flights.com
  13. Methusalen

    Methusalen Full Member

    Thank you again Ty, Katya!

    I have emailed you with my order number, just to be on the safe side... :)

    In my other thread in the Newbie forum, I've been told to look for an ohm resistance of 2.2 ohms, instead of the 2.5-2.9 ohms as stated in the Liberty Flights' item listing; which would be more compatible with the 510 battery.

    So, I guess I will put my faith in you regarding this inquiry!

    I look forward to hearing from you again about this, once you've gotten word from your coworkers regarding the Vision Nano Clearomizers... . :)
  14. ImYourSalt

    ImYourSalt Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    If the carto is listed at 2.2 ohm, I wouldn't recommend it for a mini battery. If it tested at 2.2 ohm, it's probably fine.

    The difference with listings is they aren't a true measurement, but an average. You'll notice our Vision/CE4 style clearomizers are listed with a range... that's because they tend to vary. This is true with other cato's as well. So that 2.2 ohm listed carto, could be as low as 1.9 or less. In my experience, the mini batteries don't like anything that low. It could also void your warranty.

    Having said that, I've done it, and will again. It's a good hit. Just plan to replace your batteries a lot sooner, and don't expect warranty coverage.
  15. Methusalen

    Methusalen Full Member

    Hmmm... thank's for the head's up on that then.
  16. Katya

    Katya ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    You can also invest in a multimeter. I always check my atomizers before I start using them; you just never know with those things. If your clearo reads 2.0 Ω or higher, go for it!

    Just don't tell Ty that I told you to do it!
  17. Methusalen

    Methusalen Full Member

    Hello all!

    I just wanted to give you an update on my status as of late!

    I have been so happy with my purchase, that I recommended you to a friend of mine; who had also placed an order for the same 510 starter kit! As far as I know, he is still happy with his purchase!

    Within the last few weeks, I'm sad to say that I believe my PCC has 'given up'. When I would plug a battery into it, and press & hold the button to begin the charging process; it would flash a small picture of a batter with an 'x' through it. I have since picked up a simple USB charger from my local brick & mortar store & have been charging my batteries using it.

    I still use my 510 kit as my 'day-to-day' device, though I have also recently purchased an eGo starter from the same B&M; which I use when travelling between home & work. I am sorry that I did not make that purchase from you all, but it was more of an impulse buy; when I was at the shop buying some juice!

    I am still using cartomizers with my 510 (heck, with the eGo as well), which I have found a little odd; especially since the inability to see the current juice level was one of my (minor) gripes! :D

    However, as I have already said; I will continue to recommend you to any of my friends who are looking to kick the Analogs and/or looking for a great company to do business with!

    Also, now that I have something with a little more power behind it; I can start browsing the site for some other spiffy pieces to pick up! :)

    Have a great day & thank you again for your assistance & advice!
  18. ImYourSalt

    ImYourSalt Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Thanks for the update!

    I recommend checking out the EVOD clearomizers (A clearomizer is just a cartomizer without any polyfill inside). They are my favorite. They will hold about 50% more juice than your 510 cartos, and have a viewing window on either side, so you can eyeball your liquid level. Of all the clearomizers I've used, these are the most durable, and are very user friendly. The CE5 is another popular one. Both have a modular design, allowing you to replace just the atomizer head when it goes bad, instead of the whole clearomizer. That helps to keep running costs down.

    Cheers :toast:
  19. joePec

    joePec Full Member

    Supporting member
    I can attest to this - the Evod is a game changer. Long lasting, NEVER a leak and very easy to replace heads. (or rebuild)
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